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Quantity Surveyor (Civil Engineers)- Are you ready to find new Jobs?

Over the years, quantity surveyors Civil Engineering Jobs are in demand. But facing interview is little bit Difficult. so here in this blog, you'll find the 7 best Strategies to get into the Job of Quantity Surveyor very soon. Read the Full blog and find valuable insights. 

Wed, 01 Sep

Are you Ready to Crack for the position of Quantity Surveyor interview ? Now it’s true that you have gained wide Knowledge in the construction field but you definitely want new position and good salary and you deserve that. So you plan out to switch the upper level position such as quantity surveyor Civil engineer.

But the big barrier is clear the Interview as there is lot of competition in the civil engineering sectors. But here in this Blog we are giving you the best solution to face any Interview.

Our analysis show that sometime you do mistakes with- 

  • Not to have good mentorship from the experienced. 
  • Don’t fully understand the position of the quantity surveyors’ points of view. 
  • Not continually having personal development through organized seminars. 

 So read this blog and get into the Quantity surveyor position.

9 Strategies for Crack any quantity Surveyor Civil engineer Interview

We consider here that you have practical experience on the civil engineering industry. But the ways the Companies are hiring candidates is entirely different now. But you can unlock that by reading these7 strategies that we’re going to outline in this blog.

1. Do your Homework

Search By Company on the Google. Search any company that will appear on the First page of Google any Job portal site. Read up about the company and the surveying role they are recruiting for. 

You could search by ‘Quantity surveyor Engineers job’ and choose search Location India. You could see the companies’ line up in the left section. 

See which is the perfect fit for your skills and aligned with your career goals. For More to Search the company details you can read this Blog Here- 

2. Resume and Portfolio for quantity surveyor 

You already know that how resume is important for appearing for the job Interview. but sometimes you randomly put things in the resume, that's not actually is the ethical way. interviewer already knows these things. so, as a fresher or just experienced, you resume must be perfect. you should put following things in the arrange way.
Personal Information- Like Name Current and Permanent address 

  • Objective
  • Education
  • Work and Related Experience.
  • Awards and Honors.
  • Activities/Hobbies
  • Skills.
You could find many things and know how a resume format must be, so Download the Resume format here- DOWNLOAD NOW! 

3. Cold Calling

Search companies, who have given phone numbers in the job portal, Select at least 10 and start talking to them. Tell them about your job role they are recruiting for. 

If possible send your resume and portfolios through the email. And if any company ready to take interview, ringing the agency the day before to make sure everything is still set for the appointment.

Here you will find the Download Link of- Senior Civil Engineers –Are you Ready to face any Interview?

4. Use social media to greater chance of getting a Job

Now you can reach out to the various company through the Instagram, Facebook and other social media platform. you can join the similar group where you can post the content related to your background. you can share your content, comments on other professional's profile. As a quantity surveyor, you can share your experiences for the past civil engineering post. here are things that you can share in the content form-

  • How you were Preparing detailed estimation of building structures using various software's
  • Approving Bar Bending schedule  
  • How you were estimate materials, time and labor costs.
  • How you were preparing, negotiating and analyzing costs for tenders and contracts 
  • how you were valuing completed work and arranging for payments.
  • How to developing excellent relationship-building and interpersonal skills.

5. Visit the Job recommended page in various Job recruitment websites

Many job Recruit Company recommend you the job opportunity according to the search results or the profile matching for the respective job. 

With that Job alerts options- many similar Jobs will be appear in your pages. This way you could find the Numbers of Quantity Surveyor Civil Engineers jobs.

6.LinkedIn Strategy

It’s Like a social media profile but it is a Professional Platform. It is easy to connect with the Recruit as H.R, M.D and Higher authority on the LinkedIn. 

Try to increase the Network-select the right person related to Civil Engineering’s and interact with them. You could find H. R post in your feed easily. You’ll open and you could see the jobs in the Home section, Job vacancy, in your profile and the network.

Now, we are giving you the Extra sauce to your test buds for the LinkedIn profile so you could skyrocket your strategy to find jobs easily. 

  • Complete your profile

Fill the about page and make Headlines Attractive. In headline-show the skills because headline will appear in the first page. When you’re in the Job search method, summarized your short intro and the skills you possess. 

You can attach your portfolios and the resume. Give your experience details and edits it. Include Certificates, License, and Volunteer activity, add skills, and accomplishment. If any H.R would look, He or She will definitely be call you.

  • Search the professionals for Guidance

Go to the people section in LinkedIn profile-You could find the Professionals details, their Designation. You could interact with them with a Professional manner. You can know the H.R and other personal in the companies.

  • Approach Job using Hash tags/keywords in the job portal profile

It’s a powerful method to approach any kind of job interview. You could create a Post. In that use keywords related to your Job search. 

And the second important thing is include hash tags of the company name. Tags that company allows companies’ H.R to know your profile, your skills and they search you. further they will talk to you allow you to appear for the interview session.

  • Search the Profiles of engineers who are newly Recruited

Go to the LinkedIn Profile. Go to the people section. Find the recent recruited engineers. know that why they are getting jobs Even with the low experience. That means company is hiring the low experience Quantity surveyor engineers. This sign help you approach companies.

  • Keep your profile visible to the Searching

Especially in the LinkedIn, when you search for the company. The company’s H. R will know that you have visited their page because the profile is arranged systematically. 

They will definitely approach you and certainly hire you. For that you could go to the setting and privacy and allow for the H.R to reach you.

7. Manifestation

If you getting tired of landing a job, it’s a spiritual technique to manifest your dream Job. In the morning, Go for the meditation state, affirm Positive words. 

Notice three things- what’s your problem is, Give positive statements to the subconscious mind and third thing is believe that your dream job is already in your hands, you’re going to work enjoying, getting raise in your career. (As you’re reading this-we can feel smile on your face…HaHa..but go and try it)

8. Prepare your Job role for Quantity Surveyor Interview

You must be known what kind of job role you have to take over by the companies after clearing the interview. So preplanning is Important to know the details descriptions what most companies want as a Quantity surveyor job role in the candidate.

What they aspect is advisable for Quantity Surveyors to join Contractors first and then Consultant or Client. Here we are summarizing some Job roles and responsibility that you should know before face any interviews.

  • Knowledge of R.C.C. Billing and Auto Cad- These are essential parts for the quantity surveyor.
  • Detail Knowledge of the Contract Document-and knowing contract quantities and prices.
  • Verification of all measurements- You must have Knowledge about these Things.
  • Participate in Monthly Progress Meetings-and other Meetings with client and the Contractor relating to financial matters.
For knowing such long list of work responsibility- You could visit the website that we have mentioned on the first step the Google search section. Go look out the Companies and List down what common in them and prepare yourself accordingly. 

9. Prepare Quantity surveyor interview questions.

As the quantity surveyor post is consider as the senior level post in the Civil Engineering arena. So you must be loaded with the questions Interviewer generally asks. Most times the questions depend on the interviewers; however, below stated points can be a better guide for you. 

  • Please explain yourself, what is the work of QS?
  • What can you do as QS?
  • Experience you possess with Construction engineering projects?
  • Your previous project accomplishment and what was your role in the project?
  • Key challenges you faced in your Previous Civil Engineering Position?
  • Your previous experience with different contracts?
  • Have you ever had to deal with a dispute over the project and you solved that, give an Example.
  • What are your career goals for the position of Quantity Surveying?
  • Describe a recent successful project you led?



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