Advance Excel For Civil Engineer

Advance Excel For Civil Engineers

Master the Power of Excel & Boost Your Civil Engineering Skills with Advanced Techniques & Formulas. Learn to Streamline Processes, Build Robust Models, Create Visualizations & Analyze Data like a Pro! Excel Beyond the Basics & Excel in Your Career Now!

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Why this course?



This course is designed for Civil Engineers who want to enhance their skills in Excel. Students will learn to work with large data sets, automate repetitive tasks using macros and VBA, and use advanced formulas and functions specific to their field.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn advanced Excel features for Civil Engineering
  • Create macros and automate repetitive tasks
  • Use advanced formulas and functions specific to Civil Engineering
  • Practice with real-world examples and exercises

What you will learn:

  • Work more efficiently with large data sets.
    Organize, clean, filter, and sort data for analysis.
  • Create macros and automate repetitive tasks.
    Write and run macros to perform tasks that would normally take hours to complete manually.
  • Use advanced formulas and functions specific to Civil Engineering.
    Learn how to use formulas and functions that are commonly used in Civil Engineering, such as slope or section modulus.
  • Practice with real-world examples and exercises.
    Work on real-world examples and exercises that have been specifically designed for Civil Engineers.

Course Curriculum

What Excel can do for you (7:00) Preview
A brief introduction to Excel's basic structure (33:00) Preview
How to use Excel file tabs (11:00) Preview
How to use Excel Home Tab (28:00)
How to use Excel Insert Tab (24:00)
Creating a page layout in Excel (19:00)
How to use Excel DATA Tab (21:00)
How to use Excel View Tab (22:00)
How to use Conditional Formatting in Excel (21:00)
Protect your Excel worksheets (13:00)
Tables in Excel LOOKUP Formulas (33:00)
Pivot Table Part - 1 (16:00)
Pivot Table Part - 2 (17:00)
How to prepare charts in Excel (22:00)
Application of Charts in construction Industry (24:00)
Dynamic Chart in Excel (23:00)
Basics of VBA & Macros (18:00)
BBS Shortcut Template (24:00)
Quantity Estimation Shortcut Template (12:00)
How to create Dynamic Dashboard (12:00)
Excel Formula 1 (26:00)
Excel Formula 2 (15:00)
Excel Formula 3 (3:00)
How to Maintain Building Materials (11:00)
Material Consumption


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