List of Civil Engineering start-ups in India

You can start these Startup Ideas according to the area where you live.

For most people in India, Civil Engineering is just to pursue a degree and getting Job but that’s not correct. It’s a branch which deals with construction work, but today you will know how it is very vast. It’s vast but in India, and still, to gain much more attention in the fields Or Ideas we are mentioning. The things that explore the new world with is the Civil Engineering start-ups in India.

13 Oct 2021

As you grow up after having some experience in this field you would know how this is a vast field and civil engineering startup ideas can be started using different fields of Civil Engineering.

Well, in this article we are going to help you out by getting some basic ideas to start your Startup ideas for civil engineers in India. And share the ideas if you have any. Ask questions in the comment box to get detailed information about any business ideas.

1. Civil Guruji (Civil engineering Training Startup)


The Founder and CEO of Civil Guruji Er. Pushpendra Pratap Singh Started Civil Engineering career in 2013 in a Construction Company. After having 5 years in Job when he was set to hiring the fresher’s, nobody was eligible to hire as they were all without the industrial skills. 

Finally, He visited almost all Colleges in Chhattisgarh, contact all….many were preparing for the Exams and with good grades they were unemployed.


The Main Purpose was to fulfill the gap between unemployment and the skill required by the industry and to become a distinguished Civil Engineer in the world.


o Business Modelling- The product is ready but doesn’t know how to operate the Business Initially But with the system and process it goes smoothly. 

 o The Digitation- They already have the High Level Of the product to bridge the gap between Classroom and Industry requirements. But Website handling, IVR, LMS and social Media Reach was little bit of struggle.


12 Batch booked for the Entire Year, all started with the first batch and no one batch left 2 months. And most of the students were on the Waiting list….No Seat left. Later to Seats expanded as many students coming from various parts of the country.

Revenue Model-

Most of the Revenue generated from the Corporate Training courses.

Future Scope-

The brand would be as a back Bone for all civil Engineers and Construction Companies -Like oxygen for the Civil engineers.

2. (Hexford Ventures Pvt. Ltd)


The Founder Founder and CEO Ashutosh Kumar from Bihar (India) realized that there was a huge opportunity to disrupt the cement industry by bringing cement Buying Processes online. People need for cheaper to build their House and this start-up cut out the middle man and available the cement Online directly to the consumer.


It’s an online platform where a customer can buy cement of different brands available in the Indian market at the best competitive price. Purpose to fill the gap between Cement companies and consumers and saving large sums of money.


To reach the Client Segment such as Marketplace, Retail, Collaboration, and Construction, and took time to organize the business Model and political issue.

Revenue Model-

Somehow, cemX has generated Rs. 1,000,000 (10 lakhs) within the two months of Operation, and growth isn't slowing down.

Business Model

B2B and B2C

Future Planning -

Attracting Investors, Opening in 100 cities in India, Reaching to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities Very Soon.

3. Blue Oak Constructions


Founder & CEO at Blue Oak constructions Pvt Ltd- Sharath Somanna thinks that with the rapid expansion of the construction industry in India, it is common to see large-scale civil engineering projects in urban areas. However, the mid-segment construction is not being given enough attention. To address this gap, Somanna launched Blue Oak Construction in 2014 Office in Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru which is Good Civil Engineering start-ups in India.


It’s a one-solution platform where clients don't have to go to different parties and coordinate with different agencies to get a project done.


o He suffered huge losses, to the tune of Rs 55 lakh, in the first year of starting his company in 2014. 

o Lacked mentorship and advice and made a lot of mistakes. 

 o Used the same strategy which he applied in the first project, but later understood that it does not work for other projects. 


In just 4-5 years, Blue Oak expanded from two employees and Rs 1 crore turnovers to a large team of 18 staff, 180 workers, and a Rs 23 crore turnover.

Revenue Model- 

Revenue Generating from Both B2B and B2C and it has on-going projects worth more than 23 Crore.

Future Scope- 

· Consider overseas opportunities. 

 · One-fit solution platform so Clients may not struggle in favor of a separate designer, a separate contractor, and so on. 

  · Blue Oak is a service provider helps Developers, Architects to build residents and commercials buildings.



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