Quality Assurance and Quality Control

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Course Curriculum



Course Curriculum

Basic Principles Of QA and QC
What is quality and its requirement
Quality Assurance , Quality Control and TQM
Quality Control Development
TQM Methodology
Quality Manual
Quality System in Architectural and Structural Drawing
Quality in Structural Design
Application Of ISO 9000
Design Input , Design Review and Design Changes
Quality Audit
Aspects Of Total Quality Management
Introduction to principles of Quality Management
Application of ISO 9000 IN TQM
Important factors for TQM
Inspection and Audit of PWD works
Project Quality Management
Quality Plan in Building Construction
Quality Plan
Application of TQM in Building Construction
Possible Tools and Techniques for Quality
Quality Circles
Organizational Structure
Checklist for Building Construction
Plain Cement Concrete (14:00)
Pdf File
Reinforcement (14:00)
Pdf File
Formwork (14:00)
Pdf File
Foundation (14:00)
Pdf File
Column (14:00)
Pdf File
Slab and Beam (14:00)
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Quality Checking As per Specification and BIS Codes
Introduction and BIS Specification of Materials
Specifications in Concrete Work
What is PSI in Concrete
Different Types of Admixtures in Concrete
RCC and Formwork
Quality Control (14:00)
Laboratory Setup and Operation
02 Fineness test of Cement (9:00)
03 Consistency Test of Cement (16:00)
04 Initial & Final Setting test of Cement (16:00)
05 Soundness Test of cement (14:00)
06 Specific Gravity of Cement (6:00)
07 Compressive Strength of Cement (11:00)
08 Sieve Analysis of fine sand (16:00)
09 Grading of Coarse Aggregate (12:00)
10 Specific gravity of fine aggregate (9:00)
11 Specific Gravity of Coarse Aggregate (9:00)
12 Workability of Concrete by Slump Cone test (10:00)
13 Compressive Strength of Brick (7:00)
14 Water Absorbtion of Brick (7:00)
15 Efflorescence Test of Brick (6:00)
16 Bulking of Sand (6:00)
17 Silt Content in Sand (8:00)
18 Aggregate Crushing Value (10:00)
19 Rebound Hammer Test (9:00)
20 Aggregate Impact Value Test (11:00)
21 Abrasion Test (11:00)
Contractors QA and QC
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