Let's first understand the word "Quantity Surveying" and then we will explore everything about Quantity Surveying.

2nd Feb 2023.

What is Quantity Surveying in the Construction industry?

Quantity Surveying deals with the cost management of construction projects. It involves preparing cost estimates, procurement, contract administration, cost control and construction claims, and measurement and valuation of work done on a construction project. Quantity Surveyors work to ensure that construction projects are completed within budget, on time, and to the required quality standard.

Why is a Quantity surveyor needed in the construction industry?

Here are ten reasons why a Quantity Surveyor is needed in the construction industry:

  • Cost Estimation: For construction projects, quantity surveyors provide precise cost estimates to assist owners and contractors in making decisions.
  • Budget Management: Construction budgets are managed by quantity surveyors, who also make sure projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Procurement: Quantity surveyors offer assistance in acquiring the supplies, labor, and machinery required for construction.
  • Contract Administration: In the creation, management, and oversight of construction contracts quantity surveyors are involved.
  • Cost Control: To avoid spending too much and guarantee that projects are finished on time and on budget, quantity surveyors keep an eye on construction costs.
  • Construction Claims: Quantity surveyors provide support in handling claims and resolving disputes involving construction projects.
  • Measurement and Valuation: To ensure fair payment, quantity surveyors evaluate and measure the work completed on construction projects.
  • Value Engineering: Quantity surveyors apply value engineering principles to construction projects to reduce costs while maintaining quality.
  • Risk Management: Quantity surveyors help to identify and manage risks in construction projects to ensure successful completion.
  • Compliance: To protect owners and contractors, quantity surveyors make sure that building projects adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and standards.

Many Civil Engineers especially fresher Civil Engineers get confused in estimation and Quantity Surveying, let us clear these points.

Difference between Estimation and Quantity Surveyor?

Estimation is a rough prediction of the cost of a construction project, while Quantity Surveying is a more detailed and accurate cost management process.

Who is responsible to do Quantity Surveys in the construction industry?

In the construction industry, a Quantity Surveyor is responsible for performing quantity surveying tasks. These tasks may include estimating the cost of construction projects, negotiating contracts, preparing tenders, managing budgets and schedules, and monitoring the use of materials and labor during the construction process. Quantity Surveyors typically work for construction companies, consulting firms, or as independent consultants

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