Why Lumion is Very important for Rendering?

Learn Everything about Lumion and its components.

29th of Dec, 2022

Lets learn about one of the best 3d rendering software - Lumion. 

In the previous blog, we learn all about Enscape and known that it is a plugin software, that could run only with software like Revit or Google Sketchup, but if we want to take rendering to the next level without any help of Revit or Sketchup, etc. then we can use Lumion.

Lumion is a stand-alone software that can take rendering experience to the next level, it not only makes rendering videos but can also insert motion effects of humans, cars, air, flowers, leaves, and clouds, where you will feel like any cinematic video is running in front of you.

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This image, which is a render from a Lumion 5, should give you a good idea of the quality of Lumion as well as the level of complexity that can be achieved in each scene. The number of 3D objects in the scene, as well as the number of polygons added by the individual trees and the grass, is one aspect of this render that stands out. The reality is that Lumion can handle literally millions of polygons, which is helpful for both urban environments where we need a wide variety of 3D models as well as forest scenes like the one, we previously saw. A few clicks can breathe new life into a city scene thanks to Lumion's abundance of 3D models, particularly its selection of trees and plants, volumetric lighting, and mass placement.

We can make 360-degree panorama Views, Motion enabled videos, static Images with spotlight lighting effects, etc. I am providing a link to a 360-degree panorama view so that you can visualize it.

This Image is rendered in Lumion, and it's Sounds like what an Interior View.😀

While Talking for the night view Rendering in Lumion, It's Looks Awesome, you can see night view example here : 🙂What are the Benefits of Lumion?

1. It gives high-Quality Rendering Images and Videos.

2. If you make any 3d model in any software, you can fill materials and place assets and components in one click with the help of Lumion.

3. You can change the scene with a few clicks in Lumion.

4. You can also use Lumion as a plugin with Revit but Demerits only is that it’s required high system performance.

Whenever you boost up your or enhance your skills a new opportunity for earnings is open to you.

CivilGuruji's lumion course for attractive earnings are:-

1. Lumion Live Sync

2. Graphical user interface of Lumion

3. How to Download and Install Lumion Software in your Laptop or PC.

4. How to customize layers

5. How to import 3D Models

6. How to Place Components

7. How to use sound Effects and Sound Function

8. How to use Light & Utilities

9. How to use 3D Materials

10. How to use Bump Materials.

11. How to use Advance Materials, Weather Settings.

12. Photo and Movie Rendering, FX Effects

13. And a lot many more… 

But before start learning about Lumion you should learn all about Revit and Sketchup so that you can use Lumion very well.

Lumion Provides a huge opportunity in the construction industry, many design engineers who use Revit or Google Sketchup and know Lumion very well they are money a lot by making their marking strategy strong.

If you want to learn Lumion from an Expert in this industry I am providing a link so that you can easily join this course, or if you want to learn other skills like Revit, Primavera, Google Sketchup, 3Ds Max and the Architecture construction process then you can download our App.



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