Fresher Civil Engineers Interview

Fresher Civil Engineers –Are you Ready to face any Interviews?

A lot of Fresher Civil Engineers asked us- how they will get the job. Even though they have good skills and good Knowledge, they fear going through the hurdle of the interview process. 

 That is why we have compiled some engaging tips to face an interview that will prepare you for your upcoming fresher interview.

 Are you ready to face an Interview? Read this Blog-At the end of this, we are sure, you’ll gain confidence and whenever you’ll go for the first interview you would crack it.

 Mon, 30 Aug 2021

Fresher Civil Engineers interview is an importat part of the getting a job. don't know where to search for Companies. We only rely on the companies to approach us or just anyone will inform us that a job vacancy has been released in the respective company. 

But the Job scenarios have been changed and the job market already had been indifferent Dimensions Now. When you’ll not take steps and if you’ll not find your way to find the companies, you can’t get a place in any company. 

Here we are going to show you the definite path to get into the first steps of your Journey- Before that follow the Simple following steps honestly

1. Google Search for Fresher Civil Engineers Interview

Go to these companies in Google, Brows them-and search as “fresher civil engineering jobs in construction companies"or if you’re searching in your own city, Search as “fresher civil engineering jobs in Chhattisgarh”

You will Find the Following list of Companies

Click any of the below List-Go inside- and see what their common Requirement are, what job roles they are demanding, Because you have to prepare your Resume according to the Job role they have surfaced on the Job portal.


2. Resume for Fresher Civil Engineers Interview

As we know that you have not experienced any company, so you have to fill everything that we’ve talked about in the Interview Section here

Prepare Fresher Civil Engineers Resume-

  • An important part in the Resume- Mobile Number, Email, Address, LinkedIn, Photo
  • What should I write?- Career Objective-what you’ll create for them
  • What is your Curriculum Activity?-Like NCC, NSS, Robotics Club certificate
  • Academics Records-Your School and College Certificate and the marks you got
  • Internships or Technical Skills- Software you know like-(STAAD/AUTOCAD/Revit architecture) and MS office.
  • Your Personal profile- Language, marital status, DOB
  • Projects you have done in your 4th Year of Engineering Degree
You can download the Resume PDF Here- Download NOW!

3Prepare for the Skills and Job Interview questions

As a Fresher Civil Engineer, these are important weapons that you have to sharpen first. We would suggest you these days there are many Civil Engineering Training Institute-providing the practical training through Online or Offline course. You should join, learn and take practical knowledge-this would be your best weapon ever. You can learn those profound things that you have never touched in your engineering course.

Join today, India’s No 1 Best Civil Engineering Institute- Civil Guruji!

a) Brush up your skills

It’s ok to join Civil Engineering Training Institute, But what if at the end of the Month you’ve not summarized all the learning. So now your turn is to go through the notes, whatever print-out you have, go once, read them A to Z. apart from this we want you to follow these two methods-

  • Workshops attended or extra courses- Remember what was taught there, summarize Them, Write Them Down.
  • Prepared to answer interview questions around- The Job Post you are applying for.

b) Interview Questions

10 Most Important questions generally asked in Fresher Civil Engineers interview 

Before reading down, you have to know some tips that will require when you will face Fresher Civil Engineer Interviews. Here we’ve directly outlined the questions that are frequently asked in the interviews.

  • Unit Conversion-You have to know about the Unit Conversion which uses in sites frequently.
  • Mensuration-Are Volume Find, Rectangle, Square, You have to know as used in the site.
  • Proportion- Cement, sand, aggregate- Concrete calculation

    1. Concrete Grade and their Mix Ratios (Cement, sand, aggregate)?

    2. What is the volume of the Cement Bag of 50 kg?

    3. What is the Initial and Final Setting Time of cement?

    4. In M20, Explain “M” and 20 Means?

    5. Standard size of the brick in India?

    6. What is the Unit weight of RCC and PCC?

    7. What is the difference between one-way and two-way slabs?

    8. What is the unit weight of steel?

    9. How to find the weight of Steel bars?

    10. 1 BHK Full form?

4. Portfolios for Fresher Civil Engineers Interview

Now after getting Civil Engineering, you can make a Good Portfolio for the Job. In this, you show proof of the accomplishment of your work mentioned in your Resume. In This section, you include the following-

  • Brief of your Resume
  • Your Relevant certificates & Achievements
  • Your work sample
  • Internship Certificates 
  • Extracurricular activity

  • Upload resume and Portfolio in the job portal

Write the Descriptions perfectly, Go through the True information only, don’t paste the Other’s works, and be genuine. If you’re uploading things that are out of your work, you would have at least a clue behind that. 

