Top 10-The most expensive House in India

Read the Blog to Know the most expensive house owned by India's prominent People. along with that, know the House specification and how worth value they are.

26 Oct 2021

Read till the last to know the Most expensive house in India. We live in a country of prosperity and happiness. Sometimes we look around while walking on the road and see the giant houses. 

You see Looking flashy, nice Balcony, gorgeous parking area, Expensive and Luxurious car, Gyms and many more. We asked our friends how much this expensive house would be. 

Even they too surprise and tell you to let’s know about this. And with our nice talking matter, we come to the Expensive House in India with searching on the Internet.

 So if you’re looking for the top Expensive Houses and their Specification, your eyes are on the right page. Get ready to read the interesting things below-

1. Antilia

The Antilia is the most expensive house in India and secured 2nd position in the world. It is owned by India's richest person from India. 

  • Owner- Mukesh Ambani 
  • Antilia house worth-12,000 Crores
  • Start and Finish of Project- 
    • The building plan was approved by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in 2003.
    • Construction started in 2006 With the Australian-based Construction Company Leighton Contractors initially taking charge, and completed by B. E. Billimoria & Company Ltd.
    • Ambanis took up residence in September 2011.
  • Designer and Construction Company- Designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will. 
  • House Specification- 
    • The 27 stories house has spendthrift amenities like an 80-seat movies theatre, salon, ice cream parlor, swimming pool, gym, and a total area of 4532 m2
    • The garage has space to accommodate 168 cars
    • 9 high-speed elevators and each assigned to different floors.
    • Antilia Has 6 Floors for Car Parking
    • Space for a staff of 600.
    • The interior design uses the shapes of the lotus and the sun
    • Building using crystals, marble, and mother-of-pearl.

2. JK House 

The chairman of Raymond Group-owned The KJ house which is the second most expensive and tallest private house in India after Antilia. 

  • Owner- Raymond Group Gautam Singhania 
  • JK House worth-6000 Crores
  • House Specification- 
    • JK house spread over 16,000 square feet
    • Has more than 30 floors
    • Out of which 6 are for parking only.
    • Includes residential space, office space o Also features a spa, two private swimming pools, a gym, a recreational area, and even its own helipad.

3. Abode 

Located in Pali Hill Mumbai's the most expensive house in the world after its construction finished. 

  • Owner- Anil Ambani 
  • Abode Worth Value- 5000 Crore
  • House specification-
    • Spread over 16,000 sq feet o Total of 17 floors and height of around 66 meters.
    • All modern and high-end features such as an open swimming pool, helipad, gym, and huge garage to hold his car collection.

4. Jatia House 

Jatia House is built by the chairman of Aditya Birla Group which is a sea-facing House in Mumbai’s largest-ever property deal. 

  •  Owner- Kumar Mangalam Birla.
  • Jatia House worth- 425 crores
  • House Specification- 
    •  Jatia House spread across 30,000 square feet 
    •  With 20 bedrooms 
    •  Wall claddings and ceilings made of Burma Teakwood owned

5. Mannat

The beautiful home of Bollywood superstar Mannat is considered one of the most luxurious houses in India Located in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai.

  • Owner- Shahrukh Khan.
  • Mannat worth-200 crores
  • Designer- paintings and antique arts object by M.F Hussain.
  • House Specification- 
    •  6-story high 
    •  sea-facing house is a heritage building and a tourist spot 
    •  Lavishly decorated indoors and beautiful gardens on the front side. 
    •  The house has an extended second wing which has a posh lounge area for story sittings, a sprawling kitchen, along with a host of Mr. Khan’s offices and studios, and an intricately equipped gym. 
    •  A library, a private bar, and an entertainment center.

6. Retirement home

The house of Tata Group is also very luxurious. Located in Colaba, Mumbai, Built to offer a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and living from 2008.

  • Owner- Ratan Tata
  • Retirement Home Worth-150 Crores
  • House Specification- 
    •  Spread over 13,350 sq ft, this house is quite special. 
    •  7 levels with an infinity pool on the top floor 
    •  A car parking space for 10-12 cars 
    • On-Ground Floor- study room, kitchen, bedroom, and living room 
    •  On the Second Floor-Has a living room, a library, and 3 bedrooms, a sun deck, has a bar, and a barbeque party that is able to accommodate around 50 people. 
    • On the Third Floor- A state-of-the-art media room, a personal gym, and a bedroom. The second level of this floor has a sun deck and a swimming pool. g. Bar and barbeque are meant as a party area and are able to accommodate around 50 people. 
    •   Occupancy certificate- from the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation

7. Jindal House

Next on the list is the beautiful tube of politician-industrialist Naveen Jindal, located in the Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone in Delhi, one of the most expensive areas in the city. 

  • Jindal House worth-150 Crores
  • House Specification- Spread over 3 acres.

8. Jalsa 

Owned by a legendary actor which was gifted by director Ramesh Sippy to him after completing the shooting for Satte Pe Satta.

  • Owner- Amitabh Bachchan
  • Jalsa house Worth-  120 Crores
  • House Specification-
    • Spread over 10,000 square feet
    • Double storied attractive bungalow

9. Ruia House

Owned by Essar Group and business tycoons and this beautiful house is located Located in Tees January Marg in Delhi. · 

  • Owner- Ruia brothers (Ravi Ruia & Shashi Ruia) 
  • Ruia House- 120 Crores
  • House Specification- 
    • spread across 2.24 acres 
    • Huge lawn and swimming pool within its gates.

10. Rana Kapoor Residence 

Owned by a former banker, managing director, and CEO of Yes Bank, Rana Kapoor. the house is located in Tony Altamount Road, Mumbai.

Rana Kapoor Residency Worth-  120 Crores

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