How to become a successful real estate agent in India

How to become a successful  real estate agent in India

30 Oct 2021

Read The Entire Blog to know How to become a successful real estate agent in India. 

We know real estate is a tremendous industry, and you'll probably agree with this after reading this Blog. 

You must have seen that the real estate agent have a lot of money 

and they also have a Luxurious house and freedom too.

Yet this industry is viewed with an evil eye.


Because people always see real estate agents as a scammer and

a lot of people don't believe in them.

But a question must be triggering in your mind

why is it like this?

Because you must have also heard that agent tells lies, most real estate agent makes people fool, and they are expert in talking. Therefore, if you go to them, they will force you to take land and trap you, and your life's earned capital will be gone.

So why do you think that every real estate agent is like this?

If You Want To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent, read this blog in full. Then You Will Never Feel Like This.

You will feel that you should start this mug because it has everything that no career can give.

Whether you talk about financial success or give time to the can enjoy let's know about this inside.

Different Names of the Real estate?

  • Broker 
  • Consultant
  • Advisor
  • Realtor
  • Property Dealer
  • Middleman   
You work- Your job is to bring two people together. Two people, one who owns the land and the other who buys. Your job is to complete the cycle, meet the seller and buyers, following all the steps to legal ownership handover. And you get the handsome commission by helping them.

Your Vision

  • Long Term Thinking for the Good purpose and have the will and attitude- You have listened to a quote. There is not anything like an overnight success. Remember what would have happened if Dhoni had played in an Indian cricket team after a short time only to earn money.
  • Start writing what you want and research- This time, write down what you want and why. Such as I want to make 50 Crore money, then what will I give to the people of India as a real estate advisor. And all you see the real estate kings have seen are in this field for a long time in earning money and serving society. 
  • Passion and Patience- To achieve a great empire in any area, you must either sacrifice everything or just do with passion and the passion will never let you bow down. and with consistent effort you would be a successful real estate advisor. Have patience with this career and have back up for the 4-5 months so you can easily conquered it.

Action Taking steps to become a successful real estate agent

  1. Thoroughly meet with people- Meet your uncle, Relatives, cousin, and the well-known person who knows about the good real estate advisor.
  2. Search Online if available- Watch YouTube channels, collect many ideas, Read Blogs to take steps. And find out if any real estate consultant is available who could lead as an online advisor.
  3. Research Offline- Visit your District office and ask people who can help you get the license and certificates to become a successful real estate agent.
  4. Join good Builders, Developers & Marketing agency- fastest your growth, go-depth, less profit but a huge success.
  5. RERA Registration- You get yourself registered with the state Real Estate Regulatory Authority as soon as possible. 
    1.   RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority, which came into existence as per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. This act aims to protect the land or home buyers and boost real estate investments. This act was passed by the Parliament of India Act on 10 March 2016 by the Rajya Sabha.
    2.  Benefits of RERA Registration-

      · Transparency
      · Increased Professionalism
      · Creation of authenticity
      · Reduce the risk of Builder insolvency (दिवालियापन) or bankruptcy.

After applying it, receive it within 30 days and This Registration certificate will be valid for five years. On Expiry, same can be renewed.

You can register online and visit the respective office in your district office. It cost you between 10-20 Thousand Rupees depending upon the belonging states. Example in Bihar- for Individual-10,000. In West Bengal-25,000 Rupees.

6. Act as a consultant rather than a sales agent- Initially, you must not focus on the commission, rather than make yourself a brand name and always remember you're not a sales guy because humans buy from humans only.

7. Nurturing leads- Get Clients to Site visits, proper Follow-Up, more booking.

8. Do proper follow-up and closing- Important skills- you must be good at closing the clients.

3-Actionable steps t0 faster your Real estate growth 

Find Like and Pitch METHOD- This method you could apply in the real world after having the Initial level of struggle. These steps would make you rich soon if you follow the exact steps. 

1. Find- you can find the properties either online or Offline. with the online medium, you can search property and be selective with the best one - use the following online portal to select property-

  • CommonFloor
  • OLX

In the offline mode- You can reach out to the nearby property agent who can help you see the properties. 

2. Like- always be wiser to make property decisions that match the customers' price demands if your customers want a rental property of 20 thousand and you showing them the 50 thousand property. They will never come back to you and are simply you wasting time. 

USP- unique selling proposition- Meaning why this property is fantastic for the customers. Either it has excellent services like the gym, parking area, friendly society, sports segment, Best flats, relaxed environment, and excellent amenities. 

3. Pitch- your social circle in the social media platform, tell everyone that you're the agent. For offline media, Post-it everywhere and acquire the customers. Build your connection because the connection is the key. 

Start learning about real estate.

1. Meet the successful real estate agent in your nearby area- ask them how they have started their journey and the problem they have faced?-what they're earning potential right now- are they in the growth stage? What have they done?

2. Learn selling techniques- Learn Negotiation skills from a good mentor, spend some money to learn the specific real estate selling techniques.

3. Real estate book- Read the following books listed below to become a successful real estate agent-

  • The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
  • The ABC of Real Estate in India
  • The Book on Rental Property Investing
  • The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No or low Money Down
  • Real Book of Real Estate

4. Influential Communication- to become a successful real estate agent, learn and be fluent in Local language and if you want to expand the business- Learn the persuasive language in English.

If you really want to learn this thing that too fast then you can join the best training Institute-The civil Engineering Training Institute.

Business Model

1. Networking- Reaching the Local Brokers, Find the gaps, what I can that they don't know.

2. Client Satisfaction- Some clients may be difficult to deal with. Instead of turning down these clients, refer them to fellow agents if they have properties matching the client's criteria, and you can talk about sharing the commission.

3. Start promotion and Marketing Efforts- After having good knowledge and experience, generating leads can be easy. Follow up and automate the system with the promotions so that clients will know you better. Collect the reviews of satisfied clients in the video form, Get their testimonials published on your website and social media accounts and create your Goodwill.

4. Your online presence- Own a website, spread your message and content on Instagram, Facebook, and another platform. Start with an essential website or a Google Business listing, and respond to the client's query through direct contact.

5. National and International Reach- to become a successful real estate agent, you should Know the methods applied by the professional and, if possible, Collaborate with them.

6. Have a Plan for the Marketing agency and Builder in the future- Don't stick in the same place if you can grow rich and abundant.

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Contribution to the Society

1. Teach the real estate brokers- if anyone wants to learn this skill and wants rapid growth in this field. Teach them whatever you’ve achieved and charge good money. 

2. Teach students early in their Career- If you’ll get all the knowledge and become a millionaire, your responsibility is to make the next generation a rich one.

3. Online Platform- Make people life’s easy and comfortable. With the learning management system, you can give knowledge to people online. 

Now you reached the last points and have good knowledge, and we hope Reading this blog will give you an idea of How to become a successful real estate agent in India. 

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How to become a successful real estate agent in India