How to Join any Live or Doubt Session?

In this manual, you will know to join any doubt session or any Live session. 

Wed Jul 20, 2022

Let's Begin . . .


Things you should have done before we go -

1. Installed Civil Guruji App via play store in Android or else if using browser visit -

2. Already Sign Up in Civil Guruji App or website.

3. Have Buy any Course which contains Doubt Session Course.

Step 1 - Open Website.

Step 2 - Click on the Login button. You will Get a popup. Just Login with Email ID or Password or You can Continue with Google.

Step 3 - After Login, Click on My Courses and then Open Doubt Session Course.

Step 4 - You will See Live Highlight in the Video. Click on that Session and Click on Join.

Hurraayy !

You had just learned to attend any live Session ! Keep it up !

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