What Is BIM? Everything about Building Information Modeling

Design & Build your client's dreams with BIM.

13th of January

What is exactly a BIM?

A built asset's information is created and managed through a comprehensive process called building information modeling (BIM). BIM creates a digital representation of an asset throughout its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations, based on an intelligent model and made possible by a cloud platform.

What are the benefits of BIM?

The advantages of BIM come from connecting teams, workflows, and data throughout the entire project lifecycle—from design and engineering to construction and operations—to realize better working practices and better results.

What are the uses of BIM?

During the process of designing, building, and operating, BIM is used to create and manage data. BIM combines data from various disciplines to produce intricate digital renderings that are managed in an open cloud environment for real-time collaboration. Your ability to see more clearly, make better decisions, choose options that are more sustainable, and cut costs on AEC projects are all made possible by using BIM.

Why is BIM significant?

The UN estimates that there will be 9 point 7 billion people on the planet by 2050. The global AEC industry must seek out smarter, more effective ways to design and build in order to not only meet rising global demand but also to contribute to the creation of environments that are both smarter and more resilient. 

 Teams involved in design and construction can work more productively thanks to BIM, which also enables them to record the data they generate during the process for use in operations and maintenance. BIM regulations are becoming more widespread due to this.

How do teams work together on BIM?

Project delivery across industries is being revolutionized by BIM, which brings intelligence and efficiency to the process while connecting teams, data, and workflows at every stage of the project in the cloud for better project outcomes.


Green BIM, also known as BIM in green building, is a process that can assist architecture, engineering, and construction companies in enhancing sustainability in the built environment. Over the course of an asset's life cycle, it may be possible for architects and engineers to incorporate and evaluate environmental issues into their designs.

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