What is Hindrance Register?

Read the Full Blog to know Why Hindrance Register is Very Important for site work and helps to stop disputes between the site in charge and the consultant. 

10 Dec 2021

As a civil Engineering Construction Company, You have to maintain the Hindrance register of every building or Blok during construction by site incharge. 

At the time of billing- it may be a dispute between the consultant and site incharge for not properly maintaining this Register. 

 So Hindrance Register plays a vital role play for the Construction companies

In the construction site, the work you delegate to a person will be responsible for the specific position and must be present in front of you when you call upon it. 

He would not say, I didn’t say it, or I said so for the construction work. 

It happens every time, that when the work is good….everybody wants credit to take. But when it worse, nobody takes responsibility and blames others. 

Ultimately the company has to suffer.

So, in this Blog, You’ll know why it is essential, the format of Hindrance, and at what condition this Register is used. 

When we talk about the Excavation-these points can be remembered and need to write on the Hindrance Register.

1.  Storage or intermediary storage identified for the superficial mass of earth excavated

Before excavation, the contractor in charge has to ask the clients or the consultant for these agreements and must be written correctly in the Hindrance Register-

  • Is that excavated soil is workable or not, or do we use that again or disposable-must write that approval from the incharge.
  • Take permissions from the consultant-such as is that will use soil for backfilling. It could be stored near the site after excavation or disposed of if permits.
  • Invisible Expenses- Meaning extra expenses to carry the soil and dispose of outside. Later it could be additional expenses for the company loss. 

2. Are access routes available?

All these must be written approvable in the “Hindrance Registrar.”

  • The route must be proper, and the vehicle must not fall into any pit or muddy area.
  • If anything happens, who will take responsibility?
  • Does the contractor have to construct that access route?
  • Or, if the Builder is making the road, will the government pay the money?

3. Has the consultant inspected the site before

Suppose the construction site is in the jungle and the consultant does not visit the site regularly. And if you were working continuously and sending the reports through the images, video, and phone, he is doing approval through these only.

In case of any work is not up to the mark, the consultant will come and say, why you haven't told me?

So ask the consultant first- which specific work you want to check, so you'll not tell me later you didn't tell me and did them yourself. 


If the brickwork is about to finish, the Client or Consultant would say,- let me inform you to visit the site and checker

You have to mention who is giving orders for which work in the Hindrance registers. 

If some work is not specified (Like like-soil filling or Plaster)- Before Plaster, report the consultant to visit, which will hide after the Plaster. 

Works Like- Check if the proportion of the Mortar is adequately taken and used uniformly before laying the tiles.

Hindrance Register 

Let's take an example and understand through- if clients say he has to place the chicken mess at the facet joint of RCC wall and brickwork to stop the gap or cracks developing. 

So the client demands to install the chicken mess that did not decide at the time of design. That's why here you'll need to write in the Hindrance register the time taken for the Extra work.

Now we'll talk about the Hindrance register and the essential points to be mentioned- here. Let’s get in.

1. Description- Description or any specific work (Like the Chicken mess to be placed to stop the cracks) that you’re taking permission from the Client or consultant

2. Start date- Mention when any specific works start. Like it starts from the 10-12-2021 3. Finish date- Write the accomplish date when the work. Like, finish the job by 13-12-2021. 

 4. Days took in issue solved- It takes three days to solve the wall crack issue

 5. Schedule date- The date when will start the following work. Start from 14-12-2021 6.

 6. Days taken for hindrance calculation- if the work is accomplished under the said time No change (3 days- then No issue). Otherwise, if the works takes extra time like 5 days, then you need to write why it has taken extra time in the Hindrance Register.

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