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29th of Dec, 2022

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Whenever you have to do any work like the marriage of your brother, event organization, or any construction work, don’t matter what you want to do, you have to plan your schedule so that you can execute it properly and your effort can reduced.
To schedule your plan maybe you can write it somewhere or you can use some tables, or anything else, it depends on you.
If you want to schedule your task, or event manually then there is a maximum chance to miss something due to a lack of a dashboard, it can help you to track your plans more effectively.
But have you ever tried How you can do these things more quickly and smartly?
If you are thinking about any software, then you are correct.
We can do the planning, scheduling, and many more things of our events and tasks with the help of software,
Here you will do, not only Project planning, but also you can manage your resources so that you can reduce losses and make your plans and schedule more effectively,
MSP (Microsoft Project) is a project management software that gives an easy and simple interface to develop plans, assign resources to tasks, track progress, manage budgets and analyze workloads.
It has many Features for Example if you have to plan the marriage of your brother, but you are confused about how much money (budget) you have to spend, how you will manage resources to organize the party, to invite the people, to order food, etc. then don’t worry if you are using the software MSP( Microsoft Project), now Resources can be shared between projects using shared resource tool in MSP, Each Resource has its calendar so that you can track every task on time.
In college life, you listen and learned about CPM (Construction Planning and management) and PERT, Microsoft Project (MSP) based on that same terminology.
So, Let’s Know some more things about MSP: -
In MSP, you will get a project map that you can complete in three phases of the project life cycle that is: -
1. Build a Plan,
2. Track and manage a project
3. Close a Project.
The following stages are adopted in Microsoft Project: -
1. Developing Plans
2. Schedule Project: Plans developed in previous stages get scheduled in the next stage by defining the different types of events and activities, we can see all activities and Graphs in Gantt Chart
3. Then we have to create the calendar for each activity and task.
4. Assigning resources to the task. (Resource Management)
5. Tracking Progress
6. Managing the budget and Analyzing the workload.
Here I am providing an example table of Tasks so that you will easily understand how we schedule each and every task on site: -
In the Table you can see the Whole construction of the Residential Building should have to complete within 152 days, in the table I have provided an example of scheduling from General conditions to the Foundation part of the building. This same pattern of scheduling is adopted while working in MSP.

There are many more things you can do with MSP, like Resource Allocation, Weightage Calculation of Every Event, Risk Calculation, etc.

So, we can say the whole summary in a single line that Learning = Earning.
Whenever you boost up or enhance your skills a new opportunity for earnings is open to you.

MSP Provides a huge opportunity in the construction industry, many project managers who know MSP very well are earning money in dollars.

If you want to learn MSP from an Expert in this industry I am providing a link so that you can easily join this course, or if you want other skills like Revit, Primavera, 3Ds Max, and the Architecture construction process then you can download our App. (CIVIL GURUJI – BUILDING SKILLS – CONSTRUCTING CAREER)


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