Rate Analysis of Felling Trees according to CPWD NORMS.

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03 Dec 2021

When we go to a site visit, what is the rate to cut down if there are trees in the construction site? So, today we will discuss the rates of felling trees on the site. So, let’s go inside- Read the full Blog. 

First Felling trees meaning? 

Felling is the process of cutting down trees in the construction site, an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller. A feller bunched is a machine capable of felling a single large tree or grouping and felling several small ones simultaneously. 

But before felling Trees we have to keep notice on some important matter, that is

Tree Felling Permission from the Forest Department

You have to take permission from the Government for tree cutting. Then, you can talk with the clients, what their requirement is. 

 Have they wanted to keep trees on their site to change that into a beautiful location, or do they want to cut down?

Whatever the suggestion, write an Application for Tree Cutting and take a Permit from the nearest municipal.

But before felling Trees we have to keep notice on some important matter, that is

Site Engineer Responsibility for Felling Trees

  • You couldn’t claim the Cutting Wood- It is all goes to the Government; it’s a part of Government property.
  • You only charge the amount of cutting trees by Labours and cleaning branches from the site.

Tree Cutting rate Analysis

So let’s go inside to explore how to do rate analysis for felling trees.

Girth- Means Circumference of the Tree or the Peripheral Area of Trunk from the Ground. But according to IS Codes, these are Rules of Cutting Trees that consider the Girth and the Length from the Ground level. Here are the 5 cases-

  • If the Girth is Less than 30 cm- In the Site, Cleaning-we’ll not include the Cutting of Trees.
  • Beyond 30 cm perimeter up to and including 60 cm circumference.
  • Beyond 60 cm and up to 120 cm.
    Beyond 120 cm up to 240 cm, including
  • Greater than 240 cm.

See the Picture Below-Girth or the Circumference of Tree.


But we’ll take an example to make you understand clearly.

Felling trees on the Girth or perimeter (Measured at the height of 1 m above ground level) includes:

  • Cutting trunks and branches.
  • Removing the roots and stacking of serviceable material.
  • Disposal of unserviceable material.
We’ll find the Rates for- Beyond 30 cm perimeter up to and including 60 cm circumference. And there could be more trees on the site, but we’ll take only one tree and make the calculation here. 

Quantity of wood- Price Not Added-it all goes to the Government. 

The total quantity of the wood=0.064 CUM. (You can Get the Whole Idea here-Click Here Now!

In the Picture Below, details of the cost calculated for one tree of 15 cm Diameter (Internal Dia-or width of the tree trunk) and average height 3m.

Tree felling cuts Includes

  • Labour required cutting in trees removes the roots from the soil and then fills in pit and depressions. 
  • Beldar- Cuts the Tree completely and Coolie- throughout the Cutting Branches. 
  • To find the Efficiency: Multiply with the Number of Trees details in the Table below-

Efficiencies Quantity Unit Rate Final Rates
Beldar 1 Tree=0.33 0.33 DAY 558 0.33 X 558=184.14
Coolie 1 Tree=0.17 0.17 DAY 558 0.17 X 558 =94.86
Sundries 2.73 X 1 2.73 L.S (Lump-sum) 2 2.73 X 2=5.46
Total 284.46
CPWD (add 1 % water charges ) 2.84
Total 287.30
15 % Contractor’s Profit and Overhead 43.10
Total 330.40

You have to give the labor 330 Rupees for Cutting of 1 Tree. 

 Also, according to your Geographic location and the rate will be changed. 

 Now, let’s say you want to find the rates of different dimension Girth- in the table below, that will help you know the Efficiency of the labor as per Tree and put the values on the table. 

Some Important Points to be Consider Before felling Trees

  • Slightly Move the Construction site- If possible, talk to the clients and say if they agree to save the Tree by slightly moving the building construction. Suggest Architecture Designer if they make some changes so that without harming Tree it could be possible to build a home.
  • Extra Trees need to grow- If owners allow you to felling Trees, then this is the Government rule that if building a house, your job is to plant more trees on the site.
  • Don’t Cut the Trees - Like Rituals gives a lesson that it is inauspicious to cutting Trees Like ficus tree (Pipal), Banyan (Bargad), Aegle marmelos (Bael Tree), Ashoka Tree. If these are present on the site, you can get permission from the clients or Government or try another approach.

so you got the best idea reading the above article-

Here you can download the Excel sheet and make calculations by yourself. you only have to change the Numbers of labor or the rates implied in your zone.  very easy calculation-Click here to download now!

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