8 Best job oriented courses after Civil Engineering in India

In this blog, you'll know about the 8 Best Job-oriented Courses after Civil Engineering Get the Download Link Below for FREE Civil Engineering Courses to enhance your knowledge.

16 April 2022

You might be disappointed after your graduation degree Because of not getting Job. 

Did you go into depth to know why these scenes create nowadays? 

If not, This article will help you to know about Job oriented courses for civil Engineers who can take good decisions and learn the Things that fill the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge to help you find the Decent Jobs in Civil Engineering. For that, you have to first look at the Civil Engineering syllabus. 

Many are conventional subjects only, there are no subjects related to current problems with construction. So being a specialist in the practical aspects will definitely going to improve your chances of getting a job.

1. Civil Engineering Practical Training Course 

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest engineering domains including many segments. If you are a Civil Engineer fresher graduate from India, then there are many courses going to help you find a job. The main aspect of Civil Engineering are- 

  • Designing 
  • Constructing
  • Maintaining & supervising
 As you know infrastructures like highways, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports, sewage systems & water treatment facilities are part of civil engineering projects. 

Interior designing is another alternative You can do some certification courses on different courses available online (For example Civil Guruji Certification course) or through distance education. you can enhance your knowledge.

The course includes protecting the public and environmental health as well as improving existing infrastructure.

As a Civil engineer, you construct everything in a way that does not harm people, society, the environment, Earth, and provides maximum benefit to mankind. So your responsibility is to These skills are works in every aspect of life and career

Here are the Skillset for Civil Engineering-

  • Technical Skills
  • Project Management
  • Creative Thinking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Good Time Management
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to Visualise
  • Quick Learner

2. Jobs in Construction Company

Construction companies like L & T, Tata Projects, SPCL, HCC, and many others Hires Eligible candidates for the Various Posts. 

Attend their interviews when they offer Online or offline campus Interviews. Go to their respective websites, search for the CAREERS option, Search on LinkedIn or speak to HR persons or mail them your resume. You might get a call for attending their interviews. Don’t miss such opportunities.

3. City Planning or Town Planning Courses

If you are interested in City planning or town planning, there is an institute in Delhi (School of Planning and Architecture) that offers a post-graduation degree in various disciplines. 

Even Climate-friendly building – this Job oriented courses after civil engineering short course for 3-4 months is good for getting jobs. Urban society development courses are offered by some universities after graduation. 

Study of fatigue in structures-this 3 months courses are offered by many institutes in India. Once you Google these by name, you'll find the Institutes.

4. Postgraduate after Graduation 

Aspiring candidates need to pass the Bachelors and subsequently need to pass the entrance exam GATE with a good scorecard. Most universities select candidates on the basis of the GATE scorecard. 

For GATE Exam, You can give it a try. (If you are so desperate to do an M. Tech in some of the reputed institutions in India) 

  • M.Tech in Transportation Engineering 
  • M.Tech in Structural Engineering 
  • M.Tech in Water Resource Engineering 
  • M.Tech in Geo-Technical Engineering 
  • M.Tech in Environmental Engineering and so on...

NITs and IIT and other Central Universities Provide a Central government M. tech Stipend of 12500/Per Month. later you can apply for the jobs on the basis of a Postgraduate Degree.

5. Higher studies (MBA+Construction Management/Project Management )

If you’re willing to go for the Higher studies along with a Good salary go for MBA, You can attempt CAT with your engineering degree or after your Degree. 

You may get into some IIM or TISS. After completing the courses, Many MNCs Visit the Campus Interview. Maximum chances of getting High paying Jobs there.

If you wish to shift to management after Civil engineering, you can as well give a thought to Construction Management/Project Management programs offered all over India.

You get a white-collar job with decent pay after completion of these programs.

Google it-you'll find The list of Colleges where you can pursue Construction/Project Management.

6. State Government Jobs

After your Civil Engineering degree, Many states Release vacancies for Jobs (For the post of Junior Engineer/Senior Engineer) which are comparatively easy to crack and offer good salaries with a low workload. 

You are even eligible for Bank Jobs in India. Most Indian banks conduct exams every year. there are websites that give you a notification about upcoming job vacancies. 

7. Software skills Courses

  • 2D-3D modeling and detailing Auto cad- Learning Auto Cad 3D software you could do prepare reinforcement detailing and draw elevation and plans.
  • Architectural Modelling- there is a huge demand for engineering graduates with the knowledge of Revit Architecture. Revit architecture enables you to use for realistic 3D modeling of structures and for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) drawings
  • Surveying skills- You should know how to use Auto level and should learn how to take the levels. Knowing Total station is a plus point to getting a job in the field Construction industry. 
  • Estimation - You must learn Microsoft Excel and should have moderate command over the package to prepare spreadsheets related to balance sheets and for simple calculations involved in designing slabs, foundations, and any other structural component rebar design.
  • Project planning- You should Learn how to use project planning software like Primavera or Microsoft Project to prepare schedules and quantity estimations.

Get the Full Information Here- Civil Engineering Software Courses in 2022

8. Internship As a JOB Ready Course after Civil Engineering

For the past few years, many of the students are doing internships in various companies because it bits of helps develop skills for the Job. 

Even you can go for the Internships during your college degree. L&T Internship 2022 is for undergraduate students who are studying in the 3rd year or 4th year.  While applying for the internship the candidates should not bother about whether it is paid or unpaid. 

The internship is the right way to achieve career goals. There will be tremendous opportunities for the candidates during the summer and winter. A candidate who does internships has a chance to get Jobs in a company that is easy. This is the best place for the students and fresher’s to acquire knowledge in various practical civil engineering aspects. 

 You can even go to the Building Developers and ask them if you will help them do some of their work FREE. By doing this you’ll get experience for practical knowledge of civil engineering field. This method is way better than learning courses in the classroom. As companies don’t see your college education or the marks, they only see your previous experience.

Get Full Information Here- Internship for Civil Engineering students

Here are the FREE Job ready  Courses after Civil Engineering Offered by Civil Guruji That will help you develop skills and get jobs in the construction Industry-

1. Estimation & Planning

2. Professional AutoCAD User Interface

3. Concept Of Bar Bending Schedule Calculation



अपनी SKILL के लिए JOB न खोजें, अपनी मनचाही JOB के लिए SKILLS खोजें! COMPANY की ज़रूरत को कैसे समझे और उसे कैसे पूरा करे ? 

 एक SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE की सबसे बड़ी निशानी होती है की वो अपनी COMPANY के WORK को अच्छे से समझता है |


  • INTERVIEW में 10 में से क्यों वो 9 को छोड़ के आपको आपको SELECT करे |
  • INTERVIEW से पहले खुद की LEARNING पर कहा INVEST करे |
  • कैसे आप COMPANY के लिए ALLROUNDER बने लेकिन एक SPECIFIC SKILL के MASTER हो |
  • कैसे बेचे वही जो सामने वाला खरीदना चाहता है |



जहाँ आप के साथ सीखते है वही जो COMPANY आपसे DEMAND करती है.

SO DON’T WAIT अभी PHONE उठाओ और CALL करो 9111001234 पर.

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