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How to crack fresher Civil Engineers Interview? -Interview Questions & Answers

Hello fresher Civil Engineers welcome back to the world of Civil Guruji “Civil Engineers Training Institute”-land on this Blog to Find the best Fresher Interview questions and the Answers- Read till the End. 

Mon, 13 Sep

Know the Fresher Civil Engineer Interview questions once in your lifetime journey if it is possible for you to give interviews as a fresher. So here in this blog you will get to know about the real experience scenario of interview sessions and the top most frequently asked interview question to fresher Civil Engineers.

General Guidelines in Fresher Civil Engineer interview questions

Anything can go easy when you feel confident and confidence comes from experience which will being discussed in this blog, now imagine the situation that you are going to give interview in couple of days and prepared with the technical questions but still need to know this general guidelines.

  • Find out what the company wants, then show them how you can help them get it-Find out what an employer wants most in his or her ideal candidate, then show how you meet those requirements.
  • You must sell what the buyer is buying-You must match your abilities, with the needs of the employers to do that, before you know what to emphasize in your answers, you must find out what the buyer is buying what he is looking for.
  • Problem solver- You have to deal with the company that you can solve their problems

Let first understand categories of Fresher Civil Engineer interview questions

In general, you will find two categories of interview questions that is, 

  •  HR Questions-In this category, you will asked questions related to human resources.
  • Technical Questions-In this category, you will asked questions related to Technical skills.

What is the very first question asked by the interviewer to fresher?

1. Tell me about yourself? Or introduce yourself?

Now what will be right approach to answer this question let me share our experience.

BEST ANSWER-Start with the present and tell why you are well qualified for the position. A successful interviewing is based on qualifications to what the interviewer is looking for. Meaning you must sell what the buyer is buying. 

So, before you answer this question, it's important that you try to uncover your interviewer's greatest need and needs. To do so, follow these two steps: 

Do all the homework- Before the interview to uncover this person's wants and needs (not the generalized needs of the industry or company) 

Ask complete Description of Job- As early as sit the interview, ask for complete description of what the position entails. 

 You might say:- I have a number of accomplishments I'd like to tell you about. And we don’t want to spend each-other Time, To help me do, could you tell me more about the most important priorities of this position? 

TRAPS- Beware, about 80% of all interviews begin with this “innocent” question. Many candidates unprepared for the question, recapping their life story, start with what had discussed above.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

BEST ANSWER: Your key strategy? 

First find out your interviewer's greatest needs before you give answers. And then you can Proceed. 

Mentally Prepare with your Achievements- before Interview you should have a list mentally prepared of your greatest strengths and achievements. Support through the examples. 

You can choose those achievements from your list that best match up uncover your interviewer's needs

10 most important points that all company want from the Interviewer- ·

  • A proven track record as an achiever- Your achievements match up. 
  • Intelligence management "savvy". 
  • Good for the corporate – Where every Employee comfortable with.
  • Likeability- positive attitude 
  • Dedication-to achieve excellence.
  • Definiteness of purpose-clear goals.
  • Honesty, integrity, a decent human being 
  • Enthusiasm- High level of motivation.
  • Confident- A healthy leader.
  • Good communication skills.

3. What is your greatest weakness?

PASSABLE ANSWER: Disguise strength as a weakness. 

Example: “I push myself too hard like work with a sense of urgency. 

Drawback: This strategy is better, but experienced interviewer already knows this. 

Best Answer- The reason why it important is to know the interviewer's needs before you answer. Then, quickly review you strongest qualifications. 

Example: “but based on this position, I believe I’m the perfect fit for this Job role. When you would hire me, I look for two things 

The qualifications -to do the job well 

The motivation- To do it well? 

 My experiences show I have both the qualifications and a strong desire to achieve excellence. So I can say with honesty that you would love my work

  •  Don’t confess your weakness, tell them what you like most and like least,
  •  Make sure that what you like most matches with the Job you like to do. 

Example: Let's say you're applying for a civil marketing position. “If I got a chance, I like to spend time in prospects selling, instead shuffling paperwork at the office. I learned the importance of filing paperwork properly, and I do it consistently. But I really love to do is sell (if your interviewer were a sales manager)

4. Why should I hire you?

BEST ANSWER: first know the uncovering the employer’s needs before you answer them. Starting with this question will give him better reasons for hiring you than anyone else. 

Walk through each of the position’s requirements as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement than other candidates. 

Example: “As I understand your needs, you are looking for someone who can manage this work efficiently. As you’ve said you need someone with a problem solver. This is where I’ve spent almost my entire academic career, from high school to college, I used to participate and lead the teams in sports, and volunteering activities. I believe that I know the right methods and successful management techniques.

Now following are the most frequently asked technical questions:

1. What is the volume of the Cement Bag of 50 kg?- 0.034722 m3 or 1.226 cft (cubic feet)

2. Validity of Cement Bags. (3 Months) 

 3. Maximum Water Consumptions of the First Class Bricks- 20 % of Dry wt of brick 

 4. Min dia of spacer bar in Beam. (25 mm) 

 5. Minimum Length of Hook in stirrups-6d or 75 mm whichever is greater 

 6. Minimum Thickness of the Slab. (125mm or 5 inch) 

 7. Thickness of plaster for ceiling. (6mm) 

 8. What is the Initial and Final Setting Time of cement? 30 min and 60 min respectively 

 9. In M20, Explain “M” and 20 Means?- M-Design Mix And 20-compressive strength of concrete after 28 days curing. mix ratio 1:1.5:3 

 10. Standard size of the brick in India? (190mm X 90mm X 90 mm)

 11. What is the Unit weight of RCC and PCC? RCC-2500 kg/m3 , PCC- 2400 kg/m3 

 12. Thickness of Mortar Bed for Flooring, (35mm) 

 13. What is the unit weight of steel? (for circular Section Only- d2/162 Kg/m or d2/533 Kg/Feet)

 14. 1 BHK Full form? One bedroom, one hall and one kitchen 

 15. Minimum grade of Concrete of RCC Structure ? M20- Ratio is 1:1.5:3

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Fresher civil engineer interview questions