5. Using Social media To Find Jobs for Fresher Civil Engineers intervew 

As you’re struggling to find the Job, so as companies are also struggling to find the best fit candidate for the positions. So, several H.R started to search best candidates on social media sites. 

Many of us post pictures of our daily Lifestyles, vacations, Foods, adventures, and many more. But if you genuinely look and search, many professionals are on social media, Ads are Running, Post is uploading on the Particular Niche and the truth is Now Business is on the social media. 

As a Fresher Civil Engineers, You can make content like this-

  • Reading and correlating drawings
  • Item of works and preparing the bill of items.
  • layout work (centreline and brickwork).
  • Reinforcement detailing-BBS
  • Height of the Building Components- like plinth beam height, floor level Height.

But one point we want to clarify- You are sitting on the Gold Mine of Getting Jobs as a Fresher Civil engineer. Why? Because someone is accounting on you. H. R is seeing your Daily Post. Here we want you to follow these rules and get a good job with the best Salary.


Do you know every single day the average user spends 60 minutes on Instagram? And not only is that H. R is also scrolling through. So from Today, you would not use Instagram as a consumer. Use it as the content provider. Make an Instagram Account; there you’ll post only the professional things. You can choose content related to Civil Engineering Construction. If you need a photo editing tool- Use “Canva”, it’s a simple editing tool you can simply frame Pictures and make changes frequently. And to increase the followers, write good captions and search ‘hashtags’


Facebook can be an awesome source for Educational content that you’ll post, that can help you increase your Jobs opportunity and chances of getting hired by companies is on the top priority. Follow the same rule as Instagram, make your Cover page Related to Civil Engineering-and post the Civil Engineering content daily. Take one step ahead, increase your followers. You can just watch many YouTube videos suggesting “How to Increase the Facebook Followers”


This is the best ever Platform to Get Civil Engineering Fresher Job Easily. This social networking site is used by 250 Millions+ users worldwide. And the best part is- here only professional meets (Employers and Recruiters). You can see the interface that how LinkedIn suggests many companies offering job opportunities to the fresher Civil Engineers.

Follow these steps to apply for the job as a Fresher Civil Engineers.
  • Click on Join Now- Join as a Fresher Through Email Address
  • Fill in all the details and be genuine to get more Job offer
  • Important Thing-Follow the Recommended Companies, many Jobs are displayed through the LinkedIn
  • Check on regular basis-Build your Network
  • You can search on job options in the search box, current location-wise
  • You can choose the company and apply there or you can directly mail them. 
  • You can call them as provided in the job descriptions.

Cold calling

With the help of this method, you can directly contact, email, or meet in person with the employer without waiting for the job advertisement. For this, you have to know well about the Company. Arrange Phone Numbers of the H. R or any authority from the Company. This method can help you land a job if and only if, they will find value in you. The main points about Cold calling are-

  • During a cold call, you'll be able to showcase your personality as you explain more about the skills.
  • Your skills have made you a valuable part of the organization.
  • Share with them how much you already know about their business!
Here are some useful tips to set up a cold call otherwise it can go the wrong way-
  • Do your Research- Search location-wise Civil Engineering Construction companies.
  • Make a list of Contacts- Find out at least 10 Contacts.
  • Prepare Scripts- What should you say, your skills, about your Projects.
  • Set the best Time-Only call in the Working Hours and say “Is it the good time to talk”
  • Get your resume ready- while you call, be ready with pen, paper, resume, and scripts.
  • Be persistent- You might be rejected, so Follow up, and once you’ll find a good job. 

Video Making

As you Know Videos are the most important part to build trust in the job market. You might be simply hired through the short videos. After Filming your own video you can post it on the Advertising Portal. Then why not make a short Video of yourself about the job you’re applying for. You can mention the following things.

  • Small introduction- Your Name, your Future Goals
  • Prepare Kinds of Questions to Ask in a Video Interview- and make answers.
  • Show your Interest- What you'll talk about and don't forget to smile.
  • Skills and Qualities-Experience and the type of person you’re.
  • Talk about Your Hobbies-Tell them what your hobbies are.
  • Edit the Video and make it perfect- Go through 4-5 Times Revision so you could not Miss out anything.



 Hello Civil Engineers, if you are looking for Corporate Sector jobs we are here to provide you the right platform to learn job-ready courses. For free career counseling session, you can call us on +91-9111001234.

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Fresher Civil Engineers Interview