Site cleaning of the plot


This is actually a Script of Video of our youtube do you really want to know how to do Site cleaning of the plot?
Means Remove bushes, garbage in vacant plots. 

In this video corporate trainer, Er Chetan Sharma from Civil Grurji will take you to the very first step of the construction process i.e. site cleaning, how to account it and put forward in MS Excel. We will too be looking at the use of Excel in estimate calculation.


Whenever we start a construction project, the site allocated to us is unclean, unclear. So before moving on we first need to get the site cleaned because, in such an unclean site no one of us can work, either we the engineers or our labours. This becomes the immediate requirement. Next, we must know the size of the plot. We can get it from the centre line layout drawing.
Layout drawing  
In this layout drawing, we have marked the boundary of the plot with respect to the position of excavation trenches which are shown as square and rectangular boxes. Footings, columns and beams are inserted in it later on. If we see carefully we will find that here we have some data, some values, one along the x-direction and the other along y. Adding all the values in the x-direction and that in the y-direction will give the size of the plot. This works out to be 17.8 X 12.5, the plot size. On the site we always have some building materials (2:48) say sand, cement, aggregate steel and many more. We have to place all these on our site. If we’ll keep cement on one vacant clean space inside the plot while sand on the other and like this the others then the entire working space within the site will get obstructed. It will become difficult for our labours to work. There wouldn’t be free space available for them to move. It would be difficult even for the engineers. To avoid this we usually keep the materials outside the pertained plot margins. Hence the area around the site, besides it has to be cleaned. Grass sludge disposal has to be removed. We’ll then dump the materials here. Let’s take the case of sand. Even if we dump it outside the plot, the part of the sand in contact with the ground will get dirty and we will not be able to use it for concrete. If we bought sand of 10 lakhs and 10% of it gets wasted then we will have a loss of 10,000 rupees. So the area outside the plot ought to be cleaned.
How much area is to be used? 
As per the government norms 1m of area beyond the edge of plot is allowed for cleaning. Now the total area to be cleaned will increase (i.e. the required site cleaning area). In x direction it would be (17.8+1+1+19.8m) while in y direction it would be (12.5+1+1=14.5m). Excavation will be done inside the plot boundary however materials will be kept outside. No disturbance will be there due to it. This was the explanation about the site cleaning. We will now learn how to manually fill up this on excavation sheet. We’ll learn how to give input in excel. But before this we must understand what an estimation sheet is?
Estimation sheet 
In this, we have a no. of columns with different heads such as S/No, description, length, width, height, total and the last units. In place of description, we can also use the word items. We use Ms excel sheets for preparing estimates.
Use of Excel sheet 
In the excel sheet, we have to activate the formula bar for calculation. This will allow the software to do all the calculations for us. Input is given in excel is always given with formula starting with “=” sign.

In the excel sheet, we too have a formula bar at the top. This shows the formula used to arrive at a particular value on the cell. While clicking a value randomly on a cell the bar will display how we obtained that value mathematically.

 As the site is cleaned only once so no. of items for it would be 1. For length, we will give the input as (17.8+1+1). Similarly for width, it would be (12.5+1+1). Site cleaning height will be zero. We will give the input to excel and it will give back to us the output. For finding out the total press = in the cell and left-click over the no. of items, length and width feed, giving the formula for total as = no. of items *L*B. This will give us the required answer. The unit will be m*m= sq m i.e. the unit of measurement. The mode of measurement is L*B. This was all about site cleaning whose entry we will do on the excel sheet.

Knowing this you must be aware of how to do Site cleaning of the plot. and for executing such a more practical construction approach- Visit Here!

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