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29th of Dec, 2022

Why primavera is called top project management software?

 Whenever you have to schedule any work like marriage planning of your brother, event organization, or any construction work, No matter whatever you want to do, you have to plan your schedule so that you can execute it properly.

To schedule your plan maybe you can write it somewhere or you can use some tables, or anything else, it depends on you.

If you want to schedule your task, or event manually then there is a maximum chance to miss something due to a lack of a dashboard, and thus possiblities of tedious path, unproductive results.

But have you ever tried How you can do these things more quickly and smartly?

If you are thinking about any software, then you are correct. We can do the planning, scheduling, and many more things of our events and tasks with the help of software, Here you will do, not only Project planning, but also you can manage your resources so that you can reduce losses and make your plans and schedule more effectively,

PRIMAVERA is a project management software that gives an easy and simple interface to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyze workloads.

It has many Features for Example if you have to plan the marriage of your brother, but you are confused about how much money (budget) you have to spend, how you will manage resources to organize the party, to invite the people, to order food, etc. then don’t worry if you are using the software PRIMAVERA, now Resources can be shared between projects using shared resource tool in PRIMAVERA, Each Resource has its calendar so that you can track every task on time.

In college life, you have gone through the topics such as CPM (Construction Planning and management) and PERT with this relevancy PRIMAVERA makes more easy steps to manage any type of difficult Project.

So, Let’s Know some more things about PRIMAVERA: -

In our Construction Industry, it is very important to achieve project goals, we can do this by adopting a few steps: -

1. Define the timeline & Budget of your project.

2. Define the work task of each entity involved in the project

3. Define the relationship between each work and activity.

4. Define the type of technology.

5. Define a comprehensive assessment of all the resources required to complete the project.

6. And a lot more………….

Now let’s come to the next point why project monitoring is very important?

There are some very important key parameters involved in the project like Cost, Resources, Time, and Quality parameters. Monitoring of these key parameters becomes essential because each parameter is connected to each others if any one of them is disturbed due to any reason then it definitely affects the other parameter.

Let’s take an example, due to any reason your construction project is delayed, and you don’t have enough time to complete it, due to this reason you must increase the resources of your project, so ultimately cost of the project will increase.

There are many more things you can do with PRIMAVERA, like Resource Allocation, Weightage Calculation of Every Event, Risk Calculation, etc.

So, we can say the whole summary in a single line that Learning = Earning.

Whenever you boost up or enhance your skills a new opportunity for earnings is open to you.

Let’s see what you will learn in the course of Primavera: -

1. Roles and Responsibility of Planning engineer.

2. Project Management and its phases/elements

3. How to install Genuine Primavera Software for free

4. Understanding the project Work Breakdown structure.

5. Overview of the primavera interface

6. Understanding EPS & OBS in primavera along with initial settings

7. Creating Project, WBS, and adding activities in primavera

8. Activity types and uses in primavera

9. Calendar and its types

10.Concept of constraints in primavera and its uses

11.Creating Filters, grouping & shorting in primavera

12.Concept of Percentage complete type in primavera

13.Updating the baseline schedule using the activity steps concept

14.Resources, formatting, and generating the customized report in primavera

15.Using PMS System in projects

16.Preparing the dynamic dashboard for project monitoring

17.And a lot more.

PRIMAVERA Provides a huge opportunities in the construction industry globally, many project managers who know PRIMAVERA and management skills very well are earning handsome salaries.

If you want to learn PRIMAVERA from an Expert in this industry I am providing a link so that you can easily join this course, or if you want other skills like Revit, Primavera, 3Ds Max, and the Architecture construction process then you can download our App.



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