Top Construction Companies in India-Hiring Billing Engineers

Top Construction Companies in India-Hiring Billing Engineers

This Blog is all about knowing the top Construction companies in India Hiring Billing Engineers where they can apply and be Hired Easily. 

2 Sept 2021

Civil billing engineer are hired by Top construction companies of India from many places. Civil Billing engineers in construction are about to prepare bills for quantities and payments and perform the estimation task. Here we are presenting the Best Civil engineering Company that hires Billing engineers. Here is the List-

  • Dilip Buildcon Ltd 
  • Jaiprakash Associates Ltd
  • Reliance Infrastructure
  • NKG Infrastructure
  • Sadbhav Engineering Ltd

1. Dilip Buildcon Ltd

It is one of the top 10 construction companies in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call for building a New India by 2022 to Dilip Buildcon. DBL is aligning with India’s growth vision where benefits of humanity must be incorporated. It is considered as the fastest-growing Engineering working in Procurement and Construction area in India The company is dealing with projects including-

  • Irrigation
  • Urban development
  • Mining
  • Irrigation
  • Road development.

  • Turnover- 9208.92 Crore 
  • Iconic Projects- That creates Huge opportunities for the Billing Engineers. 

    • Bhopal Metro Rail Project
    • Churhat Bypass Tunnel- Rewa-Sidhi
    • Overburden khairagura OCP
    • Green Filed airport of Hirasar
    • Zuari Bridge
    • And many On-going Projects
  • Team member- 34,262 strong team From Drivers to Directors.
  • Click the link below to drop your CV and enquire the Billing Engineers Position- 

    Dilip Buildcon Recruitment

  • You can go through Search- By job location, Jobs by role, Jobs By functional Area, and Jobs by Industry.

2. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd

The company comes under the famous Jaypee Group. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is one of the leading companies in infrastructure and construction. And it hires engineers from various branches including civil billing engineers. So before applying to know the details about the Company. 

  • Founded- It was founded in the year 1979.
  • Headquartered in Noida, India.
  • Operation Place- Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, and Jharkhand.
  • The company’s services include-
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Cement
    • Expressway
    • Real estate, etc.
  • Projects completed across India are-
    • 1450 MW Sardar Sarovar Project- in the largest water resource project in India
    • 1000 MW Tehri Dam- Asia's highest rockfill dam.
    • The Himalayan Expressway- from km 39.96 to km 67.55 in the Punjab state.
    • 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri Power House- The largest underground powerhouse in the country
    • Constructed the Yamuna Expressway – Noida to Agra Expressway lane of 165 km long, 6 lanes. 
  • Career- If you have the talent and zeal to aspire higher for the Billing Engineering Post, Jaiprakash Associates provides you the opportunity. the hiring of the company
  •  For Job Opening- Click here to know more- Jaiprakash Associates Recruitment 

3. Reliance Infrastructure

Reliance Infrastructure comes under Top construction companies in India and is a giant player in providing Engineering & Construction services for developing power, infrastructure, and many other areas. 

 If you’re looking for the companies Hiring Billing Engineers, this company must be in the first priority. Here you can know about the Reliance Infrastructure with some awesome points.

  • Founded - Incorporated in 1929 and is one of the largest infrastructure companies.
  • Working Projects on these sectors - High growth sectors such as infrastructure space and in the defense sector Including-
    • Power
    • Roads
    • Metro
    • Rail
    • Airport 
  • Projects Completed- As Reliance Infrastructure develops projects in several high-growth sectors, so it is creating jobs for various Engineering posts. being a part of it will enhance your career as a Civil Billing Engineers fast. 
  • In infrastructure- 
    • 11 road projects of 970 kms ( 11,500 crore Project)
    • Urban high traffic growth corridors of- Bangalore, Delhi Jaipur, Gurgaon, Agra, and Pune.
    • Developing and operating 5 airports- in Maharashtra at Nanded, Latur, Yavatmal, and Other 2 Places with a lease period of 95 years.
  • Real Estate-
    • 100 storey trade tower and business developing in Hyderabad.
  • Career- Reliance Infrastructure aimed at transforming the employees into effective and efficient leaders.
  • Visit the official website to know the Career roles of Billing Engineers Role- Reliance Infrastructure Career Development  

4. NKG Infrastructure

NKG Infrastructure is a Diversified Infrastructure Development privately owned Construction Company in India. Here you can discover more about the company so that it would be easier for you to get a Job for the billing engineer position.

1. Headquarter- at New Delhi and offices spread across 14 states all over the country. 

 2. Employees and Professional- more than 1100+ and 300+ working professionals. 

 3. Services in the construction industry- With 30 years of experience, completed over 500 infrastructure projects in 15 different Indian states across various sectors like-

  • Roads, Bridges, and Buildings
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Water pipelines
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Electric transmission distribution stations 
  • Solar power plants.
Projects Completed- if you have knowledge in bill checking and estimation, reconciliation bill & BOQ Preparation, early budget estimation, you can apply to this company. huge demand of Engineers and they always require. 


  • AIIMS Rajkot
  • Vijayawada airport -New Terminal Building
  • AIIMS at Deoghar, Jharkhand


  • Barabanki Road
  • Noida Express Way
  • Meerut Karnal Road
  • Chamoli national highway

  • Construction of underpass in Noida
  • Kalindi kunj Bridge

Job Opportunities- 

Billing Engineer Hiring- NKG Infrastructure Offering Job for the various position Including the Civil Billing Engineers – so click on the Link (Official Website) here to find the job role, and the salary and qualification-NKG Infrastructure recruitment   

5. Sadbhav Engineering Ltd

Sadbhav Engineering Limited (SEL) is considered Top construction companies of India among the few elite infrastructure companies in the country. The company has powerfully integrated into the Indian Infrastructure sector. Know few Insights here-

  • Established - Founded in 1988.
  • Headquartered- in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Working sectors- following are the working sectors-
  1. construction of roads and highways
  2. bridges and Mining
  3. Irrigation supporting infrastructure.
  4. Construction of earthen dams and Siphon
  5. Re-modeling and
  6. Improvement of canals.
  • Registered Office- Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad (India).
  • Completed or Ongoing Projects- As this company is Involved in taking big projects, so it opens the door for huge opportunities for Civil Engineers. and especially almost every construction work needs a good Billing engineer. so why not prepare for the best when such a company is in your hand to land a Job.
    • Roads and Highways- Four-lane bypass of NH-24 Lucknow ring Road. And Six Laning of Ahmedabad Rajkot section NH-8A Highway
    • Mining- - 5-year project for GIPCL involving excavation of overburden and lignite at Vastan Mines.
    • Irrigation- Executed 4 out of the total 9 canal siphons on Narmada Main Canal across different rivers. 
  • Job Opportunity-
    • The company regularly releases the Post of Billing Engineers and other related disciplines. You can search on the online portal –such as,, and other portals.



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Top Construction Companies in India-Hiring Billing Engineers