How much does a Civil Engineer Earn?

Salary criteria of Civil Engineer varies from sector to sector and company to company along with the fact that which designation a Civil Engineer opts for his or her career profile.

Opportunities Offered by Civil Construction Community to Civil Engineer.

  • State Government Jobs. 
  • State level Semi-Govt. Companies.
  • Central Government Jobs. 
  • Public Sector companies.  
  • Civil Services (such as IAS, IPS, IFS and many more) 
  • Higher studies in India. 
  • Higher studies Abroad. 
  • Self Employment / Startups.
  • Private Company Jobs.  
  • Corporate Jobs.


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Offered Salary-

☑Salary Offered to Fresher Civil Engineer.

Salary pay scale of a Fresher Civil Engineer is not much in comparison with an Experienced Civil Engineer because Civil Engineers require experience in the construction field for the reason that quality and safety are the major concerns.

Salary offered by Private Companies ranges between 8000-10000 Rs/month to Fresher Civil Engineer, why ? because of lack of Practical skills. No company will take risk for unskilled person.

As per the Founder & C.E.O of Civil Guruji  "Er. Puspendra Pratap Singh", The demand of Civil Industry for jobs is different with what we are served in our education system, Industry demands for practical & Software skill sets and if any Civil Engineer can fulfil those skills, he/she will not be called as Fresher and thus results in good package.

 To fulfil the major gap between the Education and Industry demand we the Civil Guruji helps you to understand the exact roles and responsibilities to be done onsite and offsite. 

☑Salary Offered by PSUs to Civil Engineer.

PSUs like L & T (Larsen and toubro) pay 4 to 5 lac per annum to freshers but getting a job in L & T is really hard. L & T generally hires from Campus Interviews and also on the basis of Gate examination score & some of the PSUs conduct their own examination to hire new employees. Apart from this, many Maharatna and Navratna category companies pays around 10 to 18 lac per annum to freshers Civil Engineer.

☑Salary Offered by Government to Civil Engineer.

Salary Ranges in between 33000 to 42000Rs/month to the newly joined Engineer, It also differs from state to state according to pay grade commission.


After the 7th pay grade announcement Salary Ranges in between 40000 to 55000Rs/month to the newly joined Engineer, It also differs from state to state according to pay grade commission.


IES officers comes under the category of Scale ‘A’ officers that is why they are offered impressive salary with the Basic pay range between 40000 to 67000Rs/month along with lot of perks, allowance and other benefits.


 Various jobs are available for those Civil Engineers who have the right skills and knowledge of their respective job profile. Increment in salary completely depends upon the performance of an Individual. More salary more will be the responsibility.  

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