Epoxy is a group of chemical compounds that consist of large molecules with repeating subunits i.e. it is a polymeric compound.

Fri, Jul 16, 2021


  • Epoxy is a group of chemical compounds that consist of large molecules with repeating subunits i.e. it is a polymeric compound.
  • Polymers have molecular structure which is responsible for their toughness & elasticity.
  • Both natural & manmade polymers are universal in nature.
  • Epoxy plays a major role in construction as a adhesive as well as coating.
  • Epoxy resin contains epoxides (highly reactive groups of molecule)
  • Compounds get harden either by combining it with other substance or heating it to high temperature.


  •  STRENGTH :- Due to the polymeric structure it creates a remarkable strong bond as well as it is a waterproof compound and able to withstand high temperature.
  •  COMPATIBILITY :- While other common adhesives are limited in their use epoxy can work to bind a broad array.
  •  SPEED :- The curing time is different for different epoxy but for some fast acting ones it can be under an hour.


  •  COMPLICATED APPLICATIONS :- Epoxies require combining two different substance either by hand or through application system. 
  •  VENTILATED SPACE :- Epoxies must be limited to their use in a well ventilated spaces because the fumes generated are hazardous & also the epoxy perform best when applied to air dried surface


There are 2 main types of epoxy adhesives:- 

 1. Heat Cured Epoxies(one part epoxy) :It is not often used in construction due to the demand of high heat requirement in the curing process. It has many industrial applications. Epoxy Resin is used in product ranging from electronic components to infrared telescopes , medical devices & missile warning systems. 

 2. Two Part Epoxies :The two components needed to create the chemical reaction are packaged separately. When the resin is mixed with the hardener, the result will, over the course of up to 24 hours, transform from a thick liquid to a putty and eventually a fully cured and hardened material. To remove epoxy after it has set we need to scrap it off by softening it with alcohol or paint thinner

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· Applying water-based epoxy paint for a quick drying protective coating

 · Combining quartz, tile & other materials for high-performance & decorative flooring 

 · Manufacturing laminated wood for decks, walls, and roofs 

 · Developing composites for use in architectural surfaces such as countertops 

 · Creating high-gloss durable coatings for indoor/outdoor use

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