Are you Looking for Fresher Civil Engineering Jobs & Salary? A fresher Civil Engineer works under the direct supervision of an experienced Senior Engineer in a wide variety of fields such as design, construction, and maintenance of the ongoing civil engineering projects. 

 This role provides an excellent opportunity for fresher graduates and diploma holders to gain valuable experience and sharpen their skills. 

 A working place for junior civil engineer-New-build projects includes housing, commercial building, and transport infrastructure.

1. Job Designation for Fresher Civil engineer post

Do you have any confusion about job designation? or Wanted to know about What are the designations in entry-level job titles for civil engineering? Here we’ve prepared a list that can help you what to choose when you would select for the Fresher Civil Engineer post.

In Design Work- 

  • Draughtsman
  • Design Engineer (3D)
  • Architect Engineer 
  • Junior Structure Engineer/Designer
In Construction Work-

  • Junior Surveyor
  • Junior Site Engineer
  • Architect Engineer
  • Junior Structure Engineer/Designer

In Maintenance Work-

  • Building maintenance engineer

2Job role of a Fresher Civil Engineer.

 You might be excited to know that when you will be selected as a Junior Civil Engineer in any company, what would be your job role. It totally depends upon the company's job post requirements. Even though, you should know your job role. Here is the list that will walk you through all the work required for you to do for the company.  

  • Planning & Designing

As a Draughtsman you have to Prepare plans for projects, reading, understanding drawings, and making necessary changes in the soft copy (AutoCAD) as suggested by the Architect or Planner. 

  • Surveying of site

As a Junior Surveyor you have to do Setting out, levelling and surveying the site, checking plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations.

  • Day-to-day management 

As a Junior Site Engineer, you have to manage Supervisors, labours, helpers etc. at different locations such that the proposed work must be complete within time and also need to prepare Estimation, Bar Bending Schedule, Quantities of Material, Rate analysis work and then you have to submit daily progress report to the Senior Site Engineer.

  • Quality Assurance 

 As a Architect Engineer, you have to ensure the execution work accordingly as per proposed planning and designing, focusing on parameters like building looks & its aesthetics. And also Architect Engineer develops plans and design the building. 

Apart from it as a Structural Engineer, you have to ensure the execution work accordingly as per structural design. focusing on parameters like construction type and durability of the structure. And also Structure Engineer do analyze and design the structures.

  • Overall maintenance 

 As a Maintenance Engineer, you have to look after each and every repairing work, deterioration work, renovation work & carrying out maintenance tasks, repairing defective work, making sure common areas are kept clean and overall maintenance of the building work is done by Maintenance Engineer.

3. Skills required for a Fresher Civil Engineer.

“Skills are better than strength” When you go for the interview, you must be equipped with some skills that are required in the construction site. So we always suggest you join any Civil engineering Training institute to acquire such skills. These skills help you in your personal life as well as your professional life. Here is the list of the skills:-

  • Interpersonal Skills - As any professional, you must have to deal with these interpersonal skills. Being Civil Engineer we need to deal & Negotiate with Clients, Contractors, Workers, Vendors, Founders and many other individuals, therefore we must have very strong interpersonal skills.
  • Communication Skills - Being Civil Engineers, mostly we have to act as an allrounder, for that we need to be very smart in our reading, writing and speaking habits for effective communication.
  • IT Skills - These are much-needed skills like having knowledge of Computer, gadgets, Softwares such as Ms. Excel, Ms. Powepoint, Ms. Word, AutoCAD ( desktop and mobile app too), etc and also related to latest Information technologies like Google earth, Civil Engineering Applications, etc to minimize the hectic work.
  • Managerial Skills - As Civil Engineer, always we have to be in the front as a leader, therefore we need to add managerial skills to become a strong mediator bond between Seniors & Juniors.
  • Business Skills - You do believe it or not, but we all are business people. Being a Civil Engineer, sometimes in a career, you will definitely get the opportunity do to business in your job profession or in your personal startups. so we need to be ready for jackpot moments in our life.

4. Career goal of a Junior Civil Engineer.

As we grow up we dream big, set goals, and take action. But what if everyone wants to grow in this competitive world. So decide where you want to be in 5 years from now in your Civil Engineering career. That will determine how enjoyable your life would be. Here are the important things to be done to achieve your career goal so that you can easily get promoted:

  • Be Independent

There are several factors to consider for promotion. very first what type of company do you work for & what type of promotion you are aiming for?. If you are on the site as a Junior Site Engineer, which is an entry-level job post, you should behave like a trained person and you listen to your project manager and work according to their instructions. you have to prove to the project managers and higher management that you are more capable of working independently.

  • Be a Leader

This is a proven record that a person who leads grows more than a person who simply works. This means that you should learn all the technical skills then you have to become such a capable person so that you can train other Engineers to get the best outputs.

  • Be a Learner

It is seen that if you know more technical skills like Complete Site Execution and Supervision work, Estimation, BBS, Quantity Calculations, Rate Analysing work, and others. then automatically your face will be limelight to the higher authority and thus you will get new more opportunities.

  • Create Monopoly

You have to be "ARJUNA" to create your monopoly. you have to become such a person that if you take a one day leave from work then your company can face loss.

  • Complete your task

Remember one thing "A work is called work when it is completed" so arise, awake, and not stop until and unless you achieve your target. Whenever you get the task you should complete it before time or on time with accuracy.

5. Fresher Civil Engineering Salary.

As Fresher Civil Engineering Jobs & Salary. But in this article, we are giving you the astounding results that nobody provides. Salaries depend upon your key skills, how much you know the exact work to be done means you have to be a problem solver. if you can solve civil technical problems without any support then from the first day of your career you can get the best package.

Entry-level positions- Junior Civil Engineer salary starts between ₹ 10,000 - 20,000 per month.

Whenever we start our career we called a Fresher Civil Engineer, the fresher means one who doesn't know anything about the job, but after Training, you can remove the fresher's tag and can work confidently as a Civil Engineer.

After taking Training from CIVIL GURUJI "Civil Engineers Training Institute" the average salary for a Junior Site Engineer monthly is ₹21,000.

After completing your probation period (6 months - 1 year) you can achieve a 50% hike of your initial package if you succeed to work with the best output.

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