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Why this course?


Welcome to the endless world of Civil Engineers!

CIVIL ENGINEER as a profession gives you the power of creator!! Many congratulations to you for becoming the creator of "An art to part". We live in the world of fascinating products that go through frequent changes and upgrades....

The Ultimate Goal of CIVILGURUJI'S Construction Operating Process Course module is to develop a Conceptual Technique to understand the idea of Construction, Execution and Supervision work in Building and Highway Structures. After learning this course one can easily accelerate his career in the field of Constructional and Highway engineering & also become expert in Practical work.


This Course covers the following important Technical as well as Software Skills:

  • Estimation & Planning
  • Professional AutoCAD
  • Bar Bending Schedule Calculation
  • Bar Bending Schedule Advance ( EXCEL )
  • Revit Architeture
  • Google SketchUp
  • Structural Analysis and Design ( ETABS )
  • Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis
  • Microsoft Project
  • Contract Item Wise Billing
  • Reconciliation
  • Billing
  • Contract & Tendering
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Highway Practical Training

 Construction Operating Process:  In this Course you will come to know about Construction process from very first step to the last step in construction work, along with that you will also understand how to Executive any task and how to put checks and supervisions.

For any type of construction work one should have sound practical experience in technical skills like Whole construction process, estimation and budgeting, survey work, site supervision work, site execution work, bar bending schedule work, quantity survey work, billing work, reconciliation work, daily progress report work, contract and tendering work etc. these things is necessary for any of the designation involve in site related jobs.


In estimation and planning you will get to know all the complete building process from very initial stage to the final stage, they are covered in following parts:

  • Foundation part of the building
  • Sub structure part of the building
  • Super Structure part of the building
  • Finishing work of the building
  • Door & Window fitting work
  • Plumbing fitting work
  • Bill of Quantity

In Surveying work and Building material test you will cover the following topic:

  • Introductory part of surveying
  • study of main sea level and bench mark
  • staff reading
  • Autolevel reading with fast setup
  • Level transfer by H.I method
  • Profile levelling
  • Contour mapping
  • Drainage work
  • Process of slope in drain
  • Inverted levelling staff for vertical height measurement
  • Inverted levelling staff performed at site
  • Explanation of box culvert
  • Hume pipe
  • Cement storage at site
  • Cement field test
  • Sand test
  • Brick test
  • Building levelling explanation
  • Slab shuttering check by Auto level
  • How to check plaster at site

In Bar Bending Schedule course you will get to learn the following topics:

  • Introductory phase covers, Reinforcement, its necessity.
  • IS Code Provisions.
  • Bar bending Schedule for each Structural Elements such as:
  • BBS of Footing
  • BBS of Column
  • BBS of Beam
  • BBS of one-way slab
  • BBS of Two-way slab
  • BBS of Staircase
  • BBS of Chajja
  • BBS of Pile and pile cap
  • BBS of Sunken slab
  • Finding out cutting length and No. of Bar for Structural Members by Manual Calculation.
  • Finding out cutting length and No. of Bar for Structural Members by Excel Format.
  • Providing excel format for each member slab, footing, column, beam etc
  • Providing excel format for Different types of stirrups.
  • In excel format you can calculate cutting length and no. of bar very easily, put the value from structural drawing and get the Answer in excel sheet.

In Quantity survey and rate analysis you will get the complete knowledge for quantity surveyor and it helps in almost every aspect of pre-execution work. This course has 100+ excel sheet with advance design which is easy to use and will provide you better work experience on your work field. This course will help you to:

  • Learn how to become a quantity surveyor
  • Understand the main point on rate analysis
  • Excel for fast calculation and report generation
  • Know the different types of material
  • Rate analysis of material
  • Rate analysis of labour
  • Rate analysis of equipment’s
  • Know all the tax on rate analysis

In Billing work you will get to know all kind of Billing in Building Construction specially CPWD Projects and it helps to understand Bill making process from Basic to Advance level.

