What is Google Sketchup and How we can use it to earn Money?

Learn Everything about Google SketchUp and how we can earn money by using it on different platforms.

28th of Dec, 2022

Say Yes to New Learning.

An architect has the ability to mentally picture their designs. When your design is finished, you can visualize it precisely. Unfortunately, your clients probably lack that ability, making it challenging for them to picture the finished project.

Of course, you can schedule a meeting to visit that location with your client, then you can show them AutoCAD drawings or even a visual representation of the design. The projects start after the client signs in the contract agreement.

However, a couple of weeks later, your client calls to say that he has arrived at the site, and it is not what he had imagined,

How it is even possible?

Well, it’s not difficult at all, He simply did not imagine it in the same way as you do.

The good news is that you won’t ever experience this issue again. The solution can be found in Google SketchUp.

A three-dimensional modeling and rendering software package called Sketchup was created with project placement in mind.

You can see how Interior and Exterior Designing becomes easy with the help of Google Sketchup, I am providing an example: - 

Some important reasons to learn Google Sketchup: - 

1. Drawing your design is simple because it is made to function like an extension of your hand.

2. Quickly get used to the lifelike drawings you’ll produce. This is due to the fact that SketchUp is an intuitive, effective, and easy-to-use 3D drawing tool.

3. Surface can be rendered using a variety of styles in Sketchup. Choose the style of architecture that best suits your design and your client’s preferences from a variety of options.

4. It is simple to integrate Sketchup with programs that offer extra features. Third-party plugin programs are also supported.

5. You can put your model inside of Google earth with Sketchup, Right on site!

Due to the fact that SketchUp integrates the 3D design model with virtual placement into the main platforms where people expect to see them, your clients can view their projects on the site before it is built.


Is an online and offline civil engineers training institute that trained you in the ins and outs of design software like SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, etc., and also Onsite Training in Building Construction.

In this course, you will learn: -

1. To install Google SketchUp and V-ray with plugin software.

2. Introduction and uses of primary and important tools

3. Group, Hide and Lock the Components

4. How to make door Windows and houses,

5. How to insert AutoCAD File

6. Measurement tools of Sketchup

7. Paint, 3D-Text, and View

8. Solid Tools

9. 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse

10. To make a Kitchen

11. Rendering with the free plugin

12. Lighting and Environment

13. Ceiling Panel & Strips Lights

14. VRAY- Installation

15. VRAY – Materials

16. To Draw House Plan

17. Floor Plan to 3D Model

18. To create an elevation of the House

19. To setup the positioning of the Camera

20. To Create a Walkthrough of the Model

If you want to improve your skills and bring some golden opportunity to make a source of income then join our training module, you can join all kinds of training that we are providing by visiting our App. (Civil Guruji – Building Skills Constructing Career).


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