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Project Manager (Civil Engineers) Job & Salary | Revealed By Civil Guruji

You landed on this blog because you definitely want to know who can be a Project Manager what their job role? And yes, most important- what is their Salary? Read this Full Blog, you’ll be delighted to know the points that will help you to know your job role, career goal, and Salary as a Project Manager Civil Engineer.

Mon, 29 Aug 2021.

As part of the Project Manager Job & Salary, you'll find the best knowledge here. Civil Project Managers play the lead role in significant construction projects Planning, Executing, supervising, Oversees resources, the project budget, attending project progress meetings, and monitoring compliance with building and safety codes and regulations.

1. Job Role of a Project Manager (Civil Engineer)

As a Project Manager, You must know the job role –meaning what you have to do for the company. And the best part is we have summarized for you. We outline some points to know your Job role as a Project Manager Civil Engineer.

  • Conceptual Management 

Civil project managers need to be well known in all aspects of project management processes from cost estimation to implementation processes. Civil project managers need to be familiar with all federal and local Building and safety codes guidelines relevant to the project they are working on. Develop BOQ, tender documents, contracts management- Review contractors' design/drawings. Use CAD software to create project plans.

  • High quality Management 

Ability to meet tight Project Submittal Deadlines carried out as per company Quality policy Maintains focus on quantity optimization and project cost Support. Review and analyze tender documents to understand the scope of work. Exposure to Health & Safety Site procedures and implementation. Identify risk areas along with mitigation plan in consultation with Group Leader.

  • Strong Technical Expertise

To carry out the responsibility of all technical matters about the assigned project Review critical documents of the project such as Design Criteria, Billing, costing, specifications, and Standard Drawings. Support quality assurance and HSE compliance audit for civil projects and reviews following Project requirements. They have a Sound understanding of home construction processes, building codes, MS Project, Primavera. They may use Microsoft Office applications for communicating with subcontractors, construction site managers, and professionals.

  • Work progress on time

Diagnose and correct action plan Continuous improvement in design tools efficiencies and overall quality. Project Manager Participate in monthly project review sessions to stay current on the status of ongoing projects. Actively communicate with other professionals to optimize interface areas during the design development Support departmental quality management programs.

  • Manage and Improve team

Ensure proper training programs are conducted within the departments to keep Civil Engineers current on the latest technology and procedures and assist Company with hiring, training, and mentoring. Build a strong, cohesive team that works together. Work closely with project teams to establish annual goals and initiatives to advance the groups and maintain a high level of competency and exceptional quality. Guide Team members on technical issues, attend meetings with Client and Construction Designers change Management, and provide inputs to the project management.

2. Career Goal of a Project Manager (Civil Engineer)

Deciding Career Goal set you up High a few years later. Sometimes you get tired of the same position and want yourself to go for the higher level. As a project manager, we know you have a lot of Responsibility, but the journey is not yet come to end. So here we have pointed out several points to keep a note on your mind and implement for the Your Career goal

  • Aim for a General Manager

Suppose you develop the Capacity to handle Projects of the Department like Admin, technical, finance, marketing, development, and day-to-day function and the future growth of the Company. In that case, you might be offered the General Manager post at any Organization.

  • C.E.O of the Company

If your Career goal lies on overall company’s goals, strategies, making important decisions, and all areas, you might be offered as the C.E.O of the company which is the highest level of Hierarchy at any company.

  • Be an Entrepreneur

if you know how to operate the company and have a long-term goal for the future, you can start your own Company.

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3. Salary of a Project Manager (Civil Engineer)

Through our complete blog of series, we concluded how the salaries vary according to the project cost. But as a Project manager, there are 3 ways to distribute salary. As per the criteria, as a Project Manager Civil Engineer, you can get the following Salary

a) Having Salary Based-They get More than 1 – Lakh per Month 

b) Having Share Based-0.5% to 1% of Project Cost 

c) Having Profit Sharing-3% to 5% of Profit

The annual pay hikes and special allowances will vary drastically on performing outstandingly. Some companies offer benefits such as Health insurance and Help with transportation costs, child care facility and their education, Vacation, and other paid time off.



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Project Manager Job & Salary