TOP 8 Certification Courses for Civil Engineers

Here, you'll find the top 8 Certification Courses for Civil Engineers which are designed by Corporate professionals. These are very Important to Develop your skills in the Civil Engineering field and Help you find the Job that you're looking for. So, Let's dive deep to get one of the best Certification courses for Civil Engineers in India. 

04 June 2022

1. COPs-Lifetime (Construction operating Process)

It’s one of the best Choices Courses ever For Civil Engineers. And Not only that, it has successfully placed many Civil Engineering students in the MNCs. 

You’ll get the corporate knowledge and all the skills needed from the Construction Operating Process course. if you're stuck buying decisions for the Civil Engineering Practical Training course, Don't Think, take this course-This is a King of all Courses and we bet, you'll be excited to Comment after completing this. 

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2. Building Practical Training

It is one of the Popular Certification Courses for Civil Engineers on our Bucket list. For any type of construction work, one should have sound practical experience in technical skills like-

  • The whole construction process
  • Estimation and budgeting
  • Survey work
  • Site supervision work
  • Site execution work
  • Bar-Bending schedule work
  • Quantity survey work
  • Billing work
  • Reconciliation work
  • Daily progress report work
  • Contract and tendering work etc. 

these things are necessary for any of the designations involve in site-related jobs. here you'll get the Package Contents in full Detail. 

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3. Highway Construction Training

This Certification Course for Civil Engineers is highly recommended to all Civil Engineers as the demand in the construction field is growing high every year. Highway Construction Training Covers the following topic:-

  • Introduction of Layers
  • Surveying Components Used in Highway
  • Chainage Point Marking
  • Leveling by AutoLevel & its calculation in Excel
  • GPS Cordinates6 Camber & its Calculation
  • Centerline Marking by Total Station8 Highway Estimation
  • Retaining Wall10 Drain Line11 BOQ
  • Mix Design of Granular Sub-Base
  • Mix Design of Wet Mixed Macadam
  • Sub Grade & Eartwork15 Dense Bituminous Macadam
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4. SDO–Skill Development Officer

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We'll Help you Following-

  • Training Manager Support
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  • Library Manual, Collaterals, etc.
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5. Architectural Software Training

For Architectural Planning & Designing, one must understand the idea of planning & designing with software like 

  • AutoCAD
  • e AutoCAD 
  • Revit
  • 3ds max and 
  • Google sketch 
This course helps you understand the 2d drafting and 3d designing in Civil Industry.  and these software courses are most by the construction companies and compulsory in Government organizations, especially with the PWD'S, NAGAR NIGAM & TOWN & COUNTRY PLANNING DEPARTMENT.

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6. Structural Software Training

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS & DESIGN PROGRAM are used to perform the analysis of STRUCTURES by giving the input to the SOFTWARE and finding the result. 

On the basis of the results, the design can be optimized within the given range of boundary conditions.

STAADPro and ETABS are the well-known

With this Software, you can easily analyze & verify the results at a faster speed with more detailed reports, & drafting Structured working drawings for execution work which enhance your skills for career growth. nowadays most the jobs prefer Civil Engineers who know about this software. 

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7. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

As per the definition-

Quality Control (QC) is interpreted as the process of detecting and correcting the problems when they occur.

Under quality control, we are ensuring that while executing works all sop’s & method statements should have to follow to meet the client/customer requirements. It is nothing but whatever documents we have submitted under quality assurance, works should be executed according to that only. For ensuring that we are doing checks during the work process & perform tests on materials.

Quality Assurance (QA) is the process of preventing problems from happening. Further, the following definitions of the respective terms clarify the concept. here you have to submit a method statement, work procedures, checklists, Inspection & test plan, Project quality plan, and many more other documents to clients/customers to convince them that how we are going to give a good quality final product to meet their expectations.

in this course, we've summarized all the Important Guidelines required to become a High paid QA/QC Civil Engineer. 

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8. Complete Surveying

The objective of the course is to provide 

  • Basics of digital surveying and mapping of earth surface using total station Auto level., total station works on the principle of electronic distance measurement techniques. 
  • Basic skills are essential for the surveyor for his good carrier in highway construction and building construction and Auto level is used for leveling in highway and building construction with two important methods (HI method and Rise and Fall method).
  • This course is designed to give you a practical approach and Key Features of Total station and Auto level which include-
    1. Parts of Total Station
    2. Parts of auto-level
    3. Instrument Setup (Total station)
    4. Instrument Setup (Auto level)
    5. Staff level
    6. Level transfer with HI method
    7. Contouring and its excel
    8. Profile leveling
    9. FRL spotting on highway
    10. Inverted leveling staff
    11. Spot Level and so on ...
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