Every engineer should learn ETABS if they want to Analyze and design Any  Building Structure

27th of Dec, 2022

Every civil engineer is very well-known in basics drafting, they learned these concepts from their training, like the civil plan, and sections elevations, this all plans of 2d drafting are made in AutoCAD, 

But if your client sometimes can’t able to read your 2d Design, before every standard construction, almost each and every client expects 3D Design, so you have to create this 2D Drawing into 3D Drawing popularly known as Revit Architecture. With this software, you can draw anything about civil construction work like Floors, Walls, Doors, Windows, furniture, Staircase, Walkthrough, etc.

You can add/import many things as per your client requirements by using Revit Architecture Software, so you want to become a civil engineer learn Revit Software from an Expert.

After Completing your 3D model in Revit software, you have to need to apply civil engineering concepts to this model for standard safety measurement purposes, you will do the analysis by applying seismic load, Static load, Dynamic load, Dead load, Shear load, Bending movement and so many civil engineering concepts.

If any Engineer wants to analyze any structure and then design it, it becomes difficult for them to do it manually, ETABS provides an easy user interface so that you can visualize, analyze and design any structure properly, it helps to prevent the cause of failure of any structure.

Etabs can not only analyze the structural loads but it can also be able to design them, you will be surprised if I say that the ETABS was used to create the mathematical model of the Burj Khalifa according to Wikipedia.

Etabs is used to model and analyze the structure mainly the building and its components to see how a building behaves under various loads.

You have to apply all types of load on the model due to the safety purpose of that construction for this analysis purpose you have to learn Etabs from an Expert & this software gives you a sharp result.

If you want to learn ETABS from an expert in this industry then I am giving a link so that you can download our app (CIVIL GURUJI – BUILDING SKILLS – CONSTRUCTING CAREER) and enroll yourself in the Training course on ETABS to become the best structural engineer.


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