Quantity Surveyor Interview Questions and answers

Quantity Surveyor Interview questions and answers (Civil Engineers)

Here we've Summarized the best question with the answers exclusively for the Quantity surveyor interview Questions and answers (Civil Engineers). Read to land a good job for the post that you always dreamed for. 

10 Sept, 2021

Quantity surveyor Interview question and answers will help you know the answers before going to sit in the Interview. Most times it is noticed that interviewer asked questions that totally depend on them. However, below stated points can be a guide you. You should be aware of the following points to crack the interview successfully. Read the full blog to creamed interview things perfectly.

Question No 1-If you have to estimate a Building, what type of data do you need?

For this kind of question, you need to ready with the study for necessary data of preparing a Building Project-you can say 

 · A project specification- Document which describe the quantity, type, nature, construction method and size of construction work 

 · Project drawings- Architectural Drawing Includes The buildings for 2-D and 3-D

 · Rates of materials-  Usually to know the The average construction cost of home depend on the material cost. that varies location wise.

Question No 2- Looking back on your last position, have you done your best work?

You should follow these Points to answer- 

 · You always had tried to do your best- Worked for the Company growth and that working capability is best of your career right now. 

 · You are just having uplifted the company and your career stride- you tell them several factors. Then, recap those factors due to your strongest qualifications.

Question No 3- Which project were you involved in and what was your role in the project?

For this question- Never be negative. And answer honestly that your Job role as a quantity survey. You can follow these points. 

  • How you preparing the Cash Flow statement- for all the activities including Bank Guarantees, Margin money, Service taxes, Office expenditure, direct costs and material costs.
  • Preparing client bills - the work done value every month.
  • Verify-Certify Running account bills- of sub-contractors, machinery and work done bills.
  • Reconciliation of materials- Determine wastage of materials.
  • Rate analysis- How you had to prepare a budget and determine profit and loss statements up on execution of the   project.

Questions No 4-Where do you see yourself in 5 years and why?

Give answer in a Personal way- 

  • Tell them your Futuristic Vision who you would be
  • You love doing adding skills in this field
  • As you enjoy the quantity surveyor work
  • You’ll dedicate yourself in this field for the Long time.
  • You’re open to learning

Questions No 5- what is your targets and goals if you are hired?

Actually the hiring manager wants to know about your ambition as procurement professional. So, your answers must be around the Following steps- 

 1. Speak your own thoughts here- move around the important qualities for the position. 

 2. Describe about the meaning and purpose of life- strong wish or a desire to achieve something that requires immense hard work and dedication. 

 3. focus and match the company’s goals- aims and ambitions should be matched.

4. Describe long-term goals-involve growing with a company.

Question No 6- What would you do if you made a Mistake during your position?

Tips for this question is-never ever lie because trying to cover up mistakes is never a good idea. 

Say them that you’ll always Being Honest with them and will ensure appropriate action is taken.

Question No 7- What are the contractual documents?

Tips for the answer of this question is following-

· Contractual documents include- items such as the design drawings, specification, work information, site information and the program of works.

 Quantity surveyor Interview question and answers- Technical questions

You already know companies are just looking for potential candidates. Quantity surveyor Interview questions and answers Helps you face each type of civil engineering Interviews. Interviewer ask question to analyze your H. R answers as well as technical background. It is always best to be honest in an interview. If you do not know an answer, do not try to make something up – it is always better to just admit not knowing. So here are the best question that are being asked in many quantity surveyor Interview, and you should know these.

    1. What is the size of Fine aggregate? (< 4,75 sieve, passing-ex-Sand )

    2. Size of Coarse Aggregate- (> 4.74 mm sieve, Retain )

    3. What do you mean by bulking? (the volume increase of fine aggregate due to presence of Moisture Content in it)

    4. Which cement is used for mainly building construction where strength required with age- (PPC)

    5. Unit Weight of RCC (25Kn/cum)

    6. Thickness of DPC – 50mm

    7. Water to be used in concrete must have a PH value of? (6 to 8.5 )

    8. What is BBS?-bar bending schedule meaning way to organizing rebar’s for structural unit, giving detailed reinforcement requirement.

    9. What is material statement?-it’s a Table showing quantity of materials required for a particular work. For the Excavation, Brick work, R.C.C P.C.C and other

    10. What is analysis of rates?-it’s a process in which overall cost of any item of work is determined per unit quantity of work.

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Quantity Surveyor Interview Questions and answers