For a Civil Engineer to have knowledge of Bill Preparation is must and to have that knowledge Civil Engineer requires deep understanding in below mentioned topics which will be covered in 15 days Billing Course

  • General Over View of Billing
  • Role & Responsibility of Billing Engineer
  • Make presentation on boq
  • Getting approval from the client
  • Subcontractors bills
  • Debit note 
  • Types of  Bill-  
  •  ​​​​Client Bill, 
  • Item Wise labour Bill, 
  • Slab Rate labour Bill, 
  • Delhi Schedule of Rates & Specification, 
  • Measurement Book & Running Account Bill Book
  • Material Consumption Report
  • Reconciliation Bill
  • Price Escalation     

In Contract & Tendering course you will develop an idea about construction contracts according to the scope of work. In this course you will know about following important things:

  • How an agreement converted to contractual agreement.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a contract engineer or procurement engineer?
  • What are the different stages involved in tendering process?
  • Types of contracts.
  • Types of tenders.
  • Drafting of agreement and work order.
  • Tender fiscal aspect.
  • Price bid comparative.
  • Pre-qualification of contractors.
  • Important clauses of construction contracts etc.

In Job detetive course you will also get to know the how to search job and how to crack that job, following are the topics to be covered:

  • Top construction companies
  • Job hunting success strategy
  • How to make professional resume
  • How to make professional portfolio
  • Master job interview preparation

In Highway Practical Training course you will develop an idea about the whole construction process of highway structures. following are the overall topics to be covered:

  • Introduction of Layers
  • Surveying Components Used in Highway
  • Chainage Point Marking
  • Levelling by AutoLevel & its calculation in Excel
  • GPS Cordinates
  • Camber & its Calculation
  • Centerline Marking by Total Station
  • Highway Estimation
  • Retaining Wall
  • Drain Line
  • BOQ
  • Mix Design of Granular Sub - Base
  • Mix Design of Wet Mixed Macadam
  • Sub Grade & Eartwork
  • Dense Bituminous Macadm
  • Bituminous Concrete
  • Quantity Survey
  • MORTH Specification (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway)
  • Billing As per BOQ Mode
  • Billing As per EPC Mode Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

"SCOPES"With the help of Construction Operating Process Course you can easily do any type of site execution work and site supervision work by designating as a site engineer, estimation & planning engineer, billing engineer, bbs engineer, surveyor, quantity surveyor, Highway Engineer, procurement engineer and also you can handle whole site as a project engineer and project manager, which enhance your career at greater speed.

To achieve your dreams we best support you to choose your path with the practical learning Atmosphere to provide real service to nation

Package Contents

How to Study Course
Corporate Trainer
Doubt Session
Corporate Trainer
Doubt Session For Highway Construction Training
Corporate Trainer
Doubt Session For AEW
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Estimation & Planning.
Corporate Trainer
Professional AutoCAD
Corporate Trainer
Bar Bending Schedule Calculation
Corporate Trainer
Bar Bending Schedule Advance ( EXCEL ).
Corporate Trainer
Surveying for Building
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Google SketchUp
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Lumion Pro
Corporate Trainer
Scientific Vastu
Corporate Trainer
Structural Analysis and Design ( ETABS )
Corporate Trainer
Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis ( Basic ).
Corporate Trainer
Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis Advance.
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Slab Rate Bill.
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Price Escalation.
Corporate Trainer
DPR (Profit & Loss Calculation)
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Autodesk 3ds Max
Corporate Trainer
Effective Resume.
Corporate Trainer
Job Detective
Corporate Trainer
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Corporate Trainer
Quality Test & Report
Corporate Trainer
Concrete Mix Design as Per IS 10262.
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Microsoft Project
Corporate Trainer
Corporate Trainer
Fundamental of STAAD Pro
Corporate Trainer
Introduction of Highway Layers
Corporate Trainer
Surveying for Highway
Corporate Trainer
Highway Estimation
Corporate Trainer
Mix Design of Highway Layer
Corporate Trainer
Quantity Survey
Corporate Trainer
MORTH Specification (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway)
Corporate Trainer
Highway Billling
Corporate Trainer
MX Road
Corporate Trainer

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