Why You should learn Revit?

Revit software based on BIM Modeling, we are providing the best way so that you can learn it easily.

27th of Dec, 2022

A few months before I started my own consultancy firm, where I started to take on projects with Architectural drawings, MEP projects, structural engineering drawings, etc. my work is running smoothly until I got many projects at a single time, the worst scenario is that I learn everything in AutoCAD, Photoshop but I forgot to learn Revit because no one tells me about that

Afterward, I gave my all projects to the subcontractor company that works with Revit also, I thought my problems is solved however my happiness is only for a few days until my clients refuses to accept the drawings which are made by my subcontractors, Finally, I realize that it is very dangerous to give any work without quality guarantee,

I ask one of my friends, Mahi, how I get the best platform to learn Revit.

Which topics should I cover so that I can get all knowledge which market required?

Mahi Say’s: - There are many things you can do with Revit, which part of it do you want to learn,

I ask – Mahi, tells me everything you know about Revit, then I will choose the best part of it which I have required and please tell me what we can do with Revit.

Mahi Replied: - Ok, listen to me carefully, Revit software is designed for Architectural drawings, Structural Engineering designs, MEP Engineers, and Construction use.

If we talk about Architecture, then you will be surprised to know that you can:

1. Add Architectural elements to the building models.

2. You can place elements such as walls, windows, doors, etc.

3. Revit can automatically create accurate floor plans, elevation sections, and schedules also,

4. Revit will automatically refresh when you make a change, so your model is always updated,

5. Revit Analysis tools inform decisions during the design process, it helps you to build your design before it is built,

6. Revit Produces project documentation with cut away and 3D views from any angle as well as stereo panoramas to extend your design to virtual reality, 

7. You can connect design to construction with documents that provide the essential details needed to build a design,

“It sounds excellent to hear that Revit can do all kinds of stuff, but what about MEP Engineering projects, Structure engineering projects, and construction projects?” – I asked to Mahi.

Mahi said: - In Revit Software you can create the physical model and associated analytical model concurrently, the physical model is used for documentation as well as coordination.

The analytical model is used for structural analysis and design, structural loads, load combinations, and boundary conditions.

Revit provides detailing to fabrication by supporting the easy modeling of steel connection details and 3D reinforcement also.

There are many things Revit can do.

“Now do you want to learn more so that you will never face this problem again.” – Mahi asks. 

“Yes! I want to learn everything about Revit” – I replied.

Ok, I am giving a link for this course, or you can download our App


Start your journey of Learning then you will definitely earn more and more money.


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