Construction Site Supervisor

Construction Site Supervisor

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Why this course?


The construction supervisor will be involved in the supervision of contractors and other staff in the field and will oversee the construction activities on the worksite. They will plan, manage, and implement construction efforts at worksites and report to the construction manager.

In this course, you are going to Learn 

  • Site cleaning work at the site
  • Excavation work done at the site
  • Column reinforcement, casting & shuttering
  • Ground beam reinforcement, casting & shuttering
  • RCC Wall reinforcement, casting & shuttering
  • Rebarring process
  • Backfilling
  • Basement RCC floor casting
  • Basement RCC wall casting
  • Order of RMC
  • Brickwork masonry 
  • DPC, Sill band, Lintel beam
  • Slab beam reinforcement, casting & shuttering
  • Staircase formwork, Reinforcement
  • Plastering work, Tiles, Painting work

Course Curriculum

Site Cleaning of the plot (9:00) Preview
Excavation Work (10:00) Preview
Column Reinforcement (10:00) Preview
Column Formwork (10:00) Preview
Column Casting (8:00)
One line brickwork for Ground Beam (6:00)
Ground Beam Reinforcement (7:00)
Ground Beam Formwork (9:00)
Ground Beam Casting (8:00)
RCC Wall Reinforcement (7:00)
RCC Wall Formwork (13:00)
Rebarring Work (8:00)
Backfilling (5:00)
Basement RCC Floor Reinforcement (10:00)
Basement RCC Floor Casting (9:00)
Basement Water Exit Chamber (6:00)
Order of RMC (9:00)
Brickwork (Masonry work) (8:00)
Damp Proof Course (12:00)
Sill Band Details (9:00)
Lintel Beam Details (8:00)
Slab Beam Reinforcement
Slab Formwork (13:00)
Slab Reinforcement (13:00)
Slab Beam Reinforcement (13:00)
Slab Casting (17:00)
Staircase Formwork (11:00)
Staircase Reinforcement (9:00)
Plastering Work (12:00)
Tiles Work (10:00)
Whitewash Work (7:00)
Putty Work (11:00)
Construction Site Supervisor Quiz


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