Best way to learn excel and start earning money;

with a real story.

26th of dec, 2022

When I was in the last year of my college life, I realized that it is very difficult to enter a company as a fresher with a good salary, and at that time, I was facing some financial issues.

Everyone talks about how they will get a government job, and then they will become rich, I knew which path they are deciding to get reach in a very short time, but I believe if you are getting money by adopting any wrong way then it will not stay for a long time.

At the end of those days I meet a person whose very successful in their life, he also belongs to the branch of civil engineering, and it sounds good to hear that he is not only successful but also sharing knowledge with others.

I ask him how you will get financially free, and do you get any opportunities from successful people.

He said: “Yes, when I was your age I hear about the work which I can do with my studies like Quantity Surveying, Project Billing, Contour plotting with the help of excel, etc. then I starts to search for a new work, so I can start my journey.”

“Contour Plotting or Quantity Survey by excel?” I ask surprisingly to him. 

“Yes,” you don’t know about excel? It is very essential to make easy your all work. – He said. 

At that time many questions arose in my mind 😐, I was surprised that with the help of excel,

1. is it possible to earn money?

2. Is it possible to calculate a rough estimate of any building?

3. Is it possible to do Quantity Calculations and Rate Analysis in a few minutes? 

4. Is it possible to ………? bla, bla, bla…. 

I think my mind is scraped at that time. 

You are curious to know and learn how we can make our work easiest with the help of excel? He asked me suddenly………... 

Yeah of course, could you please teach me 😊? I ask him with my curies, surprised, and cute-looking face.

He Replies Sure Mahi! I am staying here for one week, what do you think if you make your list that which part of excel you want to learn? And you should do one more thing read all the necessary steps for Quantity calculation, bbs, and billing before coming. 

At that time, I was very happy that my financial issues would end. 

“Sure, I will be ready with my list tomorrow morning. 😊”. Again, I replied with a smile.

I could not sleep at night because of the happiness that I am finally going to start my earnings by learning. 

Chapter -2

Finally, 😀,

today I am going to learn something new, I made a list that what I want to learn from him.

Exactly at 09:00 AM my class to learn excel started, it sounds weird that I don’t know his name till now, and I started learning excel from him.

He asks me what do you know about Estimation? 

Sir, Before the Construction of any building or any structure we have to calculate a budget so that any customer or owner could be financially ready for that. It’s called estimation. – I answered him.

Very Good, do you know how we calculate this? – he asked me.

“Firstly, we must read the dimension of the given drawing carefully, and then we have to calculate from the given dimensions.” – I replied. 

He told me – “Yes, of course, Mahi, now listen carefully this is a lengthy process if you go through any measurement book or want to calculate It manually.

We can do any Estimation in a few minutes by making a format in excel, there are the following steps I am describing which you can adopt to make any estimate in excel -

1. You have to make a sheet to input your data which you can find in the given drawing.

2. Now make a Sheet again for output data so you can calculate the final Estimation of Any Drawing.”

At that time, I realize that everything is going bouncer because I never use excel before, I ask him – “Sir can you please show me, how to insert a Sheet in Excel?” 

Showing the screen of excel on the laptop, he told that, look here this is a sheet that we can use for different purposes,

“Now I understood how we can insert any sheet, now we have to make an input data table so we can put any value for calculation.”

He said - Yes, you are right, now we have to make an input sheet showing all required data while calculating any estimate of any structure type.

Remember I said for any structure type that means you have to make a new format if your structure type is different (Like Different Formats for dams, buildings, Tanks Etc.)

I am showing a format that I have made before: -

You can see I have mentioned almost all required data in a single sheet, so I can minimize my mistakes, while calculations,

Now we have to make a new sheet for output data using formulas, (you have to use the same formulas that you used in your measurement book for calculations

Just remember one thing you don’t need to put the values in any cell, only you have to give a reference of sheet 1. So, it can calculate it automatically.

For Example, if we have to calculate the site cleaning area, then simply follow these steps: -

You can see here, the length and Width of the plot are given, that is 15m and 10m respectively, but a setback for clearance according to IS code should be taken 1m on all sides.

We have to take these criteria in the output sheet so that a well-prepared format can make.

Now, look here carefully: -

Click on the cell where you have to put formulas, now type = then click on the input sheet where you have to take values, now click on the input cell and then hit enter button.

By adopting this method, you can easily make a sheet that works on Put the value get the answer.

It is very surprising to me how we can make an excel sheet where we have to put some values required for calculations and then we get all output only in a few minutes. – I said.

Ha ha! 😀, it’s simply a trailer, Mahi actually I’m just giving a simple overview that how we can make our work easy and simple with the help of excel and earn smartly. “Do you want to learn everything?” – he asked me.

“Yes of course Sir, I would like to learn, A person would be mad who would miss such an opportunity. By the way which topics I will learn from your courses”- I asked.

You Will Learn: -

  • Learn Quantity Surveying in MS Excel
  • Learn Project Billing in MS Excel
  • Learn to Prepare Reports in MS Excel
  • Learn to Prepare Estimation & Billing Reports in MS Excel
  • Learn to Prepare Budget and Cash Flow Statements in MS Excel
  • Learn Day-to-day use of formulas, tables, and charts in MS Excel to gain accuracy in work
  • Learn Day-to-day use shortcuts in MS Excel to gain effectiveness in work
If you want to Learn then I am giving a link here, you can learn everything from my Application,



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