These 6 things you should Definitely Know about 3Ds Max and V-Ray

Interesting Learning story of 3ds Max

27th of Dec, 2022

Say Yes to New Learning, 

Sweety and Neeraj (both are civil Engineer by profession) met after a long time, both are couples and suddenly decided to go to a movie tonight, which just released Avatar – The way of water, after the show sweety is very excited to know how special effects are built in this movie,

With her curiosity, she asks Neeraj do you know how these special effects are built in this movie?

Neeraj said – “First I want to ask something if you know then reply.” Do you know how special effects in, games, and virtual reality are built? Do you know how 3D Character models, game assets, and animations in video games are built? Do you know how we can create 3D Models of houses with a photorealistic view?

Sweety Replied: - Why you are increasing my curiosity, please tell me na?

Neeraj: -You will be surprised if I say this all work can be done with a single software, many people already know its name and many are strange,”

You know it already; this software is known as 3DS Max in our civil engineering industry.

The entertainment industry continuously uses 3ds Max to produce photorealistic simulations of smoke and water.

3Ds Max is mostly popular among Architects and game assets creators.

If you want to get started learning about challenging and creating a fantastic world for civil engineers and Architect with the help of special effects, then 3ds max is a great platform, even if you have little to no experience with 3d work, it is enough to pick up and is studio ready, used by professionals everywhere. 

Sweety: - Wow yaar it sounds very interesting, I am also a civil engineer but didn’t know about 3ds Max until you tell me, should I have to learn to be a smart civil engineer and if I want to earn extra money? 

Neeraj Replied: - Sweety! Why you are thinking to earn more money, I am here! I will take care of you, any way you say to me that you will keep 60% of my salary😒

Sweety: - Yeah! I will also keep that 😁, but I must learn, tell me where I can learn 3ds Max if you don’t wall to tell me then I will search for myself. 😒 

Neeraj Replied: - wait wait…. I am telling you 😂 

There is only one institute that can teach you perfectly, India’s Known as CIVIL GURUJI (BUILDING SKILLS – CONSTRUCTING CAREER)

Sweety: - Which Topics they will cover if I want to learn for my field which is civil Engineering?

Neeraj: - There you will learn many things like –

1. First of all, you will learn how to install software of 3Ds Max and V-Ray

2. Then you will learn all about its GUI and how you can take reference of AutoCAD Drawings to create your projects faster.

3. Afterward you will learn about Web materials, Digital Materials, Staircase, and 3D Materials, with material placement.

4. You will Learn to Import CAD 3D & Workflow, Modifier Tools, Compound Objects, Populate, Lights, Camera, Background, and Render Setup.

5. You will Learn about Timeline Animation, Bedroom Setup, Modular Kitchen Setup, False Ceiling Setup, Bridge Deck Setup, etc.

6. You will also learn about Max Plugins, V-Ray, HDRI, Room Setup, and many more.

Sweety replied: - You talk about V- Ray, What’s the use of V-Ray in 3Ds Max?

Neeraj: - V-Ray is a plugin software that helps to render a photorealistic view, it looks like an original product after rendering in V-Ray.

Sweety Replied: - Awesome! “I WILL JOIN IMMIGIATLY” Give me the joining link for this course immediately. 

Neeraj: - I have already given the above, you have to download App From the Play store to join this course. 😊

I'm providing some of rendering which is done with the help of 3ds Max and V-Ray :-

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