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4th Feb 2023.

What is a bar-bending schedule in the Construction industry?

Bar Bending Schedule is the term used to describe the calculation of the overall quantity of Steel Bars required for building construction. Concrete structures are reinforced with steel bars so that they can withstand tension.
A tabular breakdown of reinforcing bars called a "bar bending schedule" (BBS) contains information like the type of bar, total length, weight, and a drawing of the desired bending shape. In general, a bar bending schedule is created for each unique RCC operation. With the aid of BBS, it is possible to determine during the construction process the need for bars of various widths and lengths, and the bars can then be arranged and bent in accordance with those specifications. 
Bar bending is a tabular form of information that includes various steel dimensions, the geometry of bending, the lengths of each bending and straight section, inclinations of bending, the maximum assessment of each bar, and the amount of each type of bar.

Why is a bar-bending schedule needed in the construction industry?

For the bar bending schedule, important things to remember.

  • For each structural unit,  Steel Bars ought to be kept in a collection that can be easily distinguished, and each floor ought to have a good distribution of the list.

  • Bars should be arranged in numerical order.
  • The length, size, and shape of every bar in the bundle should be properly labeled.
  • Cutting length and bending length calculations should be done separately in a bar bending cutting schedule.

What are the important uses of a Bar Bending Schedule?

  • Determine the amount of steel needed to build your home using the Bar Bending Schedule (BBS). This makes it easier to estimate steel accurately.
  • When cutting and bending are calculated, the amount of steel wasted is reduced, and it is also more cost-effective.
  • Cutting and bending can be done in the warehouse prior to transportation once you have the reinforcement drawings. 
  • Construction proceeds more quickly, and transportation expenses are decreased.
  • Site engineers will have an easier time if the TMT Steel bars' bending and cutting lengths are measured prior to pouring the concrete.

Who is responsible to do bar bending schedules in the construction industry?

Depending on the standard procedure and the type of structures for which the bar bending schedule is created, a contractor or consultant may be needed. As an illustration, it is typical practice for consultants to create BBS during the construction of bridges. Contractors typically prepare BBS during the construction of common buildings. Generally from all sides, BBS Engineers are appointed for the calculation of the BBS part.

How CivilGuruji is helping you to learn BAR BENDING SCHEDULE?

CIVILGURUJI “CIVIL ENGINEERS TRAINING INSTITUE” is giving you the entire knowledge related to bar bending schedule both ONLINE as well as OFFLINE MODE of training, to know more about the course you call us at 9111001234 or click to buy
BBS BASICS  or  ADVANCE BBS COURSE below have your entire syllabus and services that we give in the bar bending schedule course

This course is specially designed as per building structure requirements. We cover the following topics:

  • Introductory phase covers, Reinforcement, and its necessity.
  • IS Code Provisions.
  • Bar bending Schedule for each Structural Element such as:
  • BBS of Footing
  • BBS of Column
  • BBS of Beam
  • BBS of one-way slab
  • BBS of Two-way slab
  • BBS of Staircase
  • BBS of Chajja
  • BBS of Pile and pile cap
  • BBS of Sunken slab
2. Real case study of complete building
3. bbs with excel format in bbs advanced course
4. Quick bbs excel formats.
5. Step-by-step 3D models for bbs
6. Complete drawing sets.
7. Complete bbs notes.
8. Quizzes and drawing samples for practice.
9. Live interactive doubt sessions.
10. Discussion chat forum.
11. Telephonic doubt panel.


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