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Senior Civil Engineers –Are you Ready to face any Interviews?

Do you want to change the company and get high raise? For that, you need to make a plan to search for a new company, make a good resume and the most important part is ready with your portfolio.

So, Are you ready to face an Interview?-Read this blog till the end, you’ll find what strategy you could follow so that you can’t slip out of an interview.

Tue, 31 Aug, 2021.

Senior Civil Engineers Jobs is very Important for the next door of Job opportunity. as many Civil engineers are upgrading their knowledge and skills and hunting for jobs every single day. We know that getting a job is difficult but guiding the principles you can easily get a job and face interview easily. 

And main deficiency of the job crisis is due to the corona and the lockdown as imposed by the government. But Most of the construction companies are now started working and hiring Civil Engineers.

1. Google Search for Senior Civil Engineers jobs

Go to job companies in Google, browse them-and search as “Senior Civil engineering jobs in construction companies”. You’ll find 9-10 companies that are providing jobs.

Prepare a List of jobs providing by the companies in these portals so that you could make a perfect resume and portfolio according to your Job choice.

2. Prepare Your Checklist for the Senior Civil Engineer Post

Here you’ll prepare How to Ace the Job Interview and Land a Senior-Level Role. Before that, you can map out the things that are necessary to crack the interviews at the first shot. Here is the checklist to follow-

  • Be ready with  accomplished project- Number of Construction projects you managed.
  • Make the picture a future with you- tell those goals, priorities, and visions and how your skill set fits into that.
  • Make it personal- Make the conversation feel real. Show excitement, your leadership quality.
  • Research the people you're speaking with- Ask a personalized question do some research on LinkedIn to understand the interviewer’s background.
  • Practice storytelling-explains past situations and telling stories that fit their role. Tell me about the Final outcome.
  • Prepare open-ended questions- It should not be just "YES" or "NO", QuestionS which directed back at them.

3. Resume for Senior Civil Engineers Jobs interview

It’s said that resume is the first face of your job interview. You send your resume without going to any company. So this is the most important part to make a first impression in the Job world. Here we’ve compiled the best points to cover all the resume elements that you should include in your Resume.

a) Career profile

Include the following professional experience in your Resume 

  • Quantity Surveying you’ve experienced with it.
  • Site inspection Supervision, Organizing, and Coordination of the Site activities.
  • Supplemented project planning and scheduling with Senior Engineers.
  • Prepare Bar Bending Schedule.
  • Estimate materials, time and labour costs.
  • Extensively involved in execution work and daily progress documentation.
  • Put Excellent relationship-building and interpersonal skills.

b) Academic Records

In this section, you can include your Examination Degree, The name of your Institution, and the university or Board.

c) Technical Skills

As Civil Engineers, we always do technical things. So for the post of Senior Civil Engineer, you must include such technical skills that you have developed through your Fresher engineering Journey.

  • Reading and correlating drawings and specifications identifying the item of works and preparing the bill of items.
  • Quantity Estimation & rate analysis
  • Cost analysis and control as per CPWD guidelines and rules.
  • Proficient in MS-Word, MS-Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Preparing detailed estimation of building structures and Bill of Quantity (BOQ) as per SOR.
  • On-site building material test.
  • Preparing detailed BBS of Building

d) Computer Skills

As you’re applying for the Senior Civil Engineer, you must be aware of the computer skills in your fresher engineering post. You should include the following as you are applying for the above-level post.

  • Auto cad (Civil Architectural design).
  • Revit architecture (Preparing 3D Elevation & Animation).
  • ETABS (Structural Modeling).
  • Ms Excel – Preparing BBS, BOQ, Estimation and Billing work.

e) Personal profile

You can include just like
  • Father’s Name
  • Languages you Known-Either native or English & Hindi
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth

You can download the Resume  PDF Here- Download NOW!

