What is “Good for Construction” (GFC) Drawing?

Read the full Vlog to know What is good for Construction Drawing and why it is useful for Site  Engineers. Also, Know Drawing Receiving Register & Why need to Revise The GFC.

Date- 30 Nov 2021

After You Read the Good for Construction Drawing, you will know how it is important for site work. 

You must have seen many times in the construction site, engineers look at the Drawing sheets and get the work done.

Those drawing may be of different kind such as-

  • Architectural Drawing 
  • Structural Drawing 
  • MEP Drawing (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)

For the above drawing, as a Site Engineers, you can’t execute work on the site without this drawing. 

and these drawing is to be made by either-  

  • Architecture 
  • Structural Designer or
  • Registered Consultant

After that, the Drawing is given to a site engineer by authorized seal and signature. The name of this Drawing is Good for Construction (GFC) Drawing or Valid for Execution”.

This Drawing helps the Site Engineers to see the elements and the measurement mentioned in the Drawing sheet. it must be accurate so Engineers can execute work precisely without any mistakes.

In the image below, you can clearly see the Description, Number, and Date of Receiving the GFC. 

Drawing Receiving Register 

Now…if you’re a site engineer and suppose that you Executing the Plan & Find a Problem with the "Good for construction" drawing- How would you update the “Good for construction” drawing.

You'll get the above Drawing Receiving sheet where you’ll have to make the proper document all the Details with Revised dates. 

In this Drawing sheet- You should mention the Following Serial Number, Drawing Number, Drawing title, and Number of Revisions with the date and how many copies. 

As you know, Because construction work goes for a long time and there are lots of revision work done on the regular basis.

so need to properly maintain all work by your side.

Why need to Revise The GFC

After receiving the First original copy of "GFC", you find problems with executing the work using the GFC drawing- Reason such as-

  • Not in the organized Format.
  • Can’t Read drawings properly.
  • Can’t understand the letter.
  • The drawing format printout is not Good.
  • Bad color combination.
  • Design flows in the Drawing while executing work on site.
  • If some construction work changes in the Site immediately.
  • Not understanding the Drawing- Like Not being able to see the drawing clearly, Text Letter Format changes, Not readable, Specified Colors are not good.
  • Dates are not specified.
  • Measurement is wrong.

Who can revise the “Good for Construction” Drawing?

Here you would Know who can revise the GFC as if it has happened to Go with the Mistakes in the Drawing. 
  • According to the Client requirement- If the client wants to make the window size bigger, the door has to be shifted to another wall or any type of change.
  • Site Engineer- As a Site Engineer, if you feel that for the client's betterment if there needs to be a change in any part in the construction of the Building- by the client's permission, you can take action.
  • PMC- (Project Management consultant)- Appoint as the 3rd party for correction in the “Good For Construction” drawing. Their work is to visit the site and check again and again and look if the work is properly going on according to the “Good for construction” drawing, quality of materials is maintained or not, and many things.
  • Finally, these Revisions are completely dependent upon-Requesting and dealing process with the consultant or architecture and can be revised due to mutual understanding- Otherwise, clashes happen.
  • Revise it through the consultant or Architect Consultant's work- It is the responsibility of the project consultant to revise properly and deliver within the time limit. 

Drawing Revision Details 

Now as a site Engineer if you feel that something needs to be changed on the construction site- for that, First you have to take permission from the Clients or the Consultant.

So filling out the above form is important and needs the seal and signature of the Senior Engineer. if something needs to be changed from the client-side, you need to take the signature from the clients too. 

In this Drawing revision Details sheet, Write the description of what you're going to Revise. So that architect will clearly know and make necessary changes. 

and then send this file to the architect or the consultant who will issue the new revised copy. 


1. List of changes in the Drawings-As a site Engineer, your job is to List out the issue or fault you want to make changes in those elements.

2. Make drawing Register–Write the application of what changes in the first revised copy and what to mention in 2nd Revise copy. 

3. Note- First you have to submit the old Original copy of the GFC sheet and receive the new one. 

                   make sure to submit 5-10 Days before work execution. Because the consultant will take time to revise it. 

 5. Maintain the Revised Receiving Register- Write the Receiving dates and the number of copies. 

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