Excavation Work


In this corporate video trainer, Er Chetan Sharma from Civil Guruji will tell you about the second construction project process, excavation work, and account for the hole in estimation.


After we get the site cleaned, we need to have a proper marking on the site for excavations. For this, we use a centerline layout drawing. It helps us properly mark the plot's position or place to excavate. Lime (0:45) is used for distinction. It becomes easier for laborers to understand where to dig out. Excavation is what from where it begins, the foundation is laid, so it is preliminary to all construction. Finally, we'll discuss how to find out an estimate for the excavation part. (1:04). 
Footing -
We are given a table on the plot we have markings and the Centre, line layout drawing towards the bottom. We have two types of footing F1 and F2 of size (1800 mm X 1800 mm) and (1500mm X 1500 mm), respectively. This is the size for footing.
Gap (2.53) -
Excavation is done from Ground Level on the soil. Where we stand is the natural ground level (NGL). Footing is in contact with the soil. Footing is made of concrete, so concrete is connected with the earth. Concrete has a fixed w/c ratio. Their quantity of water depends on the amount of cement. Soil tends to absorb moisture. If soil absorbs water from concrete, its strength will be affected and reduced, so we usually give a gap of 100 mm. This gap takes from all four sides. So excavation would be done not just as the footing size but also considering this gap around the footing. The soil will not be in contact with the concrete base. The length of excavation (5:42) along the x-direction is 1.8+0.1+0.1=2m. Similarly, the width of excavation work along y-direction is also 1.8+0.1+0.1=2m.
Estimation sheet- putting up the above data on the estimation sheet, we have
  1. The first item site was cleaning, so excavation would be the second item with S/No 2
  2. We have two types of footing F1 and F 2 (6:43) in the drawing. The centerline drawing top view of the plan is shown, and we have F1 and F2 at different positions. On counting no. of F1 footing is 16, and no. of F2 footing is 8. So no. of items is 16 and 8 for both the footings.
  3. 2m X 2m is the size worked out, considering the gap. So in place of length, we must give the input as 1.8+0.1=0.1 so that people may understand the actual size and interval. The same thing will do for width.
  4. Height (8:21) - in drawing, we are given a cross-sectional distance below NGL. It is the height of the excavation, i.e., 2m.
  5. Under the top total of the estimation sheet, press = and left-click on no. of items *L*B*H. Excel will do the calculation for us. The unit will be cub m.
    We proceed in the same way for F2 footing
    a) Length=1.5+0.1+0.1=1.7m
    b) Width= 1.5+0.1+0.1=1.7m
    c) Height=2m
    d) No. of items=8
The total quantity of excavation (11:53) –
We got up until the quantity of footing would also need an amount of the excavation process as a whole. So for the total amount of excavation work, add the absolute values for both the footings. To do this easily on excel, use the command: “Alt+” enter” (13:02). We have two keys for Alt and + on the keyboard. So this command works on a combination of 2 primary keys. So key with Alt primary and + secondary is correct.
How to merge two cells (14:55) -
select the cells to join and go to the “merge and center” option. Cells will be connected, and we will give the head the total quantity of excavation. We have to select the required space, cells for the statement and join. In this way, I will do the second step. In the same way, we have to find out items of each step of the construction process, and we will be doing that in the following videos. Once this is done, we will go to SOR.



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