Quantity Surveyor Job and Salary

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You landing on this blog because you definitely want to know-Who is a Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineer is and what their job role? And yes, most important- what is Quantity Surveyor Salary? Read this Full Blog, you’ll delight to know the points that will help you to know your job role, career goal, and Salary as a Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineer.

Mon, 28 Aug 2021.

as A part of Quantity Surveyor Job and Salary, you'll find the How to know all the facts about Quantity Surveyor (QS). Actually it's a Civil Engineering industry professional with expertise in Contracts management and construction costs. As a quantity surveyor, you have to manage all costs relating to building and Civil Engineering projects, from the initial to final calculation.

1. Job Role of a Quantity Surveyor Job and Salary

Quantity Surveyors are involved in multiple phases such as preparing Bill of Quantities, budgets, contract documents, cash flow, negotiating with contractors, and much analysis. So you need to know the job role of a quantity surveyor. Here is the list that will open you up for your great career Job.

  • Cost Planning and control

A QS Civil Engineers should prepare Cash Flow statements for all the activities including Bank Guarantees, Margin money, taxes, Office expenditure, and material costs. QS engineers have to verify and certify Running account bills of subcontractors, machinery, and work done bills. They determine profit and loss statements upon execution of the project. The budget prepared must be followed and controlled in order to yield profit to the contractor.

  • Evaluation of projects

On the basis of data given and from the market research, QS Engineers evaluate before construction, during construction, and till the completion and they also do cost analysis for maintenance and repair work. And Preparing tender and contract documents before starting the project.

  • Record of Financial data

They save data of financial conditions of all sites Record and keep analysis the Purchase orders, Work orders, and other activities are done through planning through SAP MM only. Prepare detailed progress reports after analyzing outcomes.

  • Contact to different departments

Contact stores, construction materials shops, and surveys to get the data of items procured, items left on-site to complete the job month-wise. Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineer helps contractors with bidding, project budgeting, and submitting bills to the client.

  • Daily material requirement schedule

Determination of daily material requirements against the plan of execution prepared by QS. You have to monitor material requirements every day so you don’t fall short in your construction activities. As huge money involves in BBS Bills. Construction Company loses or profits depending on perfection in BBS and your work is to reduce the scrap.

2. Skills required for Quantity Survey Civil Engineer

Quantity Surveyors are responsible for the cost of any building project from initial estimates to the final acquisition of materials. So To become a quantity surveyor, need some skills to be a successful professional. Here we’ve outlined the best skills to acquire.

  • Good knowledge of construction- Mathematical Knowledge and sharp calculation speed.
  • Financial and budgeting management skills- Important for working in the organization.
  • Leadership and Team Building- Excellent communication & negotiating with Planning and Organisational skills are Extra advantages.
  • Software skills- You should develop such skills as Microsoft Excel, and AutoCAD, and Estimation software Like CCS Candy, CostX to work smoothly.

There are specialized Training courses available, for that - You can join our Civil Engineering Training Institute-Civil Guruji!

3. Career Goal Of a Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineer

as of Now you would have the Knowledge of Quantity Surveyor Job and Salary. so, After several years of experience in the Quantity Survey industry, you have the opportunity to either become a contractor, Billing Engineer, or Project Manager. You can also choose to work abroad such as in Dubai. It ensures that you can pave the path of extraordinary success in this field and make incredible financial freedom. So who would you be from few years down the road, we have framed here some points to follow the career goals that you can set for your personal Triumph.

  • Good work Ethics

As you’re aiming for the next level, your goal must be to producing constructions that meet the client's value. And not only that, Develop such work ethics which project as a Billing Civil Engineer or Procurement Engineer.

  • Thrive for the higher position

You could learn Bill Proposition, Reconciliation of materials, and Escalation to Build your own construction companies, become a property developer, Subcontractor, or project manager.

  • Develop Negotiations skills

So that you could be deal with everyone and someday you’ll be seeing yourself in a higher position.

  • Develop Learning Ability

 as a Civil Engineer, you need to learn daily. The more you’ll learn, the more you go to the comfort position. You need to learn technical expect as well the self-development.

4. Salary of a Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineer

If you want to enter the company as a Quantity Survey Engineer, they will provide your designation and the salary depending on the Size of the Company, Revenue Generation, and the Project Budget. 

Junior Quantity Surveyor- you can get upto 17,000-22,000.

Assistant Quantity Surveyor-can expects 35,000 to50, 000 Per Month. 

Senior Quantity Surveyor (5-10 Years of Experience)-up to Rupees 80,000 Per Month 

 This is just an average figure and can go to any maximum based on your overall profile.



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Quantity Surveyor Job and Salary