4. Portfolios for the Senior Civil Engineers Jobs Interview

Now you’ve upgraded your knowledge and skills, and along with that experience with the construction projects. So you must have the best portfolios to show. You can show proof of the accomplishment of your work mentioned in your Resume. In This section, you include the following-

  • Brief of your Resume.
  • Your Relevant certificates & Achievements · 
  • Your work sample
                                       Problem Statement- Like Statement of the Design Problem.
                                       Representation-Design/Problem Solution. Explain Why You Designed the Particular Project or                                                 Component in a Certain Way.

                                       Implementation-Show How You Tested Concepts for Your Design.

You can download the Portfolio of Sample Senior Civil Engineer- Download NOW!

5. Prepare Questions that the Interviewer will ask

When you’ll go for the interview, You may have to face many interview rounds with HR & Technical and they may ask you the following questions so you need to be ready with-

  •  Can you tell me about yourself? 
  • Can you explain how you prepare project cost estimations? 
  • How do you monitor compliance with codes, standards, and specifications?
  • Can you describe any construction project you successfully completed? 
  • Which software do you frequently use for civil engineering projects?

6. Upload resume in the Companies profile

Write the Descriptions perfectly, Go through the True information only, don’t paste the Other’s works, and be genuine. If you’re uploading things that are out of your work, you would have at least a clue behind that.

7. Using Social media To Find Jobs Senior Civil Engineers

You might be aware that a lot of Construction companies are building brands and Promoting through the social media channel. When you go for the Interview, they also look at your social media profile, what you regularly post, and what kind of content you want to post. 

Let’s say they will look at your profile and find content matching with the job role they want for their company-why wouldn’t they hire you irrespective of others. So we suggest you follow the following techniques to get hired first as a Senior Civil Engineer.

a) Instagram

Make an Instagram Account; there you’ll post only the professional things like you’ll make posts about the BBS, Estimation and Costing, Building processing, and the software used in the engineering field. Make photo in “Canva”, it’s a simple editing tool you can simply frame Pictures and make changes frequently. write good captions about the post and write below at least 30 ‘hashtags’ and you can introduce yourself with micro bloggings.

b) Facebook

Facebook can be an awesome source for posting Civil Engineering works that can help you increase your Jobs opportunity and chances of getting hired by companies are on the top priority. Join the Facebook groups related to the Civil engineering field, you’ll get a lot of ideas and even getting job search suggestions for the top authorities. Take one step ahead, increase your followers.

c) LinkedIn

it is considered as best job search Platform to Get a Senior Civil Engineering Job Easily. This social networking site is used by 250 Millions+ users worldwide. And the best part is- here only professional meets (Employers and Recruiters). You must be known about how companies advertising job posts on this platform.

d) Cold calling

You can directly contact, emails the company, or meets in person with the employer without any Job advertisement. Arrange Phone Numbers of the H.R or Email address. The main points about Cold calling are-

As you’re applying for the senior post so before implementing such technique, keep in mind these useful tips we are outlining here-

  • Do your Research- do your job search homework
  • Make a list of Contacts and Emails- Find out at least 10 Contacts.
  • Prepare Scripts- What should you say, your skills, your experience, about your previous building Projects.
  • Set the best Time-Only call in the Working Hours and say
  • Get your resume ready- while you call, be ready with pen, paper, resume, and scripts.
  • Be persistent- You might be rejected, so follow up, and once you’ll find a good job.

e) Small Video Making

As you Know Videos are the most important part to build trust in the job market. Anyone can instantly judge your communication styles and your confidence in your work. So, filming your own video, saying things related to Civil engineering Experience, you can post it on the Job Advertising Portal. This is an easy way to be hired by lots of companies. You can mention the following things.

  • Small introduction- Your Name, your Future Goals.
  • Communication-Make first impression with the Tonality and the clarity of your voice.
  • Show your Interest- What you'll talk about and don't forget to smile.
  • Skills and Qualities-Explain your Experience and the type of person you’re with precise way.
  • Talk about Your Hobbies-Tell them what your hobbies are.
  • See the magic in Edit the Video - Go through 4-5 Times Revision so you could not Miss out on anything.



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Senior Civil engineers Jobs