What are the Steps before purchasing land

What are the Steps before purchasing land?

 In this blog, we’ve outlined the steps before purchasing land. If you follow, you will never occur into the trap of the wrong property seller. Instead follow, follow the below steps and execute while buying your land or keeping it for a real knowledge guide for future reference. Sale Deed, Loan Certificate, Power of attorney

29 Oct 2021

You should know the Steps before Purchasing land as buying a property is one of the essential things in your life. You decide to buy a property with all the accumulated capital, huge debts, and big ambitions, so it is necessary to be careful in it so that no one can easily steal your hard-earned money.

Your carelessness in checking property papers can blow away your life savings in a minute. But we don’t want that to happen with you, so here we are presenting a blog to keep remembering these points before buying a house.

Sometimes, people try to sell disputed properties at low prices. This prospect might seem attractive initially but would eventually be a significant headache. Also, never engage with a seller who wants you to give brokerage money to make the purchase in order to save taxes. It could also lead to a lot of future troubles. So, let’s dive deep to know more inside.

Checklist for new Purchasing land documents

 Explained below-

1. Sale Deed 

2. Receipts of taxes Bills paid 

3. Power of attorney 

4. Verify the identity of the seller 

5. Land-use permissions

6. Status of tax payment

7. Conversion Certificate

1. Sale Deed

It is a legal document that verifies the ownership of the property, or there is also evidence that the purchasing land has transferred altogether safer from the old owner to the existing seller.

  • The sale deed should be duly stamped and registered in the local registrar's office.
  • Check that the title deed of the property you are buying is clear. This means that there should be no dispute over that property.
  • You should also ensure that the title deed is in the name of the person selling the purchasing land to you.
  • The best way is to get the sale deed and other documents verified by a lawyer; this will help ensure that the papers are accurate and there are no gaps.

2. Loan Certificate

This certificate ensures no loan or other liability on the purchasing landMeaning at the time of land buying, it should be free from all kinds of debt or liability.

This certificate issued by the sub registrar's office tells what kind of transaction related to the property has been done and its actual condition at present. In other words, this certificate is proof of any mortgage, title transfer, or legal transaction so that the purchasing land is not in question.

3. Power of attorney

It is a legal document with the help of which a person authorizes another person to sell the property. 

However, this document also needs to be registered. Otherwise, the same property is sold to many people. And it happens the massive loss of revenue to the government and has to face more litigation cases.

4. Tax and Bill Related Certificates

The person buying the property should ensure that all dues have been cleared and should have the necessary tax receipt or bill for the same. 

Ask for all original receipts in the genuine from the person selling the property and never trust photocopied receipts.

5. Verify the identity of the seller

Check the seller's documents and confirm identity- To ensure the seller has proper Identity proof and has the valid identity issued by the Indian Government-include his Aadhaar number, PAN number, passport, income tax returns, salary certificates, etc.

  • The seller must have the residential status and have records of the nationality of the seller.
  • Identification of all owners in case of properties held jointly.
  • Check if the seller is a company, trust, partnership firm.

Ask for all original receipts in the genuine from the person selling the property and never trust photocopied receipts.

6. Check the status of Land-use permission

Check do The buyer must examine and satisfy that the property is developed following the zoning plan – such as-

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public/semi-public
  • Parks and open spaces, etc. 
 So you must obtain orders from the Town Planning Authority permitting a change of land use is mandatory.

Property should be Register on the RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development)

In RERA- Information available on the official web portal of RERA for each state also provides details of any cases/complaints filed against the developer of the project and default by the developer.

  • Estate Developer/ Development authority/ colonizer/- property has been registered with the authority.
  • Real Estate Broker/Builder/ contractor/- Real estate brokers should also be registered with the state RERA. Hire a property broker only after asking for his RERA registration.
  • Physical Survey of the Property- Before purchasing the land, check the ground and do measurements with the help of amin (Land measurement people) available nearby. They will charge you 2-5 K rupees for confirming the exact size of land.
The best way is to get the sale deed and other documents verified by a lawyer; this will help ensure that the papers are accurate and there are no gaps.

7. Warning tips for Land Buyers

Never Ever do these things-

  • Without doing your research, Never agree to sign on the dotted line or the Plan paper.
  • Even if an agent or a developer is known to you, check their RERA ID (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and Proper registration.
  • Never offer money in black instead of tax discounts.
  • Don’t buy a property on someone else’s behalf.
  • Check if the Disputed Land.
  • Avoid Fake documents.

8. Keep these small but essential points in mind before buying a Land

Never Ever do these things-

  • Before buying a plot, see that it is not in the lower part. If this happens, you may have trouble during the rainy days, bringing an inferiority complex to mind.
  • There should not be a drain, cremation ground, graveyard, etc., around the land.
  • There should not be any ruins (Khandhar) or old wells near the plot.
  • While buying a plot, keep in mind that the house's main gate should be north or east.
  • As far as possible, avoid taking south-facing plots.
  • It is better if there is a garden or open space in front of the plot.
  • The plot should be such that it is less comprehensive in the front and broader than the back.
  • Buying land in that will cost you less- choosing in smaller towns or Peripheries.
  • Take help from-Examined by the legal expert- Very compulsory thing, and they save you from the huge loss.

So Now you have a fair knowledge of Purchasing Land Process, so you'll never be worried about it and without hesitation, you can purchase land from anywhere. 

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What are the Steps before purchasing land