Construction Cost of Duplex House in India: A Case Study

If you are planning to build a house but don’t know how much the construction cost of a Duplex House in India would be. We’re sure you landed on the best blog page. Here, you’ll Know some challenges and cost factors on which construction cost depends. and also you would be able to know the G+1 Building cost.

22 Oct 2021

Once you read this Blog about the Construction Cost of Duplex House in India, You can fix up a base level of construction you are looking at, then the pricing comes into your sight. In This Blog, we’ve Given a Real project cost where you’ll get an in-depth idea about the cost of building so this can help you plan accordingly. So before knowing the most out of it, take a little bit of knowledge of how it depends on some factors.

The construction Cost of duplex houses in India depends on the following factors:

Here, in this blog, we are trying to give you an overall idea about the factors that need to be considered to estimate the Construction Cost of a Duplex House in India. So here you’ll know a Real Project Construction Cost of Duplex houses in India from the Chhattisgarh reason.

We’ll discuss the construction cost of the duplex house required for (residential building) Prepared based on SOR (Scheduled of Rates) PWD Chhattisgarh. Below you can see the Plan of House. However, before we talk about the factors that affect the overall cost, one should remember an essential element. The price of a home majorly depends on these main aspects:

  • Price of Land and Location- Where the land is, the quality of land, and under which Municipal Corporations it is.  
  • Rise of material price- Increase in Price of building equipment materials such as sand, cement, steel, aggregates to be used from the construction of footing foundation to slab level and brick/blockwork. 
  • Rise in labor costs- prices vary according to the places. The construction cost may be a little higher recently due to the high demand for skilled laborers in the market due to the migration of labor to their hometown due to COVID 19.  
  • Construction type- It also depends upon the type of roof construction, Cement concrete, galvanized corrugated iron, Fibre sheets, and thatch roof with Palmyra or similar roofing material.
  • Aesthetics of the House- Type of flooring, Marble, ceramic tiles, cement, mud plaster, other flooring tiles such as black limestone, granite, mosaic Including the Finish of application, and many more. 

Construction Cost of Duplex House in India (Ground +1 Floor (G+1)) Building

Here you would know the Approx Total Construction Cost of a Duplex House in India. For residential buildings, you’re planning to build a (Ground +1 Floor (G+1))-Ground floor and first floor of total Build up Area as per engineering drawings = 2008.17 sq. ft.

The Project Site is in Chhattisgarh, and in the following points, the cost of each part that you can estimate for your own dream house.

1. Foundation- ₹1,93,407 

 · Earthwork and Excavation- ₹18,554 

 · Layering and Curing Concrete- ₹ 18,600 

 · Providing and constructing the SSM- ₹44,366 

 · Providing and laying Concrete- Footing ( ₹83,975), Column (₹11,395), Plinth Beam (₹16,517) 

2. Steel Structure ₹45,760 

Providing and Fabricating steel 

 · Footing- (₹27,560) 

 · Column-(₹7,800) 

 · Plinth Beam (₹10,400) 

3. Roofing- ₹ 3,88,312.8 

 · Providing and laying Base- ₹67,392 Providing and laying 1:1.5:3 concrete- 

 · Column-(₹37,577) 

 · Beam-(₹37,206) 

 · Slab -(₹11,822)

· Lintel- (₹20,464) 

 · Chijja -(₹23,588) 

 · Staircase-(₹46,332.8) 

 · Granite Slab-(₹16,848) 

4. Super Structure-₹2,94,210 

 · Column-(₹43,680) 

 · Beam-(₹65,520) 

 · Slab-(₹87,360) 

 · Lintel-(₹21,420) 

 · Chijja-(₹10,710) 

 · Staircase-(₹65,520) 

5. Wall Construction- ₹2,58,336 

· 9 inch Thick Burnt Brick-(₹ 1,85,328) 

 · 4.5 inch Thick Burnt Brick-(₹73,008) 

6. Flooring- ₹4,94,208 

Premium Flooring Marble and Wooden-(₹4, 94,208) 

 · Wall Tiles-₹49,058 

 · Kitchen-(₹7,245) 

 · Toilet-(₹33,809) 

 · Bath Room-(₹8,004) 

7. Wood Work-₹6,61,284 

· Doors (Main door and Puja Room)- ₹1,71,990 

 · Doors (Other doors)- ₹2,75,184

 · Windows Aluminium Windows-(₹1,47,420) 

 · MS Grills-(₹66,690) 

8. Painting-₹1,59,916 

· Exterior Painting-(₹41980) 

 · Interior Painting-(₹1,17,936) 

9. Plastering- ₹2,87,820 

· Ceiling-(₹56,160) 

 · Internal Walls-(₹1,40,400) 

 · External Walls-(₹91,260) 

10. Electrical & Plumbing- ₹4,21,200 

· Electrical-(₹2,10,600) 

 · Plumbing-(₹4,21,200) 

Finally, the Total Cost: Rs.32, 53,512- (Rupees Thirty-Two Lakhs Fifty-Three Thousand Five Hundred and Twelve) 

So if you’re Planning to Build the Construction Cost of a Duplex House in India(G+1)- Approx Cost would be 30 to 35 Lakhs.


So knowing the above project of Construction Cost of Duplex House in India, now you’re relaxed and can borrow a loan from the Bank to build a traditional budget-friendly house. 

If you would Deliver your House construction cost to a contractors, their charges to build a moderate qualitative house construction cost would between Rs.1500 to Rs.2500 per sq. ft of construction area depending on the locations, sub surface details and the embellishment (adding decorative details) proposed.

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