How to Reduce House Construction Cost

10 ways How to Reduce House Construction Cost in 2021

Here in this blog, we are sharing some tips on how you’ll save costs while constructing your House. Let’s get in.

23 Oct 2021

A dream house is everyone’s aspiration and you’re too. You want your house must be such as to cherish memories, save from the weather and things. 

But when you want to make your dream into reality it is very hard to manage the money and don’t even know How to reduce house construction costs. Because construction demands a huge cost which requires most of their life’s savings.

 Might be you have collected Money from your Job or Small Businesses. That’s why you find it a large investment in your life. You want to save as much as possible to get optimum. Sometimes, you go for loans that are huge and don’t know why it is necessary to effectively use the money to get maximum benefit.

1. Choosing a plot or Land

Consider these important points while choosing a plot for your home.

  • Always choose a roadside plot where transportation facility and communication to every necessary center is possible.
  • So that can reduce your transportation cost for a lifetime.
  • Don’t be a fool- As sellers sell the roadside plots at a very high price.
  • Make sure the seller is providing the Extra Land if you’re purchasing a little far from the main road.

2. Pre-plan Before work starts

If you don’t know about the structural drawing of buildings don’t start the work with own knowledge or suggestion from the society. You must deliver your project to the nearby architecture Designer and structural designers. 

Once getting the design done you have the designs in place, you would know what materials (furniture) need to be acquired well in advance.

  • Architectural drawing of the building- Make the Drawings from the Professionals so that there is a huge chance of saving a lot of cost in material.
  • Structural drawing- It is all about foundation plan detail, column & beam plan detail, and other structural components of buildings.
  • Benefits- From this structural drawing how much amount of rod, sand, cement, and bricks will be required can be calculated in advance.

3. Soil test

While choosing the land, do a soil test which is much essential part of the construction. Because there is a variety of land soil, and each soil acts differently. 

Before buying the plot check the soil if the land is on-Sandy, clay, silt, chalk, peat, loam, or Paddy field, soil with hard soil. Sometimes if you construct a house in a paddy field, the foundation cost is huge. 

 If the soil is not good or it is in loose soil, then there you will have to expense a huge cost to construct the foundation and footings. Your flooring would damage after a few years and then again you’ll spend money on reconstruction.

Prefer Loam that is an ideal soil type for home construction, loam consists of silt+sand+clay. It is Dark and dry and the loam is crumbly and soft to the touch. Because it is evenly balanced, loam is able to hold water at a more balanced rate.

4. Electric and water connection

Before buying a plot Check If there is an electric and water connection near your plot. Otherwise, you have to apply for a separate poll connection near your home and have to take a separate plumbing pipe to your home, which is again expensive. So look after these factors before buying a plot.

5. Do not make too many changes during the construction

If you decide to change the Drawing for the project once the construction work has started, it could cost you a fair bit of more amount. It is always a good idea to take your time to be sure of all the drawing works of the plan before the work commences.

6. Save on building materials 

There are many ways to save on the cost of building materials. For Example-

  • Go for locally available bricks, cement, tiles, paints, and many such materials.
  • Invest in low-maintenance construction materials to cut down on long-term costs.
  • Reclaimed building materials can be used for the construction of staircases and other such parts of the building.
  • Always Purchase materials from local vendors in bulk and negotiate for a reasonable price.
  • Don’t use Extra Materials- Like the Extra Cement, Extra Rods for the strength.

7. Use modern technologies of House construction

When it comes to building your own home, do not shy away from using these new technologies that can save you a lot of time and money, while minimizing the scope for human error in construction.

  • New Building Materials- GFRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum) Wall slabs give extra strength and better insulation. It is very durable and more flexible. Use precast slabs that are lighter and more durable. Use Porotherm bricks that interlock with each other without cement.
  • 3D Printing- Now structures Like Metal window frames, wooden ornaments, and large portions of the support structures can be provided in 3D printed an install within an hour. That result is a significant cost reduction from 40-50 % Cost Reduction using 3D printed materials.
  • Saving in Machinery Cost- Try to Hire the Construction machines on a rental basis. Generally, their rental cost is too high but to save the much cost, take maximum advantage of construction machinery in a calculated way by which construction cost can be saved.

8. Hire the qualified and experienced professionals

Always hire qualified and experienced professionals who have been in the business long enough to be thoroughly skilled and to have the knowledge of the best and latest practices in the market such as-

  • Construction contractors
  • Good Engineer
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Suppliers

9. Complete the Project Fastly or on Time

When you start constructing your house, make sure everything must be present. Never be run out of Materials. Keep in mind the Labour starting work on time. Take close attention to them and take notice of the time and finish the specific work.

10. Selection of Finishing materials

Selection of Finishing materials is Important while going for reducing the construction House. So here are the points to clarify how to can go for the selection- 

  • Good Color and Putter Use the Lime based colour to reduce colour cost. Put the colour more than one time to make the colour brighter. Don’t use putty as it is used when we need a smooth wall surface or the wall is very rough small patches or sands are showing. 
  • Woodwork- Go through the wooden work to save the construction cost. You can use a jackfruit tree, jungle jack and similar wood available in your place to reduce the total cost of wood up to 20-30%.
  • Flooring-Cement flooring is a great option for reducing cost and is one of the long-lasting floorings. Say the Masons to make good figures in the floor and walls.
  • Reduce Numbers of Wall- Make the Outer wall (Load Bearing Wall) 9 inches (partition wall or the Interior wall) or 5 Inches.

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This is Exclusive for you-10 ways How to Reduce House Construction Cost in 2021


Building a house is a dream for you, however, you don’t have to get into debts from the bank loans that you pay for the rest of your lives. 

All you need to do is ensure that you follow the above right house construction tips on how to reduce the cost of construction and definitely you’ll be able to construct your own dream house soon.



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How to Reduce House Construction Cost