Procurement engineer interview questions with answers

Procurement engineer interview questions with answers - (Civil Engineering)

Read this Blog and know the best answers of the Project manager Interview Questions with Answers.  

10 Sept, 2021

Procurement engineer interview questions with answers is useful for facing interviews. Because procurement engineer play an important role in the construction Industry. As they involve in process of finding and acquiring the goods and services from external sources. So read this Blog to get the Best Interview questions and answers for the Procurement Engineers.

Question No-1-what is Purchase Order and their Importance in Construction Industry?

You can simply answer by following steps- 

Purchase order- It’s an Official confirmation of an order from the Buyer to vendor Where these Things are Listed- Details of the buyer, Price, specification, product, quantity, and the price agreed upon. 


1. Formal communication between two parties 

 2. Communication for employee managing the order 

 3. Useful in budgeting and maintaining accounts 

 4. It’s an Instrument for audit

Question No-2-what is the Difference between Purchase Order and Invoice?

You can say- These two terms are used in the buying and selling Process for the civil engineering Construction field. 

Purchase Order 

 · Originates at the Buyers end 

 · Beginning of Process 

 · Confirms Order 


 · Seller end 

 · Requests release of payment

Question No-3-what are the important stages of the Procurement Cycle in the Construction Industry?

Here are the proper steps to follow and give the answer to the Interviewer wisely. 

  • You Start with the Analysis and identify Requirement 
  • You Release the tenders
  • Vendor Evolution and Selection
  • Raise the Purchas order 
  • They Release the Invoice and Payment 
  • Receive Order 
  • Check it for the quality · Warehouse management

Questions No-4-Do you have any tips to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers?

If the company ever wanted supply-chain and production works smoothly for them, they would definitely ask this question to know what your Views on this. So follow the following steps to paint a good picture in their Mind. 

 1. Choose your suppliers Very well-keep them update about your plans. 

  2. Detail agreement of Business Relationship 

  3. Develop a relationship of trust 

  4. Open system of Communication 

  5. Payment are released on time

  6. Invest in a good supply relationship management (SRM) software- it helps to keep the things stream-lined

Question No- 5-What is the best practices you would follow while getting a Vendor on-board

As vendors are the Important for the materials orders, so asking this type of question is very common for the Procurement Engineer. You must follow these Guidelines to uncover the knowledge you have. 

 1. Evaluate the suppliers- like pricing, delivery and the commitment 

 2. Check their Rating on the Internet 

 3. Select the best as per the requirement 

 4. Meet them in person-Or contact them 

 5. Conduct a site visit- and know the Prices 

 6. Negotiate the agreement Review your Agreement

Question No- 6-What is the common risk in Procurement often takes place in Construction Industry?

In the construction industry, risks are often to face by the procurement engineers as they participate in the negotiation process. So interviewers definitely want to know how you would know the common risk then only you would solve them. Read down and make answers as a part of your Procurement engineer Interview process 

 1. Inaccurate Placing Order-Underestimate or Overestimate your requirement and place order 

2. Wrong vendor selection and management 

3. Wrong selection Of suppliers-Who are unethical and environment damaging 

4. Purchase made outside normal buying process 

 5. Insufficient and inaccurate date- Making Wrong Decision 

  6. Gaps in tactical and strategically skills of procurement staffs.

Question No- 7 What was your best negotiation and why was it your best?

With this Procurement Interview Question, you get a better view of interpretation of values, style and interpersonal skills. 

· Signature Storytelling- Describe about the best negotiation skills that you have deal in your College or in your Previous Job. 

 · Win-win- Negotiation-Yes, you should remember that whatever the negotiation was, you and the Buyer Both were benefited from this Deal.

Question No-8- What are your biggest strengths?

Steps to answer this question- 

  •  Identify which you are good at 
  • Prepare a list of your strong points
  • Review the recruitment requirements- know the most recruitment requirements.
  • Make a list of your strong points in your resume/cover letter- List and describe your strong points in your resume.
  • Give persuasive answers to the question of the employer- Like the strong points you must have and also provide evidence for them by references attached.

Question No- 9-What was the toughest challenge you’ve ever faced?

For this Kind of question you must have a recent example ready that demonstrates how it was challenging but you did a great job that have resolved problems. 

 1. A solution most important to the job at hand- How you deal with the challenges and find the best answers that your seniors were agreed with. 

  2. A quality that you have always focused on- you have faced the challenges through your leadership skills, managerial skill, persuasiveness, persistence, intelligence, etc.

With This question interviewer definitely wants loyalty against integrity. 

  1. Choose personal Integrity- Give Examples how you behave sympathy with others in your own life apart from the professional Career. 

  2. Giving a positive statement- Which covers all bases 

  3. Tell them honestly- You would never do anything to hurt the company and that you have proved with the Last Company.

This technical Procurement engineer interview questions with answers Help you face the interview. so read and remember till land a good Job.

1. What kind of skills are required for Procurement engineer- (Rate analysis Preparation, Excellent Communication, Advanced Excel) 

 2. Prepare Procurement Strategy Planning means –( Preparation of contract documents for all Civil works) 

 3. which Job Titles are like Procurement engineer (Contract Engineer) 

 4. What kind of IT skills are required for Procurement engineer (MS-Excel) 

 5. Managing Project and Forecasting means- (timeline, and handover of the project) 

 6. procurement Process means – (selection of vendors, process of sourcing products, Getting material as per specifications) 

 7. Career goal of Procurement Engineer- (Mastering the Sales Techniques) 

 8. What is Just-In-Time? - Continuous reduction of waste. It also include 

                        · Reducing inbound inventory by creating supplier delivery schedules 

                        · Minimizing outbound stock with customer delivery 

                        · Reducing scrap material & wasted man-hours.

 9. Why is it important to understand the market as a procurement engineer? (to understand rates)

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Procurement engineer interview questions with answers