Everything you must know about Staad Pro

Learn Everything about Staad Pro and the way of earning using it.

28th of Dec, 2022

Hello Engineers, if you are searching for software that can reduce the cost of ownership, then you are on the correct platform.
I will help you to decide which software is best to satisfy your need for structure design, we will discuss its benefits and demerits so that you can make your decision properly.
Ok let’s start with Staad Pro, it will help you to: -
1. Design any type of structure, such as tunnels, bridges, flyovers, runways, petrochemical plants, etc.
2. Using Staad pro can reduce the effort and eliminate possible errors.
3. Reduce Project Expenses, and reduces delays
4. Provide accurate and cost-effective designs
5. You can make changes quickly to meet your requirements and needs
6. Most Consultancies use Staad pro to design any structure such as steel frames, water tanks, power plants, trusses, towers, etc.
7. Staad Pro is compatible with the design of steel structure
Ok, now let’s discuss its demerits: -
1. It is not suitable for a multi-story R.C.C building,
2. Interface is difficult,
3. Staad Pro gives expensive data for reinforcement detailing,
If you want that you don’t need to face problems because of demerits of Staad pro then you have to work with the integration of different software like Etabs, integration of Etabs with Staad pro or we can say parallel use of Staad pro and Etabs can make everything very easy for you.
Because where the above-mentioned points are demerits of Staad pro here the same points are the advantages of Etabs and Vice versa.
I hope you will easily understand all points, now let’s come to your favorite topic how you can earn money by using Staad pro and Etabs in the market.
Every construction industry needs a structure designer if they want to build a multi-story building, you must only find those structure engineers, contractors, and clients, then your earnings will boost.
Maybe you are thinking that it is very difficult to find Structure engineers, contractors, etc. but believe me, it is not very difficult you have to build your network only.
All possibilities can achieve step by step if you follow these steps: -
1. First you must search for work in your nearby locality it is possible through google map.
2. When you got your first and some more projects then try to find the best candidate who will work for you as a marketing executive or salesperson, keep them on a commission basis, and parallelly reach the maximum clients as much as you can.
3. Now talk to the person who required anyone who can make structure designs for them, you can search for this type of person with the help of freelancers, Upwork, etc.
4. If you start getting your projects, then start increasing your team.
Before taking these steps, you have to Learn Staad pro and Etabs from an Expert in the construction industry so that you can boost your earnings in a very short time.
I am providing a link of this course as well as you can download Our App (CIVIL GURUJI – BUILDING SKILLS – CONSTRUCTING CAREER) if are serious to build your career.


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