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Each type of Civil Engineers plays an important role and Strengthen the Civil engineering Industry. As a part of the Whole construction Project, Procurement Civil Engineer Fulfil measures responsibility in the construction. In this blog, we’re giving Information on Job roles, Career goals, and Procurement Civil Engineers' salaries. Read till the End to Discover Amazing things about Procurement Civil Engineers Job and Salary.

Mon, 27 Aug 2021.

As you are Looking for the Procurement engineers Job and Salary. In Civil Engineering Construction Industry, procurement refers to the process of sourcing products or services that means labor and material buying – Mainly deal with the sourcing of materials as per specification and selection of vendors and have to knowledge of construction materials procurements.

In the procurement Process, getting material as per specifications at competitive cost need a lot of engineering work.

Similar Job Titles

It is a little bit confusing what to name this engineering division. So here you can know what the different names call for the same job role.

  • Purchase Engineer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Procurement Agent
  • Contract Engineer
  • Strategic Sourcing Specialist

1. Job Role of Procurement engineers Job and Salary

As a Procurement Civil Engineer, You must know the job role –meaning what you have to do for the respective company. And the best part is, you don’t have to look here and there. Here, we are outlining some points to know your Job role as a Procurement Civil Engineer.

  • Prepare Procurement Strategy Planning

Developing the project management, procurement, and delivery strategy. Preparation of contract documents for all Civil works. Along with those, you should prepare of auditing report based on project inspections.

  • Dealing with peoples and Vendors

Coordination with project team and vendor Along with Entering in contract, negotiations, and follow-up is a must. Procurement involves direct cost, delivery, the quality it is in limelight with management. As a Procurement Engineer, you can discuss with sub-vendors effectively. Coordinating with all vendors and finalizing the rates as per project budget.

  • Tender Review and Approve from Clients

Procurement Engineer reviews tenders and recommends them to the Clients. Then project brief with the client, identifying consultants & Contractors.

  • Purchasing Technical Goods and Services

Procurement Engineers oversee the purchasing of technical goods and services. They evaluate suppliers as well as maintain the inventory of supplies. Monitoring project's cost, time, and quality at different levels.

  • Managing Project and Forecasting

procurement Civil Engineer manages the design, delivery, timeline, and handover of the project. Ensure the project meets all the building and safety codes.

Career Goal of A Procurement Civil Engineer

It shows you where you want to be a few years later. Sometimes you get tired of the same position and want yourself to go for the higher level. But without deciding previously what to do with the present position, and prepare a career goal for the next position, you are stuck. So here we have pointed out several points to keep a note on your mind and implement-

  • Mastering the Sales Techniques

as a part of Procurement engineers Job and Salary, you have to be Powerful in purchasing and supply chain management. These skills will help you go ahead in your next level of work as a project manager in the construction Industry.

  • Be a Role Player

You start your journey from a fresher Engineer and you desire to uplift yourself for a higher position. Now many companies prefer Procurement Engineers to have coursework in accounting, inventory management to understand bidding, processing, pricing processes. so, learn these and Successful move into director roles.

  • Team Building and Direction

Along with Procurement Engineering Position, You have the opportunity to Direct the core team by guiding the specific project goals and objectives. Hone these skills so that it would help you shape your career in the next Position.

Skills Required for a Procurement Civil Engineer

Especially in Civil Engineering Industry “The future belongs to those who learn more skills”. Here As a procurement Civil Engineer, You can develop these skills to work smoothly in the Company.

  • Excellent Communication

Deal with Clients and Vendors need Persuasive language. Mostly use language is Hindi and English and if you know local, that is an extra advantage.

  • Rate analysis Preparation

Good knowledge in the preparation of rate analysis for all kinds of construction-related works. You must be experienced in Purchase, cost analysis, Sourcing, and Vendor Development. If you don’t know, develop these.

  • IT skills

Advanced Excel with Intermediate PowerPoint.

  • Should be a smart worker

Good reporting skills in Engineering and Construction.

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Salary of a Procurement Civil Engineer

Through our complete blog series, we outline how the salaries vary according to the project cost. So catch such company which takes tenders of high price so that your salary could be increased. As per the criteria, as a procurement Civil Engineer, you can get the following Salary-

Typical Pay for this job role 

As a beginner- ₹2L–3.5L per Year

With Experience- CTC: 3.50 to 5 LPA and Negotiable for right candidates



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Procurement engineers Job and Salary