How to Sign Up?

In this section you will get to know How to signup or verify email in civil guruji app or website.

Tue Jul 19, 2022

Let's Begin . . .


Things you should have done before we go - 

Installed Civil Guruji App via play store in Android or else if using browser visit - 

Step 1 - Open Website

Step 2 - Click on the Login button. You will Get a popup. Click on Sign Up.

Step 3 - Carefully Fill the right details & Click on Create New Account.

Step 4 - Go to My Courses. You will get an option to Verify your Email. Simply put your Email ID and Click on Send Code.

Step 5 - Open your Mail. We have send a Code. Copy that and Paste back into Enter Code Section.

Step 6 - Your Mail is verified Now. Click on Go to My Courses.

Step 7 - Complete your Profile & then Click on Submit.

Hurraaayyy !

We have Successfully Sign Up.

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