What is- Evening Planning/ Morning distribution sheet?

Read the full blog about the Morning distribution sheet, which is essential for the construction site. 

10 Dec 2021

If you have a construction company or a site Engineer, this is for you. With this, you’ll know how to do the evening planning to achieve Next day work for the construction site work. 

So read this Full Blog to know what the “Morning distribution sheet” is and what to fill upon. 

As you know, for the achievement of any construction, Works are distributed every year (Master Schedule), monthly, weekly, and daily (Micro Schedule).

So consultant knows the overall task duration, which depends on Micro schedule work, which means daily work goal.

With the help of the “Morning Distribution sheet,” Basically, we do a sound explanation of the Planning and scheduling of Tomorrow’s construction work before 1-2 Days or just in the Evening Time. 

Let's say, as an area incharge, you need 20 Mason, 40 labours, 10 Vibrators, 2 mixtures Machines, 2 supervisors, and 2 Engineers Tomorrow. 

You'll not call the Contractor, and so if the target has to achieve, how would your daily planning be? So evening planning is needed to execute for Tomorrow's work. 

 So this sheet comes into the Picture.

Following Points has to consider while filling the Report-

In this sheet, we assign the task.

  1. Area Incharge Name- Mention the name of the Authority who has taken care of the site work. It could be a Project manager, Engineer, or anyone.
  2. Work- List work such as the Brickwork up to Plinth level, Plaster, or any day-wise work.
  3. Category- Mention in the sheet Type of the labour, mistri, kooli, mason, male, women.
  4. No.s- The Number of labours needed for the proposed work.
  5. Debit to-if any brickwork- if the contractor cannot deploy the labour on a working day, Put the name in the “Debit to” section. In that case, we’ll deploy other contractors’ struggles for the proposed work, and Money will be going to him. (Understand in-depth at the end with an example). 
Special conditions If the- 

a) Labours are from chowk- Hire and Pay them directly daily. 

b) If they’re departmental- pay every month. c) From any contractor-Payment add to the contractor. 

 1. PRW name/Dept labour/Chowk labour- Name of the contractor providing the labour for the scheduled day work. 

 2. Verification (Before Lunch/After Lunch)- Check if the Number of labour stopped work after lunch and write it down on the sheet. 

 There is a matter…you’ll get stuck with the term “Debit too.”

For that, we’re explaining 2 conditions-

1. If the contractor itself manages his own labours (Department Labour)-In this case, you have to write the name of the contractor in the “Debit to” section as well as the labour (PRW Name/ Dept. work Labour) section of Morning distribution sheet. Because, if you’re a client you’ve to pay the contractors for the departmental labour. 

2. If the same contractor ordering extra labours (Piece Rate worker/chowk labour) from another contractor- In this case, you have to put the name of the same contractor in the “Debit Section” and write the other contractor name in the labour (PRW Name/ Dept. work Labour) section of Morning distribution sheet. Here as a client, you have to cut the amount of the same contractor and pay the new contractor.

Note- Many times, if the contractor might be exactly on the “Debit to” and (PRW Name/ Dept. work Labour) Section. Let’s say for the Plaster Work- You need 15 Labour, 15 Mistr and you arrange them all by yourself. In this case, nothing to be cut – But reporting in the “Morning distribution sheet” is necessary.

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