What is Chartered Civil Engineer?

Read the Full Blog to Know how you will become a Chartered Civil Engineer. Learn from the Institutions of Engineers (IEI) and Earn Income 12 to 30 Lakhs. Details Inside  

28 Dec 2021

Here you'll Know what is Chartered Civil Engineer, Job Role, Benefits, and what are Earning Potential. the As you take advice from the Chartered accountant (C.A)- that how to file The ITR and How to pay GST. They Guide you, discuss with you and provide you with the best straightforward solution. 

They Guide you the Right way to accomplish your Business Goals. And in turn, you give them some amounts for their services.  

Similarly, when it comes to solving the Big business problems of the construction Industry, Chartered Civil Engineers Come into the Picture.

1. Chartered Civil Engineer in India

Chartered Engineer is known as Professional Engineer also. In India, Chartered Engineer is one of the most recognizable statuses nowadays.

  • Chartered Engineers are Degree-Holders, having professional competencies through training & practice by monitoring expertise gained in their respective fields.
  • Chartered Engineers are characterized by their ability to develop appropriate solutions to engineering problems using new or existing technologies.
  • Innovation Chartered Engineers are engaged in techno-commercial leadership activities in multiple fields.
  • Professional Engineer (India) Certification enables an engineer to become an independent engineering consultant, a valuer, a planner, a designer, and an educator.

2. Benefits of Chartered Engineer Certificate

The Chartered Engineer certificate is often helpful for the following purpose. 

  • First, you can establish your own Business.
  • To practice as a self-employed consultant in India and abroad. 
  • To be employed and promoted in foreign companies.
  • To win the civil works contract from Municipal Corporation and similar government bodies.
  • To be appointed as a Valuer or Loss Assessor in various financial institutions, such as banks and insurance firms.
  • To be appointed as a Chartered Engineer in solving the High Court Issue, the Central Excise, Customs Service, and other government agencies. 

3. Work

The High Paid Companies Hire These Personals. 

  • If any Construction Company is in Critical Condition, the Chartered Engineer Find Solution for them.
  • This professional creates and provides solutions for the Companies.
  • Whatever Resources are available or the additional resources, they use it for the betterment of companies.

4. How to become a Chartered Civil Engineer

a) Registration for Chartered Engineer

The Chartered Engineer certificate, which is awarded by the IEI (one of the world's oldest and largest professional bodies of engineers), serves as a global acknowledgment and acceptance of one's techno-academic qualification and professional attainment. 

You have to Register under the Institutions of Engineers (IEI) 

Who can register in the Institution of Engineers? 

  • Cleared the B.E Or B. tech Exams
  • 5 Years of Minimum Experience
  • Head Office- Kolkata, India

b) Take Membership First

You can take their Paid Membership plan For FRESHER CIVIL Engineer- Apply in the –Associate Member (AMIE) 

  • Eligibility Criteria- Only B. E, B. tech (Diploma Holder Not allowed)
After improving Knowledge- You can apply for the member technologist (MTIE) - you will develop your skills, and your rank will improve.

c) Upgrade Membership


After Getting the AMIE Certificate, you can upgrade to MIE Certificate after having 8 years post qualification Certificate.

With Developing the core Skills, Certification charges will be increased- See the Figure below.

d) Detail Fee Structure

You know, The Membership will be for a Lifetime, But Charges for the Chartered Engineer Certificate will be valid only for 5 Years. 

You have to renew your certification if you want to continue submitting a Particular Amount. 

Total amount to be Paid- 14000-15000 /- (You can Fill the Form Visiting your Nearby Offline Centre)

You have to renew your certification if you want to continue submitting a Particular Amount. 

5. Chartered Civil Engineer salary in India

Employees as Chartered Engineers earn an average of ₹20lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹12 lakhs per year to ₹30 lakhs per year based on your upgrading knowledge. 

 There are proven examples of professionals who earn more than ₹28 lakhs per year in India.

6. Downside

It’s Not a Cup of Tea for everyone- 

  • It would help if you did Not Give up after having 2-3 years of gaining skills, putting in the effort, and not earning from these Skills.
  • Because of the Industrial ups and down, you must have Background Belongs (business Family.) to any Business Profiles or be Supported By someone.
  • Have Patience- it takes time to enhance the skills of problem-solving. 
  • So don’t be expected to Apply, Enroll, get a Certificate, and find something very fast in return. 
  • If you’re interested, getting a certificate is your backbone of building a Business empire.



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