How to repair cracks in walls at a Low Cost

If there are cracks in the walls of your house, then we have elaborated the 4 methods below.

Trust that these methods will help you, and you will never worry about the repair of cracks in the walls of your house.

20 Nov 2021

Did you know how to repair cracks in walls if the wall of the apartment is quite a serious sign?

I guess….your Answers would be definitely yes. 

But why…

Because you have felt it. Cracks in your walls….This is an indicator of the fact that the room becomes unusable

and the strength of the building decreases, and the possibility of moisture penetration into the apartment.

But…At the initial stage, cracks can be fixed. And if you have such a problem and you seeking a solution, you’ve landed on the right blog.

And our responsibility is to give you a better solution, so you would really implement it in your House walls and be happy to live longer.

So let’s know about the reason behind which it occurs.

Reason-Due to Crack happening in the walls

  • Temperature variations- Contraction and expansion of building materials due to temperature fluctuation and humidity level cause cracks in walls. 
  • Soil Movement- Soils that support the building foundation may settle due to the weight of the structure. Also, swelling and shrinkage activity causes cracks in the structures.

4 Types of Cracks you can see

  • Vertical Thin Cracks Due to the normal shrinkage or normal settlement, wall cracks happen. These do not indicate structural defects.
  • Horizontal Crack- You can see these in the foundation walls and beams. These indicate severe problems with the walls.
  • Vertical wide Cracks- These kinds of cracks exceed 3mm to 10mm in width, caused by substantial settlement issues. 
  •  Diagonal or Zig-Zag- These Patterns are appeared through the Brickwork or in the Plaster.

 How to repair cracks in walls

This is the critical part that you have been interested to read this blog. Here are the four methods that can give you the right solution to how to fix cracks in walls. So let’s get in…


Using Dr fixit crack X past- It can be used Up to 10mm crack 8 steps to complete the whole Process- Follow Now!

1. Crack Cutting 

2. Crack-cutting cleaning 

 3. Apply Dr. Fixit Crack Paste (First Coat) 

 4. Let it be dry for 3-4 Hours 

 5. Apply Dr. Fixit Crack Paste (Second Coat) 

 6. Apply Wall care Putty 

 7. Wall care putty paper cutting 

 8. Apply to Paint

After finishing the first coat and second coat, Let it harden and then you can paint there after 3 to 4 hours.

Material and tools used: You’ll need the following tools and materials to repair wall cracks. 

 a) Grooving machine. – take on rent per hour 100-200 Rupees. 

 b) Dr. Fixit crack X past – Buy from an online or nearby shop. 

 c) Putty blade- Buy 3'' and 4'' blades from the hardware shop. 

 d) Extra wire-Buy it from the electrical shop.


Grouting Techniques- it is adopted for the Thinner crack. The Cracks should be less than 0.75 mm-2mm in width. These can be Repaired by using pressure injection of the epoxy compound.

  • Make holes in the regular interval by the drilling machine.
  • Prepare the slurry of fine sand and cement (1:3 ratio)
  • Injecting cement grout by providing jacketing.
  • Seal the crack in pressurized form or Power grout in the crack filling.

Using Resins-A part of Grouting Method

It is also a grouting method that fills the walls using Resins through the plastic injection ports.  

Here is the Procedure-

1. Thoroughly cleaned the surface near the Cracks. 

 2. Waste materials are removed 

 3. Plastic injection ports are installed in the regular interval along the crack. 

 4. Make sure, ports are fixed on both sides of the wall with the epoxy seal. 

 5. Let it be hardened for a few hours, and then inject resin into one port at a time. 

 6. Start injecting from the port which is on the lower side and moving upwards. 

 7. Continued till the resin flows out another side of the member or above the port. 

 8. Finally close the injection port down and starts injection from the adjacent port.



It is done to prevent the widening of the wall cracks. This stops any expansion or contraction due changing in the environmental conditions.

Here is the easy process to stitching-

  • Drill out the crack holes of 6 to 10mm on both sides of the crack.
  • Then these drilled holes are cleaned.
  • In the horizontal section place, the steel rods with bent ends.
  • Then use epoxy resin or concrete to fix the rods.


Chicken Mess

Method-use for the new construction of the house- Protect from shrinkage or Expansion from the weather conditions because you would have often seen that due to the shrinkage of cement and Mortar, horizontal crack in joints happens.

If installing Plumbing pipe, electric Pipe done, and after fixing them if the plaster is made directly, then chances of cracking are more due to weather conditions affecting the mortar.

Plaster with chicken mesh gives strength ten times more than without it. This chicken Mesh also helps when rats and mice cut wires or plastic pipes.

Procedure-Cutting into 6 Inch Long wire new. 

  • Fix between the Beam and brickwork-3 Inch spread across beam part side and 3 Inch cover the column part.
  • Same as fixing the 6 Inch Wire mesh in columns Joint and brickwork joints-3 Inch spread across column part side, and 3 Inches cover the brick wall part.
  • Fix the chicken mess with the Bullet nail.
  • Apply the double layer plaster as required—first 1:3 fine sand plaster on mesh and then proper application next day.
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How much does it cost to fix cracked bricks?

If the cracks are in the initial stage, you can repair wall cracks yourself. Even though, contact the professionals or the skilled labor for Permanent repair.

Good Quality Galvanise chicken mesh available between 500 to 1000 Rupees for 30 Inch Height/50 Feet Length. Ports are open at 10 Rupees per piece for the Grouting Nails or Injection.

DR. FIXIT 201 Crack X Paste for 1 Kg, price is between 350-400 Rupees. It’s a ready-to-use crack filler for internal & external surface cracks. For example, it is used to repair the Cracks of roofs and walls.

If the cracks are small, the Labour cost would be less, but labor may charge up to 1000 Rupees per day for the severe damages.

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How to Repair Cracks in Wall with Low Cost