Revit MEP

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Why this course?


In this course, you will learn how to create HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical systems. The course will show you how to Link Revit models from other disciplines. You will learn how to create Spaces and Zones, then make the energy analysis. The course will show you how to create the MEP systems, manually and automatically. You will learn how to annotate, tag, detail, your model, along with creating and printing sheets. Other advanced topics will be discussed in the course like creating several types of schedules. Finally, you will see how to deal with work-sharing in Revit.


This course is built over exercises. You will have two sets of files: PDF files which carries instructions, and RVT files which will be your starting point for each topic. At the end of each video, you will be instructed to open a certain file to practice what you learned.

Course Curriculum

Revit MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing)
Why Revit MEP is Used (14:00)
Revit MEP Overview (20:00)
Project & Properties Browser (29:00)
Starting New Project (15:00)
Collaborate Work - Sharing (part-1) (6:00)
Collaborate Work - Sharing (part-2) (22:00)
Insert Toolbar (24:00)
HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
HVAC Introduction (12:00)
HVAC System (19:00)
HVAC Chilled Water AC System (15:00)
HVAC Revit Equipment Placement part -1 (25:00)
HVAC Revit Equipment Placement Part -2 (17:00)
HVAC Air Terminal (12:00)
HVAC Revit Air Terminal Placement (27:00)
HVAC Ductwork (10:00)
HVAC Duct accessories (10:00)
HVAC Pipe Work (12:00)
Revit Pipework (25:00)
Chilled Water System Pipework (21:00)
MEP Fabrication (18:00)
Electrical Lighting System (12:00)
Electrical System (9:00)
This part is coming soon
Fire protection
This part is coming soon

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