1st of January, 2023

Imagine having a home with multiple doors leading to different rooms. If you need to use the restroom, you will obviously choose the quickest route, but if a visitor is visiting for the first time, they may find it challenging to find the way without a guide. Imagine, however, that you now live in a house with multiple doors leading to various rooms, but that every path is equipped with a sensor that can tell you everything, including how many steps you have taken, how far you have travelled accurately, how long it takes to get to the bathroom, where you have been walking, etc. like an intelligent road, exactly. This is what an MX ROAD features with many such tools and design parameters that help Engineers, Designers & surveyors to design any Road.

The fast and accurate outline of all streets is made possible by Bentley MXROAD, a propelled, string-based displaying device. You can quickly create other options with MXROAD to build the ideal street framework. MXROAD's core technology is 3D string displaying, which is a quick but intense method of creating 3D surfaces. Any developing country needs to improve its framework for efficient street transportation. Additionally, redesigning the current street layout is necessary for developed countries to easily complete their transportation needs, just as with rising traffic volumes, both urban and non-urban streets will eventually reach their saturation level.

What are the uses of MX ROAD?

MX ROAD provides many important Applications of safety in design. Carriageway, Horizontal Alignment, and Vertical Alignment. Rule based super elevation shoulder design kerbs. Road widening, footways, and earthwork calculations. Create the Cross Section profile, and volumetric analysis of the earthwork, pavement, and subgrade. Software for creating 3D surfaces, such as MX Road, is well-proven, extremely powerful, and the best concise. It saves time by automating many design-related processes. It is found one of the quickest and easiest alternatives to creating a road system. 

Let us take a tour, of how highway engineers perform their work. Let’s understand the road map to design any road in the best way.

  •   A thorough investigation - Included existing topographical conditions, area, width, and lane width.
  •   Preparation of Conceptual Design – Proposed design for road alignment fundamentals such as vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, etc. based on software mxroad

MX ROAD SOFTWARE for road design can support you to get good salary packages in most developing and developed countries like INDIA, DUBIA, CHINA, JAPAN, etc.

 Civil Guruji's MX Road Course takes you from scratch to the completion of a real-world road case study. The modules explain how to install and run the software, with how to understand its interface, starting with the fundamentals. The engineers learn how to prepare the survey data for the design and analysis of roads by importing it into the software from a variety of other formats. The creation of the road surface and the analysis of the road's horizontal alignment are covered in the course. You will also be aware of the distinction between finishing an alignment through a built-up area and a green-field project. The high points and sags on the road are then finalized in the vertical profile for the road.

  • Introduction & Installation of Software of MX ROAD

  • Understanding the Software Interface

  • Importing the Survey Data

  • Creating Surface in MX Road

  • Creating Horizontal Alignment of the Road

  • Creating a Vertical Profile of the Road

  • Design of Road Carriageways on MX Road

  • Design of Super elevation on MX Road

  • Calculation of Cut & Fill of Ground Surface

  • Design of Road Pavement

  • Creating Cross Sections on MX Road

  • Creating Long Sections on MX Road

  • Report Generation

  • Design of LVUP, SVUP, and Junctions

  • Exporting Models into Different Formats

  • Saving the Models into Input Format

  • Creating Offsets using Input Files

  • Creating Cross Sections and Long Sections using Input Files

If you want to learn MX road from an Expert then I am providing a link (click here to buy MX ROAD )  so that you can easily join this course or if you want to learn other skills like Revit, Primavera, Google Sketchup, 3Ds Max, and the Architecture construction process then you can download our App.



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