What are the most important apps for a civil engineer?

Along with many great discoveries by human, Invention of software technology is one of them. In 21st Century, smart phone is the most essential tool for any individual and the best part from it, is the use of wonder apps. To accelerate the life of a "Civil Engineers” as a creator many of the important apps are developed, Few of the essential apps  be discussed in this blog.

Fri, July 30, 2021.

Unit Convertor

Unit conversion is very important for civil engineers. It is mostly seen that fresher civil engineers do not know the unit conversion. It is one of the most essential part in whole civil engineering especially in the Layout work, Estimation and for Drawing reading purpose. In this unit convertor app you can do conversions very fast, you can convert many units such as:

Basic:  length (distance), area, weight (mass), volume (capacity) etc. 

Living: exchange rate, speed, time etc. 

Science: Force, pressure, work(energy), power etc. 

Misc: Angle, data, fuel, cooking etc.

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Just a Compass

A simple and easy to operate Compass to fetch useful information about your current position. Whenever we start new project we need to find out the direction, this app will help us to find out the direction with proper degree. It also provides coordinates and position. We all know civil engineers work in latitude & longitude. it’s also talks about sea level. It can give us many details such as:

Latitude & Longitude in MGRS format.

Latitude & Longitude in UTM format.

Latitude & Longitude in DD, DMM or DMS format.

Magnetic field strength

Sensor accuracy

Address of your current location

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Pocket Quantity Calculator

Pocket Quantity Calculator is the platform for all the Civil Engineers and Professionals working with construction. It is a tool made by Civil Guruji "Civil Engineers Training Institute" to solve various problems of a Civil Engineers like, Calculation of Quantity of bricks, concrete, cement, sand, aggregate, concrete blocks, slab concrete and many more. following are the key features of this app:

Calculate exact quantity of bricks(blocks) needed to build a wall.

Calculate how many premix concrete bags required for your project.

Calculate Number of tiles needed to build a room floor or bathroom floor by area.

Calculate volume of slab & column

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Civil Guruji

Civil Guruji "Civil Engineers Training Institute" is a Online learning platform for the Civil Engineers. It is a community of well experienced Corporate Trainers who provide their practical work experience to Civil Engineers especially in the field of Site Supervision work, Site Execution work, Estimation & Budgeting, Bar Bending Scheduling, Quantity Survey & Rate Analysis work, Billing work, Contract & Tendering. In addition to this Software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds max, Google sketchup, Etabs, Staad Pro, Microsoft Project, Primavera and Professional MS Excel in the building industry which is a demand of Corporate Sector. These Technical skills help you to become a civil industry expert. Following are the key benefits of this app:

Daily live interactive Doubt Session for every subjects

Engineers Discussion forum.

Practical Site Reference Videos

Free webinar time to time with important topics like Technical, Entrepreneur and Motivational Sessions.

Never miss a class get notified for lessons, upcoming courses and stay on Track with your schedule

Lecture Notes: Download lecture Notes & get access to Recorded sessions of live classes. Revisit important Topics whenever you need. 

Anytime, anywhere, watch our classes live or recorded anytime from the comfort of all your devices.

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AutoCAD DWG Viewer & Editor

You all are aware of the Software AutoCAD which is used for drawing, designing and drafting purpose in many engineering disciplines. Civil Site Engineer spend most of his time onsite for execution work therefore it is difficult for him to carry and operate laptop to access AutoCAD, to overcome this problem AutoCAD DWG viewer & Editor app can be used on mobile devices- anytime, anywhere. It simplify your client meetings and construction site visits with this powerful CAD app. Few of the important features of this app are as follows:

View and edit DWG file from mobile storage.

Create new CAD drawings on the fly.

Easy to modify and mark-up AutoCAD drawings.

Can work offline and sync your edits once back online

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Google Earth

The best use of Google Earth app for Civil Engineer is to find out the satellite image of any site location, you can also calculate the area of the plot site. It is mostly used for preliminary survey and site investigation.

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Civil Placement

Civil Placement is very essential application for the needy Civil Engineer, especially those fresher Civil Engineers who are looking for jobs. This app will help you to find out any type of Civil Engineering jobs like private sector jobs, public sector jobs, central government jobs, state government jobs etc. Also this app will help to you get the updates of other countries jobs.


Abhiyanta Garage

Abhiyanta Garage is the most essential app for the engineering students those who are pursuing bachelors degree in engineering discipline like Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science and Information Technology. This app will help you to gain subjects knowledge along with the practical training skills. Following are the key features of this app:

Daily live interactive Doubt Session for each and every subjects of all streams

Engineers Discussion forum for basic doubts

Practical Site Reference Videos for better understanding

Downloadable lecture Notes & get access to Recorded sessions of live classes

Free lessons for first year course.


Google Keep-Notes

Google keep is very important not only for the Civil Engineers but useful for everyone. This app will quicky capture what's on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. You can add notes, list, photos, record a voice memo and whenever you need you can find, instantly. 


MS Excel

Everyone is familiar with the Ms Excel application, although it is used by many professional but it is also very useful tool for the Civil Engineers. It offers us to get data analysis, spreadsheets and business collaboration tools on your mobile. You can also manage charts, budgets, accounting or financial analysis with Excel's modern templates.



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